The Rarest Player Titles in Rocket League 2022 – Top 10 List 

Titles are a unique customization feature in Rocket League that appear under the player’s username on a banner. When a player equips a title they have unlocked, other players online can see it when they score a goal and when their name appears on the scoreboard. 

As cool as it is to have a title under your in-game name, it’s even more incredible to have a rare one. Some of these Rocket League titles are so rare that only a few players worldwide have unlocked them. 

Here are the 10 rarest titles in Rocket league 

10. Rocket Demigod 

Rocket Demigod is the best title in Rocket League. It unlocks after reaching XP Level 1000 in the game. 

Players must collect a total of 19,790,000 XP to reach level 1000. XP can be acquired by playing online matches in all game modes, apart from private matches. Playing online matches and completing challenges are some of the fastest methods to gain XP. 

9. Supersonic Legend

Supersonic Legend was a similar title to Rocket Demigod as it could be acquired after collecting 13,790,000 XP and reaching XP level 700. 

However, after the free-to-play update, the XP level 700 title was renamed the ‘Legendary Nemesis,’ making Supersonic Legend an extremely rare title as no one can equip or unlock it anymore in the game. 

8. Rockets Engaged

The Rarest Player Titles in Rocket League 2022 – Top 10 List
Rockets Engaged

Rockets Engaged title is given to only those couples who met online during a Rocket League match and later got engaged. 

This title is undoubtedly rare, but recently a lot more of it has been handed out. 

7. Rocket Husband & Rocket Wife

The Rarest Player Titles in Rocket League 2022 – Top 10 List
Rocket Husband & Rocket Wife

Psyonix offers this special set of titles to only those couples who met online during a Rocket League match and then ended up marrying each other in real life. 

It is similar to the ‘Rocket Engaged’ title. As far as it is known, there are only two couples out there with these rare titles. 

6. 3 Times World Champion

This one-of-a-kind title is awarded to some of the best Rocket League players who have won an RLCS World Championship three times. 

Currently, only two players own this title: Turbopolsa from TeamEnvy and Kaydop from Vitality. 

Winning the RLCS is no small task that too three times, so it will still take some time before we see another player get their hands on this rare title. 

5. White Hat Legend

The Rarest Player Titles in Rocket League 2022 – Top 10 List
White Hat Legend

White Hat Legend was a rare title awarded by Psyonix to a couple of White Hat hackers who, for the first time, found a game-breaking bug in Rocket League and reported it to the developers so they could fix it quickly. These ‘White Hat Legends’ go by the in-game names of Cobra and Null.  

Psyonix has decided not to give out any more of these titles, making them super rare. 

4. Wet Art Man

In the early days of the Rocket League, a Twitter user by the name of s***** watercolour, who used to enjoy the game, created many wet arts related to Rocket League and posted them online for people to see and admire. 

These quirky art pieces caught the eyes of the developers, and they ended up awarding him the title ‘Wet Art Man.’  

3. The Pigeon Man

The Rarest Player Titles in Rocket League 2022 – Top 10 List
The Pigeon Man

The Pigeon Man title has a slightly crazier yet similar story to the Wet Art Man. This title was given to a Rocket League community member (in-game name Johnz12321) who was dedicated enough to collect 1000 pigeon car toppers just for fun. 

Car toppers are special cosmetic rewards in Rocket League that players receive after completing online matches.  

The developers have also clarified that this was a one-time event, and no more titles of a similar kind will be given out to players even if they collect 10,000 pieces of a select item. 

2. First Rocketeer

The Rarest Player Titles in Rocket League 2022 – Top 10 List
First Rocketeer

In the earlier days of the Rocket League, it had an XP level cap of 75, and a player was awarded the title of ‘Rocketeer’ only after reaching the XP Level 74. 

A player who used the in-game name Stoney posted evidence and their stats on Reddit, claiming they were the first-ever Rocket League player to become a Rocketeer. As a reward, the developers gave them the rare yellow ‘First Rocketeer’ title. 

1. 4 Times World Champion 

4 Times World Champion is the rarest title in Rocket League. Turbopolsa, currently representing TeamEnvy, is the only pro player with this title in Rocket League.  

Similar to the ‘3 Times World Champion’ title, it can only be acquired by winning the RLCS World Championship for a wild four (4) times. 

I chose this to be the rarest title in the game even though some players like Kaydop can still acquire it because it requires you not only just to play the game but also to be the absolute best at it. 

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