Top 10 Snipers in World Trigger, Ranked!

Snipers are the most significant support system for the team; if the ace loses the fight or is stuck up in a complicated situation, the Sniper class is here to save the day. The only issue is this class is being discovered they fall at a disadvantage and may lose the fight; however, there are Border agents who have overcome that limitation, so let’s take a look at the Strongest Snipers in World Trigger.

10. Atsushi Hokari

Atsushi is famous for his deadpan face; although he is usually calm secretly, he is a sly man. He hits his member’s deepest insecurities to turn the situation to his advantage. Atsushi ranked 5th in stealth and acquisition training which is quite impressive since he is still a B ranker.

Top 10 Snipers in World Trigger
Atsuhi Hokari | Source: Fandom

Throughout the rank wars, it was evident that Atsushi was competent, especially during the fight with Tamakoma 2 and the Suwa unit. Despite the disadvantage of the terrain and timing, he wonderfully showed off his skills; Atsushi shot Yuma even though he was in a blindspot as Tetsuji covered Yuma.

His sniping is extremely fast and accurate due to Eaglet; once he catches the target on his Radar, he prepares his bullets immediately. Had it not been for Suwa, Atsushi would have shot Sasamori the second he was visible. Atsushi’s parameters are higher than other agents; his defense points are the same as Tetsuji’s. 

9. Koji Oki

It’s no wonder why Oki is popular amongst girls; I mean, he has all those qualities that attract people; he is handsome, smart, confident, and flirty. Despite his protagonist qualities, Oki’s personality has a disadvantage; he cannot shoot at young girls.

Top 10 Snipers in World Trigger
Koji Oki | Source: Fandom

During the rank war, Osamu enlisted Oki as a threat and asked his members to be wary of him; Tamakoma 2 members are innately talented, so warning them about Oki points out that he is overpowered.

His sniping mastery has forced some powerful agents to bail out, and he successfully shot Yuma which even A rankers find challenging to shoot. Unlike other snipers, he doesn’t frequently change his position; to escape, he uses Grasshopper by creating two pads consecutively. He shot Chika with Lighting that stopped her movement to her severed leg.

8. Yoshito Hanzaki

Give Hanzaki a bed to sleep, and he will be the happiest person considering his listlessness its a surprise he is a Sniper, which requires quick movements. He is passionate about sniping, and it shows; Yuzuru is one of Border’s best sharpshooters.

Top 10 Snipers in World Trigger
Yoshito Hanzaki | Source: Fandom

Hanzaki ranks 4th in the Stealth ranking. As for his sniping skills, he is very competent, during Aftokrator’s invasion arc Yuzuru hit Hairein despite his trion nullifying bullets that surrounded his body. Hanazki is one of the exceptional individuals who can shoot an immobile target from a 1km distance.

We have not seen him in action as much to form a basis, but it is undeniable that he has a promising future; hopefully, we can see him in his all-out overpowered mode.

7. Yuzuru Ema

Yuzuru is our blunt emo boy, and he wouldn’t hesitate to voice his opinions; this sometimes makes him rude. Generally, he doesn’t care about the world around him, but he flips 180° when Chika is involved; Yuzuru is a simp! He has a big crush on her; somewhere, Yuzuru sees his mentor, Mirai, in her due to their similar personality.

Top 10 Snipers in World Trigger
Yuzuru Ema | Source: Fandom

Chika serves as a motivation for him; earlier, he wasn’t interested in joining the expedition force, but it changed after meeting Chika. Yuzuru’s overall solo ranking is higher than the animalistic attacker Shun Midorikawa. He is an extremely talented sharpshooter; he drew a star on his stationary target.

 Yuzuru’s fighting style is similar to a Gunner since he fights in a close range; this comes with a risk, but his competence in stealth prevents him from getting attacked. Yuzuru has used Ibis that requires more firepower with utmost precision. He has the potential to grow, and it will be fun to see him fight more.

6. Ken Satori

Satori will remind you of that guy who will always give a spontaneous speech of his greatness, but the boasting is not even weird in Satori’s case; everyone everybody must appreciate the guy. His carefree self-boasting personality makes everything ten times better.

Top 10 Snipers in World Trigger
Ken Satori | Source: Fandom

Have you ever seen a person wielding two snipers on both hands like guns? We bring you the masterpiece Ken Satori! Double-wielding sniper is the most bizarre and coolest thing one could ever think of; the bonus point is he can shoot targets in mid-air.

At this point, “Did you see my Double-shot sniper?” has become his catchphrase giving him another reason to be proud of himself. Satori is self-taught, and the only person in Border with two Eaglet sets. He is one of the proficient agents in Border who ranks high during training sessions.

