Top 10 Stongest Characters in Sword Art Online Alicization, Ranked!

Sword Art Online has reigned as one of the most popular anime franchises for years. Dubbed as ‘mainstream’ by anime fans, it stands true to that trait as its series, SAO : Alicization – War of Underworld continues to be embraced by its loyal fanbase this season.

This adventure and sci-fi anime with a VRMMORPG premise does an incredible job in keeping its audience engaged with imposing action sequences and largely powerful characters.

 Here, we have an updated list on the strongest characters of SAO that you need to look out for.

10. Leafa

Leafa is the account used by Kirigaya Suguha in ALfheim Online and Project Alicization. Suguha is the adoptive sister and cousin of Kirito.

Her interest in VRMMORPG increased post Kirito’s entrapment in the game and lead her to join the game as a Slyph Warrior.

As a Slyph, Leafa specializes in wind and stealth magic. Other attributes of her powers include flying and healing.

The Stongest Character In Sword Art Online
Leafa | Source: Pinterest

Her speed and flight keeps her at an advantage making her one of the fastest Slyphs in the game. In Alicization, we will see Leafa follow Asuna’s footsteps and assume Terraria, the Earth Goddess form.

9. Vassago Casals

Vassago Casals, also known as Prince of Hell, served the role of an antagonist in Alicization – War of Underworld’s sub-arc.

He was the founder of the red guild named Laughing Coffin. Interestingly, PoH uses a large Chinese kitchen knife classified as a dagger as his prime weapon.

The Stongest Character In Sword Art Online
Vassago Casals | Source: Fandom

His fastidious analytical skills complement his bloodlust and makes him a dangerous opponent. He holds great durability and has at least a decent amount of system control authority.

His manipulative skills and object control over his Matte Chopper makes him quite formidable.

8. Sinon

Asado Shino uses the Sinon account and has gradually become one of the main characters of SAO – especially, in the current arc. Her decision to begin playing emerged as a way to desensitize herself to guns.

The Stongest Character In Sword Art Online

In ALfheim Online, she began playing as a deft Cait Sith archer who is capable of hitting two targets a hundred meters away.

Her visual acuity is stated to be twice as good as an average person’s. This makes her a strong long-range player.

In Alicization, she acquires a goddess form called the Piercing Sun Goddess Sinon which has increased the capacity of her powers.

7. Alice

Alice Zuberg is one of the main characters of the Alicization Arc. At a younger age, she was apprehended by the Deusolbert Synthesis Seven and was forced to become an Integrity Knight named Alice Synthesis Thirty.

The Stongest Character In Sword Art Online
Alice | Source: Fandom

In the Alicization Arc, Alice uses the Fragrant Olive Sword as her weapon and can exercise Armament Full Control. Alice has excellent swordsman skills that can hold its ground against Kirito’s swordsmanship – an impressive feat.

Alice has even shown enough strength to deflect Quinella’s attacks to protect her friends. Proving to be a great asset, she helped Eugeo and Kirito in eliminating Quinella.

6. Yuuki

Konno Yuuku, also known as Yuuki, was the deutarogonist of the Mother’s Rosario arc and appears in ALfheim Online. She is one of the founders of the Sleeping Knights guild that is formed by terminally ill patients as a virtual hospice. 

The Stongest Character In Sword Art Online
Yuuki | Source: Fandom

Yuuki came to be known as Absolute Sword after defeating sixty-seven players in duels consecutively. One of the duels also included Kirito. She created the eleven-hit Original Sword Skill called Mother’s Rosario in the game.

Despite her kind nature, Yuuki held vast potential of powers which was evident with her position as 4th champion in ALfheim Online.

5. Bercouli

Bercouli, also known as Bercouli Synthesis One, was a supporting character in the Alicization Arc.

He was one of the oldest Integrity Knights that ever existed and was the founder of Rulid Village. Bercouli uses the Time Piercing Sword as his primary weapon.

The Stongest Character In Sword Art Online

The weapon is a Divine Class-object that allows interference with the perception of time in the Underworld.

Bercouli is able to calculate the time and his opponent’s movements and is able to slash them in the future accordingly. Bercouli is an excellent and composed fighter who can maintain his cool during tense situations.

4. Quinella

Quinella is the self-avowed Administrator who served as the antagonist during the first half of Alicization arc. As the Highest Minister in Axiom Church, she was the true ruler of the Human Empire.

