Top 10 Strongest Characters in Bleach (till S16) – Ranked!

Being one of the Big 3, Bleach has one of the largest fan followings in all of manga and anime history. With the recent anime adaptation of the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, interest in the series has reignited.

While fresh viewers are getting introduced to the world of Quincy and Shinigami, old-time fans are indulging in new debates about long-loved characters.

Today I’m going to list down the top 10 strongest characters in Bleach from season 1 to season 16, also including the start of the newest season 17: Thousand-Year Blood War arc.

10. Toshiro Hitsugaya: Captain of the 10th Division

Race – Soul

Affiliation – Gotei 13, Soul Society

Profession – Shinigami

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Bleach (till S16) – Ranked!
Toshiro Hitsugaya | Source: Fandom

Toshiro, who first appears in the Soul Society arc, has always been a fan-favorite. He’s a mature and sensible child prodigy with a hot head. The kid has a natural talent for strategizing and swordsmanship, and possesses immense spiritual power.

There’s a reason why Ichimaru refers to him as the “heavenly white angel who blesses Soul Society once a century.”

His Zanpakuto, Hyorinmaru is the strongest ice-element Zanpakuto in Soul Society. Its Shikai ability allows him to create a huge ice dragon called Hyorinmaru that can freeze anything it touches. Toshiro’s Bankai will reach its maximum potential in the current season.

9. Byakuya Kuchiki

Race – Soul

Affiliation – Gotei 13, Soul Society, Kuchiki Clan

Profession – Shinigami

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Bleach (till S16) – Ranked!
Byakuya Kuchiki | Source: Fandom

Byakuya first appears in the Agent of the Shinigami arc. He’s perhaps the most graceful and elegant fighters in the series, with a Bankai that is as beautiful as it is powerful.

Senbonzakura Kageyoshi can scatter a thousand blades that are so fast that no one is known to be able to dodge them.

They might give the appearance of cherry blossoms, but are veritably lethal. The Senkei form, which is the true form of his Bankai, allows for the use of all his swords at the same attack level, making it impossible for an unassuming enemy to escape.

Byakuya’s Bankai’s other forms include Gokei and Shukei: Hakuteisen.

8. Kenpachi Zaraki

Race – Soul

Affiliation – Gotei 13, Soul Society

Profession – Shingami

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Bleach (till S16) – Ranked!
Kenpachi Zaraki | Source: Fandom

Kenpachi, the current captain of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13, didn’t have Bankai or Shikai for the longest time and he was still able to stand up to the other captains.

His Zanpakuto, Nozarashi, eventually takes on the form of a huge ax – the Shikai giving Nozarashi immense attack power, enough to obliterate a meteorite with a single attack.

He has an overwhelming amount of Reiatsu, so much so that he needs to seal it when he’s not in need of it. But after his training, he does use his Bankai and Shikai freely.

7. Shunsui Kyoraku

Race – Soul

Affiliation – Gotei 13, Soul Society, Kyoraku Family

Profession – Shinigami

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Bleach (till S16) – Ranked!
Shunsui Kyoraku | Source: Fandom

Kyoraku was the captain of the 8th Division and is now captain of the 1st Division and Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13.

Kyoraku hates fighting but when he does, nothing can stop him. He uses two swords as his Zanpakuto, and with Shikai, they turn into lethal curved Chinese scimitars.

When Kyoraku activates his Bankai, it feeds off the despair of whoever is within range.

It also has several other special abilities causing profuse blood loss and blowing up his opponent’s head with a single white thread.

6. Uryu Ishida

Race – Quincy

Affiliation – Karakura Hospital, Karakura Town

Profession – Doctor

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Bleach (till S16) – Ranked!
Uryu Ishida | Source: Fandom

If you’re a manga reader, you probably know that Ishida receivers a certain “Antithesis” and grows crazy powerful in the Thousand-Year Blood War arc.

Uryu is a Quincy who really isn’t all that impressive in the start, being miles below Ichigo, his friend.

He does manage to overcome paralysis though, and is also extremely sensitive to spiritual power, and is able to use the spiritual energy stored in silver tubes to create similar effects as Kido.

