Top 10 Kengan Fighters on Whom You Can Bet in a Tournament!

Kengan Ashura is another ‘extreme’ anime/manga series known for its out of the box fighting techniques and violence that comes with it. The series has introduced us to some of the most insane fighters whose strengths are far beyond our imagination.

However, you would be mistaken if you think that the series is all about strength. It beautifully portrays each fighters’ back story and ideology, which became the driving force that urges them to surpass their limits.

Without any further ado, let’s start with the list of top 10 Kengan fighters we have seen in the series so far. All the names on this list are of top-tier fighters who can defeat anyone else from the list on their lucky day, and this list is made solely based on events that took place till Kengan Omega chapter 96.

10. Mikazuchi Rei

Mikazuchi Rei, also known as ‘the Lighting God,’ is undoubtedly the fastest fighter on this list. He is an assassin from the infamous Mikazuchi clan and the current master of the Raishin Style.

Top 10 Kengan Fighters on Whom You Can Bet in a Tournament
Mikazuchi Rei | Source: Fandom

He has proficiency in several killing techniques and is remarkably precise with his attacks, just what you expect from a top-tier assassin. Only if weapons were allowed in the tournament, none of the fighters would have stood a chance in front of him.

He had a change of heart when she fell in love with Kurayoshi Rino and totally gave up on killing. From then onwards, he relied on techniques that don’t kill his opponent.

He even holds the record for the shortest Kengan match where he defeated his opponent in split seconds. However, speed isn’t enough to defeat a strong opponent, but he has a trump card to deal with such situations.

By combing his Raishin style with Kurayoshi Rino’s suggestions, he can unlock a strength far beyond his capabilities. Even Kuroki Gensai was impressed when he witnessed this power in the quarter-finals.

9. Julius Reinhold

Julius Reinhold, also known as ‘Monster,’ is the fighter on whom Toyo Electric Power Co relied during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. He is a self-made monster from Germany who has taken enough steroids to easily kill an average person.

Top 10 Kengan Fighters on Whom You Can Bet in a Tournament
Julius Reinhold | Source: Fandom

With his resilient muscle structure and colossal strength, he fought toe-to-toe with someone as strong as Wakatsuki. If it wasn’t for Wakatsuki’s surprise kick, Julius could have even won the round.

However, you will be wrong if you consider him someone who depends solely on brute force. He is quite an intelligent fighter who excels in physiology, sports medicine, psychology, and even physics.

Two years after the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, he returns in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament with a newfound strength that might even overcome Kuroki Gensai’s, and his fight with Toa Muda proves he isn’t bluffing at all. He has devised a new lethal technique that involves contracting the muscles and releasing, similar to Wakatsuki’s Blast Core.

8. Kiryu Setsuna

Kiryu Setsuna, also known as “The Beautiful Beast,” is undoubtedly one of the most twisted characters we have seen in the series so far. His early life was entangled with that of Ohma’s, and his obsession for Ohma never failed to creep out the viewers.

Top 10 Kengan Fighters on Whom You Can Bet in a Tournament
Kiryu Setsuna | Source: Fandom

Despite his cringy personality, he is adamant and agile when it comes to fighting. He mainly uses a long-lost fighting style called the Koei Style, taught to him by his master, Taira Genzan.

We can assume that how much mentally unstable he is from the fact that he killed his own master after mastering the Koei Style. With a combination of ‘Blink’ and ‘Rakshasha’s Palm’ Koei techniques, he can disappear from in a blink of an eye and rip the opponent’s organs out nowhere.

Apart from Koei Style, Kiryu has also learned the Niko Style from The Other Niko. He surely isn’t as skilled as Ohma or Kanoh but has complete control over the ‘Fallen Demon’ secret technique, with which he can react to his opponent’s move quickly.

7. Hatsumi Sen

Hatsume Sen, as known as “The Floating Cloud,” is the most unpredictable fighter on this list. He is always relaxed and calm, just like a floating cloud, but can strike a bolt of lightning when required.

Top 10 Kengan Fighters on Whom You Can Bet in a Tournament
Hatsumi Sen | Source: Fandom

Hatsume’s potential varies from battle to battle, depending on his condition and mood. Even an average fighter can give him a hard time in his poor condition, but at his peak condition, he can fight toe to toe with the Fang.

He uses his Hatsumi-Style Aikido to bring down his opponent with minimal effort. It took him just three successive strikes to knockdown Chiba Takayuki in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament.

But in do-or-die situations, he relies on his ultimate move called Stardrop. He attempted this technique against Kanoh Agito but got countered by his Dragon Shot. Only if Agito’s timing was a little off he would have been in serious trouble.

Hatsumi vs Takayuki

6. Wakatsuki Takeshi

Wakatsuki Takeshi, also known as the “White Tiger,” is someone who is born a monster. He has an extremely rare physical condition, where his muscle fibres are 52 times denser than that of an average fighter.

Top 10 Kengan Fighters on Whom You Can Bet in a Tournament
Wakatsuki Takeshi | Source: Fandom

His immense battle experience keeps him one step ahead of any opponent. He has fought a total of 310 Kengan matches with just 3 losses.