Quinella proved to be an extremely smart woman who had immense knowledge about the system. By studying the meaning of words used in commands, she was able to discover undisclosed knowledge about the world which she exercised to increase her power.

Sword Art Online: Alicization | Kirito VS Quinella
Quinella vs Kirito

Her System Control Authority increased to the maximum giving her powers of terrain manipulation, item generation and manipulation of the durability of dynamic units, including humans.

3. Asuna

Yuuki Asuna, known as Asuna, is one of the main characters of Sword Art Online. She is the daughter of the former CEO of RECT Inc.

The Stongest Character In Sword Art Online
Asuna | Source: Fandom

Asuna began playing the game as an Undine. Asuna earned the title ‘Berserk Healer’ as despite her healing abilities, she has the tendency to battle with her rapier sword. Her swordsmanship skills puts her on par with Kirito and serves as a great offensive strategy for her.

In the Alicization Arc, Asuna logged into the Creation Goddess Stacia account augmenting her powers and making her one of the most powerful players in the game.

2. Eugeo Synthesis Thirty-Two

Eugeo was the deutarogonist during the first half of the Alicization arc. Similar to Alice, Eugeo was apprehended by the Deusolbert and was forced to become an Integrity Knight called Synthesis Thirty Two.

Eugeo equips himself with the Blue Rose Sword which is a Priority Class 45 Divine Weapon coveted by knights of the Underworld.

Sword Art Online: Alicization | Eugeo VS Bercouli
Eugeo vs Bercouli

The sword holds great strength and incredible cutting power. Its special power includes covering the ground in ice when stuck in it. The sword follows Eugeo’s will and therefore, gives him access to immense powers.

Note: In his base form, Eugeo is powerful enough to be ranked sixth.

1. Star King Kirito

Kirigaya Kazuto, known as Kirito, is the main character of Sword Art Online and the strongest character/player in the Sword Art Online series.

The Stongest Character In Sword Art Online
Kirito | Source: Pinterest

Kirito was one of the trapped players of SAO that goes onto end the game by defeating the final boss. Kirito’s excellent swordsmanship skills helped him survive as a solo player for majority of the game.

Kirito holds an incredibly strong resolve that motivates him to persevere in the game. His extreme durability and outstanding object control authority makes him daunting.

In his 200 years of staying in the Underworld, he acquires the title of Star King and ascends as the most powerful player in the game.

Note: In his normal mode, Kirito would be ranked as fifth.

We would also like to highlight our honorary mention, Heathcliff, who did not make the list but has been established as a remarkably strong player.


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I think something is wrong. In normal mode, Kirito was still better than Eugeo and all of the characters. He said that Eugeo was more powerful than him because when Kirito enters Alicization, he must learn all about the world because he can only use sword skills from SAO and ALO. BTW Asuna stronger than Kirito, yea something is wrong. Even Quinella. She was defeated by Kirito in normal form. In my opinion, Kirito in normal form is still the best. Oh, I forgot. HE IS STILL THE CHOSEN ONE MAN PLEASE CHANGE IT BECAUSE THAT HURTS XD

You do make some compelling points, but we aren’t talking about the entire SAO universe. The article is only specific to Alicization. In Alicization, I don’t think Kirito can beat Quinella in normal form, she literally toyed with everyone during the climax of Part 1. Also, if I remember correctly, didn’t Asuna enter Alicization as a Goddess? Wouldn’t that make her OP by default?

Aaand, yeah it hurts me too, I love Kirito! xD

Meu ranking seria um pouco diferente… primeiramente eu colocaria a Alice no terceiro lugar, nada contra a Asuna e o Eugeo mas a Alice é um gênio, ela conseguiu bater de frente com Kirito quando ambos lutaram e seu potencial não é inferior levando em consideração a idade da mesma.
Em segundo lugar a Quintella, sem fanatismo, quem leu a novel e até prestou atenção no anime viu que a mesma conseguiu bater de frente com o trio, Kirito venceu mas sabemos dos sacrifícios feitos para ter chegado ao mesmo. Numa luta 1×1 usando apenas de técnica o Kirito perderia com certeza pois ela está num patamar acima.
Já em primeiro fica obviamente o Kirito com 200 anos, com todo esse tempo de vida as técnicas de espada dele já estão muito mais próximas da perfeição,pois é algo que só se adquiri com o tempo.

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