5. Jugram Haschwalth

Race – Quincy

Affiliation – Wandenreich

Profession – Sternritter Grandmaster, Adviser to Emperor

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Bleach (till S16) – Ranked!
Jugram Haschwalth | Source: Fandom

Haschwalth is one of the newer characters introduced in the series and we already know he is crazy powerful. He is the second-in-command of the Wandenreich, only below Yhwach.

Yhwach calls him his second half, due to his power of “Balance” which he will display soon.

Since not much is shown of him in the anime yet, he’s only #5 on this list, but rest assured that he will soon climb the ranks.

4. Genryusai Yamamoto

Race – Soul

Affiliation – Gotei 13, Soul Society

Profession – Shinigami

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Bleach (till S16) – Ranked!
Genryusai Yamamoto | Source: Fandom

Yamamoto is a legend. He is the founder of the Gotei, the ruler of the Soul Society, the captain of the 1st Division in the Gotei 13, and also the Captain-Commander of Gotei 13.

He is one of the most powerful swordsmen in the series, having fought several strong characters like Kyoraku, Ukitake, and several Espada.

Even though he is old, his Reiryoku is amongst the most formidable, as is his Zanpakuto;

Ryujin Jakka is the oldest and most powerful fire-type Zanpakuto, and has greater offensive power than all other Zanpakuto in Soul Society.

Even without his Zanpakuto, Yamamoto is a trained Hakuda Master capable of landing powerful blows on armed opponents.

3. Aizen Sosuke

Race – Soul

Affiliation – Gotei 13, Soul Society, Arrancar Army, Himself

Profession – Shinigami

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Bleach (till S16) – Ranked!
Aizen Sosuke | Source: Fandom

The leader of the Arrancar Army and one of the best villains in anime, Aizen sure deserves his place on the list.

Aizen is a genius, with perhaps the sharpest intellect among any other character in the series. He has several inventions and succeeded in creating multiple Hollows and Arrancar without drawing the attention of the Soul Society.

He is a Kido, Hakuda, and Shunpo Master, with exceptional spiritual power and Reiatsu control.

Aizen’s Bankai is never revealed, although his Shikai Special Ability is more than enough – it can hypnotize even the stubbornest or strongest of minds.

2. Ichigo Kurosaki

Race – Quincy

Affiliation – Kurosaki Clinic, Ichigo’s Group, Karakura Town, Soul Society

Profession – Student, Shingami

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Bleach (till S16) – Ranked!
Ichigo Kurosaki | Source: Fandom

Our protagonist Ichigo has come a long way. He was nowhere near as strong as how he is now, and he’s only going to grow in power through season 17.

Speaking of growth, Ichigo has an advanced growth rate, which according to Aizen is his most useful ability. He also has enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes, and a decent intellext.

Ichigo probably has the maximum spiritual ability, being able to sense and defeat Aizen with his increased Reiatsu.

He’s a Shunpo expert and his Shinigami form, and when used alongside his Zanpakuto, he is able to overwhelm enemies easily.

Zangetsu, his Zanpakuto’s true Shikai form gives him two blades, one representing his inner Hollow and the other the old man who is – spoiler! – actually the manifestation of his future Quincy legacy.

The complete form of his Bankai will also be displayed once he activates his Quincy abilities.

1. Yhwach

Race – Quincy

Affiliation – Wandenreich

Profession – Emperor

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Bleach (till S16) – Ranked!
Yhwach | Source: Fandom

Yhwach, the Father of the Quincy, the Emperor of the Wandenreich, and the Son of the Soul King, is the strongest character in Bleach. He almost annihilated the world single-handedly, and was so dangerous that he was imprisoned for 999 years.

He’s insanely intelligent and unrivaled in ability and strength.

Yhwach has the natural ability to distribute a piece of his soul to another and can also take it back. He has flawless healing and can restore his power if he is damaged by his opponent.

In the upcoming episodes, you will see how Yhwach grows to become a truly omnipotent being.  

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The arc deals with Yhwach, the leader of the Quincies, who has declared war on the Soul Society. Ichigo and the Soul Reapers will face this despicable enemy.

Hollows and Soul Society residents are disappearing, and Ichigo needs to defeat Yhwach before he lays waste to the entire universe.


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