Coming to his powers and abilities, he is a perfect combination of insane strength and endurance. He devised a new technique called ‘Blast Core,’ to use it as a trump card against Kagoh Agito. It involves contracting the muscles to a point and release them all at once.

5. Raian Kure

Raian Kure, as known as ‘the Devil,’ is the most powerful member of the infamous assassin family. The title ‘Devil’ serves him right because he doesn’t have a shred of mercy or ethics within him.

Top 10 Kengan Fighters on Whom You Can Bet in a Tournament
Raian Kure | Source: Fandom

Now, most of you must be wondering what’s someone who lost in Round 2 is doing so high on the list. Let me remind you, he didn’t use any of his lethal Kure techniques in his fight against Ohma.

But once he unleashes his Kure techniques, especially ‘Removal,’ no one stands a chance before him. The secret Kure technique allows him to consciously remove his brain’s limits on his muscular strength output.

In the latest chapters of Kengan Omega, Ohma himself admitted that Raian is currently stronger than him. He proves Ohma right in his next fight against Alan Wu. He kills Alan brutally by tearing his face apart.

Moreover, Rian is very reckless and always consumed by killing intent. So, anyone who fights him is undoubtedly at a risk of losing his/her life.

4. Gaolang Wongsawat

Goalang Wongsawat, The Thai God of War, is a renowned boxer who is trusted with the responsibility of keeping Rama XIII safe. He is well known for his extremely fast flicker jabs and punches that can easily knock out the majority of opponents.

Top 10 Kengan Fighters on Whom You Can Bet in a Tournament
Gaolang Wongsawat | Source: Fandom

Apart from boxing, he has trained muay Thai for about 20 years, and by combining his boxing skills with muay Thai techniques, he can take his striking ability to a level that is unparallel to anyone else.

Even Kanoh Agito admitted after fighting him that he couldn’t surpass him in blows. It was solely because of his unshakable defence and endurance that Kanoh won that round.

3. Ohma Tokita

Ohma Tokita, the protagonist of Kengan Ashura, comes that number three in this list. He is also known as the ‘Ashura’ of the Kengan Association, who kept on winning matches till he faced Kuroki Gensai as an impenetrable barrier.

Top 10 Kengan Fighters on Whom You Can Bet in a Tournament
Ohma Tokita | Source: Fandom

Ohma’s strength, speed and endurance were far above any average human’s, but that’s true for all the fighters in this list. What sets him apart is his refined martial-arts technique, his presence of mind and a trump card that he uses after getting pushed to the edge.

Niko style comprises many complicated yet effective techniques that keeps Ohma at an advantage. He can harden any part of his body to use it for both offence and defence, and he also has mastery over the “flow of power,” which allows him to use his opponent’s power against them.

It will take an entire article if I start talking about all the Niko Style techniques he uses. So, I am just moving on to his next fighting style, which is very unorthodox compared to the previous one.

Tokita vs Kure

Now, the main character must have his ‘ace in the hole,’ something similar to Goku’s super saiyan. He calls this technique’ Advanced,’ which allows him to increase his strength, speed and stamina drastically.

2. Kanoh Agito

Kanoh Agito, the Fifth Fang of Metsudo, is considered the King of Kengan Matches. If it wasn’t for his defeat in the hands of Kuroki Gensai, I would have surely placed him in the top position.

Kanoh Agito | Source: Fandom

He is an all-round fighter with unmatched physical stats. His key strength is his adaptability, that allows him to adapt to any fighting styling after exchanging blows for a while.

Once he gets used to his opponent, he comes up with a new fighting style tailor-made for that particular fighter. He keeps evolving and refining his techniques as the fight goes on; this makes him the most vicious opponent to fight.

He constantly switches from the orthodox Niko Style to unorthodox Formless Style, making it even harder for anyone to predict his moves. But if none of the techniques seems to be working, he can just one-shot his opponent with an extremely powerful point-blank range attack called ‘Dragon Shot.’

1. Kuroki Gensei

Kuroki Gensai, the ‘Devil Lance,’ is the only unbeaten fighter of the Kenganverse, and it isn’t really a surprise to see him in the top position. Like come on, he defeated the Fang in the semi-finals and had enough power left to win the final round.

Top 10 Kengan Fighters on Whom You Can Bet in a Tournament
Kuroki Gensai | Source: Fandom

Kuroki is basically the ‘Saitama’ of Kenganverse, and all the other fighters in this list share a common goal of surpassing him someday. He is a master of Kaiwan Style, who has conditioned his fingers to a level that can even pierce through solid steel.

He is more like a mystery character, and he doesn’t share a tragic back story, unlike most of the other fighters. It seems the urge to push his limits and achieve excellence has resulted in the invulnerable fighter you see today.

About Kengan Ashura

Kengan Ashura is a Japanese manga series written by Yabako Sandrovich and illustrated by Daromeon. It was serialized on Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday website from April 2012 to August 2018. A sequel, titled Kengan Omega, began in January 2019.

Beginning two years after the game changing Kengan Annihilation Tournament on Ganryu Island, we follow the paths of aspiring fighter Narushima Koga and the mysterious Gaoh Ryuki as they are tangled up in the underground world of the Kengan matches.


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