Top 10 Strongest Characters in Legend of Korra

“Avatar: The Legend of Korra” is filled with many spirited and powerful characters that continue to break barriers and challenge traditions in mainstream media!

With its all-time powerful casts, it’s no wonder it got the attention of millions of young viewers.

And though it has been over eight years since Nickelodeon aired the series, fans continue to support “The Legend of Korra” in several subscription-based services.

For example, the show is stillgetting positive reviews from Amazon Prime Video fans.

It obtained a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and over 5,500 reviews on the platform! Don’t you think it’s spectacular how this show targeting youth is getting rave reviews even if it wasn’t animated in Japan? 😁

“The Legend of Korra” one of the most action-packed animated tv series that originated in the U.S. because of its diverse set of characters.

So even if the sequel occurred 70 years later after the original story (Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Aang), it’s still garnering a lot of attention from viewers.

Without further ado, allow me to present to you the Top 10 strongest characters in the show!

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

10. Kya

As the second child of Aang and Katara, Kya is like the Mother Earth who can provide rich resources to the destitute. Not only is she a reliable sister, but she’s also a healer and an Air Nomad in her own rights!

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Legend of Korra
Kya | Source: Fandom

When her father died, Kya learned survival skills so she can take care of Katara, her mother. But what’s impressive about her is the fact that she’s a waterbending child!

For example, Kya can survive massive underwater pressures under immense waterfalls! And since she has the hydrokinesis powers to back up her skills, she can control water however she can.

She can break ice blades, create water rings, and even utilized advanced water techniques to fend off her enemies. Aside from her nimble fighting skills, Kya is also a meditation practitioner 😉 (she utilized yoga to determine other people’s aura).

9. Lin Beifong

You may know Lin Beifong as the brave and loyal Chief of Police of the Republic City Police Department. But one thing you might not know about her is that she’s the first female to have her bending arts removed!

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Legend of Korra
Lin Beifong | Source: Fandom

Korra restored her earthbending arts during in the show. But even though they were returned to her, Lin still prefers her metalbending arts over earthbending.

For example, her metalbending powers allow her to apply seismic sense techniques to lift large boulders. She can bend liquid mercury, unlock metal handcuffs, and open a barrage of metal stripes!

If that’s not impressive enough, her agility, resilience, and cunning detective skills also allowed her to become the Chief of the Metalbending Police Force! Thanks to her versatility, she can dodge projectiles like no woman can.

8. Kuvira

Climbing large mountainsides may be one of her superb physical abilities. But dubbed as the “Great Uniter”, her leadership is her crown of glory because she puts forth her bold self to save and defend the nation.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Legend of Korra
Kuvira | Source: Fandom

As a political figure, Kuvira pursues many world leaders for their support so she can lead an army that she believes will bring peace to the Earth Kingdom. Despite these altruistic goals, she became a dictator and planned her own Earth Empire.

This iron lady is also a member of the Metal Clan and an earthbending master.

She can use metal strips to bind her enemies, manipulate the earth and rocks beneath her feet, and even ran fast on vast canyons and terrains using her amazing agility! What’s more, she can fashion metal into any form she wants whether they are swords, knives, whips, or spears!

7. Bolin

Bolin’s ability is quire rare because he is known to be the last lavabender. He may be an earthbender who comes from a multicultural family that grew up in the slums; however, he also belongs in the Fire Nation ethnicity.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Legend of Korra
Bolin | Source: Fandom

He even owns a pet fire ferret (Pabu) to accompany him in his missions. 😄

As suggested by his powers, Bolin can suspend molting lava before it reaches his feet! Because he has also earthbending powers, he can change the properties of lava so they can become stone or rocks.

Because of the sharp aim that he directs towards his opponents, he throws “earth discs” accurately, and can blast stones and rocks as if they’re ammo guns!

As a contrast to his fire powers, Bolin is a good swimmer. With his pro-bending techniques, he overpowered three waterbenders simultaneously.

Aside from his bending arts, he is good in grappling his opponents. He is quick with his feet but is also very proficient in wrestling!

6. Tarrlok

Tarrlok is the ruthless man you don’t want to mess with! Not only does he manipulate multiple human bodies’ (or their bloods) simultaneously through his powerful bloodbending arts, but he also controls people behind the scenes through his strong persuasive skills.