5. Tetsuji Arafune

Arafune is an ambitious man who wishes to be the Perfect All-Rounder after Reiji, and for that, he works hard. He is a former Attacker and leader of the B-rank Arafune unit. Arafune strives to grow and develop, and his healthy competitiveness allows him to be a good sportsman.

Top 10 Snipers in World Trigger
Tetsuji Arafune | Source: Fandom

As an Attacker, he was more remarkable, but his Shooting skills are no less; he scores more than 8000 Usage points for Eaglet and Ibis. Arafune has an analytical mind; he could deduceYuma’s fighting style after looking at the logs. He is very swift, with his action going all out in a fight. 

Arafune was the last surviving member of his team after a battle with the Neighbours as he shot Lamvanein, who was flying in the air; just imagine the disadvantage of the situation, but he still managed to hit him. Another instance of his versatility and adaptability is evident when he shoots Chika immediately once she is visible despite losing both his legs.

4. Toru Narasaka

Toru will remind you of your class monitor as he’s grumpy and strict; his no-nonsense is persistent throughout the series. Like Miwa, he hates Neighbours, so he belongs to the Kido faction. Toru is Border’s No. 2 Sniper, and fans speculate that his skills are no less than Toma’s, but since the ranking category is based on usage points, he ranks second.

Top 10 Snipers in World Trigger
Toru Narasaka | Source: Fandom

Toru is also the other extraordinary agent who can shoot an immobile target from 1km away. He condemned Hairein’s flying fish bullets and hit him through the little gaps of his shield with precision.

 At the start of the series, he shot Yuma and severed his arm even though Yuma was in his Black Trigger combat mode. Yuma is already agile, but his Black triggers amplify his agility; this undoubtedly makes Toru unique. Even his parameters are crazy for a Sniper; it is 56!

3. Reiji Kizaki

Reiji is the Perfect All-Rounder, and for obvious reasons, he is the No.1 All-Rounder. Give him any trigger; he will use it to its utmost value. It is estimated that each of his triggers has above 6000 Usage Points, and he is probably an agent with the most Usage Points.

Top 10 Snipers in World Trigger
Reiji Kizaki | Source: Fandom

 While he is the Border’s Strongest unit, Tamakoma First’s leader, he alone holds the power of an entire unit in battle. He also has a specialized Trigger Holder, which can store 14 triggers at once, and he is known for combining them and attacking in unforeseeable ways. Yeah, he is too overpowered.

Reiji’s sniping skills are considered an expert level; therefore, he is also Chika Amatori’s mentor and leads a sniper team.

His defensive power and tactical skill are great enough to predict the enemy’s moves while using Hound to his advantage by shooting it in upward directions. From whatever is shown up until now, we know for a fact Neighbours are crazy strong, and despite that, Reiji stalled two of them and extracted a useful piece of information.

2. Isami Toma

Toma is a judgemental dandy man; he downright insults those who he considers weak, due to which he appears arrogant. He can be friendly if he wants to but to a particular set of people, which certainly doesn’t include Narasaka; Toma tends to taunt him about always being No. 2.

Top 10 Snipers in World Trigger
Isami Toma | Source: Fandom

Toma is the No. 1 Sniper in Border, and he scores the most Usage points for Eaglet while taking 4th place for trigger Usage points in general. He is a part of the Fuyushima unit, consisting of only two members. Shinji Fuyushima is not even an offense-type agent that means they have maintained the No. 2 unit with Toma’s sniper abilities and Shinji’s tactics.

He has probably scored most points by headshots, considering when he shot Tokieda in the Black trigger retrieval arc and Chika from 645 meters afar. Toma is also very experienced with the Sniper trigger; he can estimate the exact trajectory even when somebody else has fired a shot.

1. Mirai Hatohara

Mirai is as mysterious as Amo even after receiving all the hype; we know very little about them. Currently, she is M.I.A; Mirai was fired from Border for distributing triggers to civilians, possibly to Rinji Amatori, Chika’s brother.

Top 10 Snipers in World Trigger
Mirai Hatohara | Source: Fandom

Ninomiya, her former leader, detests Mirai since they were demoted to B rank due to her deeds. Ever since Mirai has disappeared, many fans speculate that she is in the Neighbourhood along with Rinji.

Yuzuru Ema asserts Mirai is better than Toma and Narasaka and her skills are superior in comparison. She would have easily been at the top, but her only problem was her inability to shoot people. She is also brilliant and creative; her idea of shooting lead bullets would have been successful if she had more trion levels. It would be interesting to see her fight for now; all we can is wait.

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