Love Tulsa King? Here Are 10 TV Shows You Should Watch Next  

Sylvester Stallone makes his first big appearance on a TV show in Paramount+’s Tulsa King. Here, the veteran actor plays Dwight Manfredi, a mafia capo who has just gotten out of prison after a 25-year-long sentence. And boy, things are not what they used to be for him! 

This show has been a hit for those who are fans of Stallone, love mafia narratives, or both! If you’re one of them, you must be itching to find your next fix. So, here are ten TV shows you can watch next if you liked Tulsa King:  

1. The Sopranos

 Love Tulsa King? Here’s 10 TV Shows You Should Watch Next
The Sopranos

The Sopranos is the quintessential mafia show. If you haven’t watched this, you need to do that right away! 

The story is told from the perspective of Tony Soprano, a mafia boss operating in New Jersey, and tells the story of the ups and downs of his small empire. An interesting aspect is that we are also privy to Tony’s sessions with his therapist, which dive into his personal qualms and family life. 

Plus, arguably, it has the most controversial TV show ending of all time!  

2. Narcos: Mexico

Before the 1980s, Mexico’s crime scene was pretty unorganized. That all changes when Felix Gallardo enters the picture and sets things straight with his cartel in Gallardo, Guadalajara. At the same time, DEA Kiki Camarena is tasked with cleaning out the crime scene here—which he soon realizes can be an impossible feat! 

Narcos: Mexico is an enthralling tale with enough twists and turns to give its predecessor (the original US Narcos) a run for its money! 

3. Better Call Saul

 Love Tulsa King? Here’s 10 TV Shows You Should Watch Next
Better Call Saul

If you want a break from the broody, violence-loving, thick-skinned mafia protagonist, Better Call Saul is what you should watch next. (Bonus points if you’re a fan of Breaking Bad!) 

It follows Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill, a lawyer who dips into the “unlawful” type of lawsuits and cases. Why? Because they make him the big bucks! The show depicts how Jimmy’s preliminary reluctance to be a criminal lawyer soon becomes his strongest suit, ultimately turning him into the infamous Saul Goodman. 

4. Gangs of London

While most mafia shows focus on one character, crime family, or organization, Gangs of London gives you a holistic picture by depicting diverse, international gangs in London and how their activities affect each other.  

The story begins when the London underground’s top dog, Finn Wallace, is killed and his murderer isn’t found. Other than the mystery of who was responsible for the foul play, his death also sends a wave of chaos regarding authority and gang jurisdiction.  

5. Queen of the South

 Love Tulsa King? Here’s 10 TV Shows You Should Watch Next
Queen of the South

Teresa Mendoza is an absolute badass in Queen of the South, hooking you in right from Episode 1. Having previously worked for a drug cartel, Tereza has to pack up her life and begin anew, starting her own criminal organization in the US.  

New place, new associates, new threats—all these are made a million times worse when problems from her old drug cartel come around knocking! 

6. Ozark

Ozark was a total hit on Netflix! In Ozark, Jason Bateman’s Marty Byrde is a financial advisor who is blindsided by his partner and gets pulled deep into the money laundering business.  

He then has to uproot his family from Chicago and move to the Ozarks, where he is dangerously micromanaged by a Mexican drug cartel. You’ll be roped into the show’s intense drama and emotional beats. Add to that the craziness of Julia Garner’s Ruth thrown in, and you have a recipe for an unbeatable crime drama.

7. Sons of Anarchy

This is your chance to check out the acting chops of Tulsa King’s creator, Taylor Sheridan! In Sons of Anarchy, Jax Teller is an outlaw biker who faces difficulties due to his involvement with the Sons of Anarchy biker club, their rival clubs, and law enforcement.  

To add to all of this, Jax has to maintain a happy and safe family life—it’s quite a struggle, and there’s no work-life balance in this enterprise!  

8. Lilyhammer 

 Love Tulsa King? Here’s 10 TV Shows You Should Watch Next

Actor and musician Steven Van Zandt takes the lead in Netflix’s Lilyhammer. It tells the story of Frank Tagliano, who was once a feared mobster. But after he testifies against his former boss, he’s put into a witness protection program that turns his life upside down. 

As the title suggests, he has to relocate to Lillehammer, Norway. Of course, his old ways of crime catch up to him sooner than later, sending him into an even deeper mess. 

9. Godfather of Harlem

Godfather of Harlem tells the story of the real-life 1960s’ Harlem mob boss, Bumpy Johnson, played by Forrest Whitaker. As a colored man, he faces many obstacles in building his underworld empire heavily dominated by Italian-Americans.  

As the show also depicts the Civil Rights Movement, viewers will be fascinated by the portrayal of historical figures such as Malcolm X and President Lyndon Johnson, whose secret deals may not be known to the public. 

10. Magic City

Jeffrey Dean Morgan stars as the lead protagonist in Magic City. Although he isn’t a mobster himself, as a business owner, he has to work out a deal with a mobster when his operations get compromised. The highlight? It’s set in the 1950s during the Cuban Revolution, which provides the right blend of political drama, emotion, and suspense.  

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About Tulsa King

Tulsa King is an American crime drama television series created by Taylor Sheridan with Terence Winter showrunning for Paramount+. The series stars Sylvester Stallone, marking his first leading role in a scripted television series.

Stallone plays a Mafia capo who just got out of prison and is sent to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he tries to set up a criminal organization. It premiered on November 13, 2022. In November 2022, the series was renewed for a second season.

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