Korra VS Tarrlok 1x08 vostfr
Korra VS Tarrlok

But more importantly, Tarrlok leaves his opponents half-dead after carelessly flailing them around using his levitational powers.

As the son of a fugitive who’s the head of a crime syndicate (Yakone), Tarrlok is also a waterbender of the Northern Water Tribe! He creates waterfall domes as a shield and overpowers his opponents skillfully by blasting them waterfall streams to defeat them.

He also strikes quickly so that his enemies won’t acquire enough time to react. Aside from these, he can blast several ice projectiles to strike his opponents at the speed of lightning!

To sum up, his waterbending and bloodbending powers (which effectively works even without a full moon) work favourably for his “caring” politician act while he works for the Republic City as a councilman.

He is a two-faced person who utilized his intellect so he can deceive people successfully.

5. Amon

Amon is a mysterious bloodbending and waterbending leader of a faction called The Equalists (a group that strongly opposes users of the bending arts).

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Legend of Korra
Amon | Source: Fandom

And the reason why he wishes to eliminate the world of benders permanently is because he desires “equality”.

As the son of a wanted fugitive (Yakone) and a member of the Northern Water Tribe, Amon also harnessed his waterbending powers.

He’s a master in this art and can propel himself out of large bodies of water (called waterspouts) to blast his enemies.

With his speed becoming exponentially faster than his opponents’ fire blasts, it’s no wonder why Yakone calls Amon a prodigy in the waterbending arts even at a young age!

Aside from his bending arts, Amon can easily win against his enemies using chi blocking and evasion techniques.

And if applied with the right amount of maneuverability, Amon can utilize blood curling techniques to immobilize his opponents to end the fight quickly! Making him alternate his opponents’ movements so that they’d avoid hitting him proves how effective his physical abilities are!

Amon is also the older brother of Tarrlok. When you compare these two brothers, Amon is better when controlling his victims.

He can control people without moving an inch from his spot! Amon was also able to withstand Tarrlok’s bloodbending with little to no resistance.

4. Zaheer

Zaheer is powerful because of his conviction, and not just because he is an airbender. Sure, he may have just utilized the airbending craft for a short time, but that doesn’t mean he’s not highly skilled in this art.

Tenzin VS Zaheer HD!
Tenzin VS Zaheer

After all, he’s driven by two motivations: 1) Justice for Basco, and 2) anarchy.

Being an anarchy means he believes that a new world can be established without the four nations, the Avatar, nor the Order of the White Lotus’ assistance.

This means that he’s the guy people call upon if they want someone to lead them in government-free societies. That’s why he killed the Earth Queen and causes the destabilization of the kingdom in the first place.

He commits these murderous acts even if he did not expect Kuvira transforming the Earth Kingdom into a totalitarian government!

Like his whirlwind powers, Zaheer is the very definition of chaos! He possessed increased agility due to the wind currents swiftly accelerating his blows and knocking out his opponents.

Because he’s an experienced airbender who can fly and a proficient combatant, he can topple his off-balanced enemies when they were charging!

Because he’s also the leader of the Red Lotus (a global militant anarchist organization), he uses martial arts techniques offensively to defeat his enemies.

An example of this is when he suffocated or asphyxiated Hou-Ting’s lungs by plugging the air she’s breathing. 😖

3. Tenzin

As the youngest child of Avatar Katara and Aang, Tenzin was able to show his mastery in the airbending and spiritual arts using just his combat prowess. Despite the wisdom that he shows with his bending crafts, he is bloodlusted.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Legend of Korra
Tenzin | Source: Fandom

You would think that an Air Nomad as wise as him should know better how to treat his enemies. But no. Tenzin does not show mercy against his opponents even if he claims to be a pacifist.

Strength-wise, Tenzin’s moves are faster than the missile projectiles that are blasted at him. He was also able to react faster than the arrows that are shot at him! But if I can describe Tenzin in one word, he’s a “hermit”.

Although he lives in the Northern Air Temple with the Air Acolytes monks and nuns (along with his family), he still gives off an isolated teacher vibe in the series.

Just as I said before, Tenzin has mastery over the airbending techniques. He was able to create a “wheel” that serves as a shield from his opponents’ attacks.

Furthermore, he uses a glider to bend amidst the air currents (which reminds viewers as if he’s skateboarding but the air currents as his roads). 😁

However, the calm and seriousness Tenzin possess allows him to connect in the Spirit World and connect with lost souls. His serene personality also helped while he became an ambassador or representative for Republic City’s Air Nation.

2. Unalaq

As the chief of the Northern and Southern Water Tribes, Unalaq is the Dark Avatar that you don’t want to mess with.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Legend of Korra
Unalaq | Source: Fandom

Upon seeing him for the first time on screen, his facial features strongly remind me of “Chief Powhatan” from Disney’s Pocahontas! But other than these similarities, he reminds me of the Greek god, Hades, as well as necromancers!

Unalaq doesn’t just ally himself with dark spirits; he can also open spirit portals.

For example, he worked very hard to end the jail term of Vaatu from the Spirit World! Of course, he’s doing this for his own personal gain — to infuse himself with Vaatu.

Them merging also means that their powers can also successfully combine. Once this happens, Unalaq can declare himself as the Dark Avatar!

If communicating with spiritual creatures from the other side isn’t Hades-like, then I don’t know what else emphasizes his affiliation with necromancy.

What’s impressive also about his spiritbending abilities is the legacy he left in the show: he wanted spirits and humans to cohabitate!

And just like Hades, Unalaq is a tribal chief who plans to shroud the world in darkness. When he took the form of a Dark Avatar State, I thought everything’s going to end as it is. But thankfully, his niece (Korra) step in to save the world! 😁

1. Korra

The strongest character in the “Legend of Korra” franchise is Korra herself. Korra is not the traditional female heroine who just sits on the sidelines. From the first time I met her on-screen, I know this gal is going to make waves!

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Legend of Korra
Korra | Source: Fandom

And making big waves she did! 😁 This gal belongs in the Southern Water Tribe, and of course, manipulates water. Her ability on bending arts is not just cool!

But she also surpasses people’s expectations when she gained mastery on her bending arts’ spiritual aspects! Awesome, right?

Not only does Korra have profound mastery of several elemental bending arts such as energybend, firebending, earthbending, and waterbending. She also immediately succeeded Avatar Aang! 😄

And who could ever forget her ability to enter, and much less surpass, the “Avatar State”? If that isn’t proof enough of her amazing abilities as a member of the Water Tribe, then I don’t know what is.

Korra is more than your typical protagonist. When she started her romantic relationship with her best friend (Asami Sato), I was shocked! I thought, “How could this be happening in an American animated tv show? “.

But instead of devolving her character arc, many viewers applaud the studio for including these delicate scenes in an animated television show, and one that is directed towards kids no less!

That’s why many viewers see themselves in Korra’s situation. It’s not just because she’s powerful with her bending arts; rather, it’s also because of the connection a fictional character like her can create with the audience’s real emotions.

Her status quo in the show shatters many glass-ceilings and breaks many barriers.

And I’m not just saying this for the sake of her role in the story or the show’s popularity. Her determination and sheer willpower inspire me and many other viewers to fight, move forward, and never give up.

The personality and character traits she embodied are commendable. No wonder this show, and her character arc are both praised and applauded by several viewers around the globe. 😁


While there are many strong fighters in the show, it’s clear as day that the audience will have their own preferences when it comes to the rankings.

So, allow me to ask whether you agree with my top 10 strongest characters in “Avatar: The Legend of Korra”? And if not, kindly share to us your preferences in the comments section below. 😄

About Avatar: The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra is the sequel to “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. The series premiered on Nickelodeon on April 14, 2012, and ran for fifty-two episodes, concluding on December 19, 2014.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Legend of Korra
Avatar: The Legend of Korra | Source: Amazon

The series picks up seventy years after the end of the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” in a brand-new setting with new characters.

The story revolves around Korra (the Avatar after Aang), a hot-headed and rebellious young woman from the Southern Water Tribe. It follows Korra throughout four books as she faces the difficult challenges, duties, and responsibilities that come with being the Avatar.


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