Top 10 Best Doctors in One Piece, Ranked!

Doctors are essential members of any community, in the real world as well as in the world of One Piece.

One Piece is Shonen – so obviously characters are continuously battling and getting injured; without a doctor in their midst, none of the pirates or even the Marines would stand a chance against each other.

A testament to this is when the Rumbar Pirates lost their doctor, the entire crew succumbed to poison and perished.

Comparing doctors is difficult since the term “doctor” is pretty broad; doctors have different specialties, and the doctors in One Piece have all excelled in their own fields. Marco is an amazing healer, Law is the best surgeon, Chopper is good with medicine.

I’m going to rank the top 10 best doctors in One Piece according to their skills (innate or Devil Fruit-based), their medical knowledge, and their accomplishments as seen throughout the series.

Note: This list only contains doctors exclusively, and not scientists like Vegapunk.

10. Aladine – The Merman Doctor

Affiliation – Sun Pirates

Aladine is the link between the Sun Pirates and Big Mom Pirates being Charlotter Praline’s husband and the captain of the Sun Pirates.

Aladine is originally from the Ryugu Kingdom, but escaped being enslaved and became a pirate doctor with the help of Fisher Tiger.

Top 10 Best Doctors in One Piece, Ranked!
Aladine | Source: Fandom

As part of the Sun Pirates post Tiger’s death, Jinbe makes him his first mate.

Aladine has great medical knowledge and was able to diagnose Fisher Tiger’s condition after he was ambushed by the Marines. He tried to convince Tiger to let him use human blood for transfusion which means he is capable of demonstrating complex procedures.

He was also able to treat the World Noble Donquixote Mjosgard after Fish Man Island.

9. Doc Q – The Death God

Affiliation – Blackbeard Pirates

Doc Q is perpetually sick despite being a doctor. He is terminally ill, but is still a crazy-good doctor, which is proven by the fact that Blackbeard keeps him around.

Blackbeard is quite shrewd and wouldn’t keep useless or weak members as part of his crew just out of love. Blackbeard also made him one of his Ten Titanic Captains because of his formidable physical strength and medical expertise.

Top 10 Best Doctors in One Piece, Ranked!
Doc Q | Source: Fandom

Doc Q treated his crewmate Jesus Burgess after the latter’s battle with Sabo in the fight for Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi.

Doc Q is known for his explosive apples where he chemically altered the fruit so that it explodes with one bite.

8. Isshi-20 – The 20 Best MDs

Affiliation – Sakura Kingdom, Drum Island (former)

The Isshi-20 were a group of the 20 best medical doctors on Drum Island who the monarch, Wapol, recruited privately so the citizens of his country would depend solely on him for medical aid.

Drum Island was known for its medical expertise and these 20 doctors were the most skilled among all. Since they serve as one unit, they have 20 of the best brains in the field working together.

Top 10 Best Doctors in One Piece, Ranked!
Isshi-20 | Source: Fandom

They healed Dalton and saved Wapol despite the fact that he had been decapitated. The external injuries unit of the Isshi-20 is so proficient that Wapol didn’t even know that his head had been separated from his body; their cutting, stitching, and reinforcing abilities are unmatched.

The Isshi-20 gradually grew to the Isshi-100, and work under Dr. Kureha in the Sakura Kingdom’s medical center.

7. Emporio Ivankov – The Okama King

Affiliation – Revolutionary Army

Ivankov is known as a “Miracle Person” because of his ability to alter a person’s physical aspects, including gender and emotions.

He does this through his Paramecia-type Horu Horo no Mi which allows him to control all the hormones in a human body.

Top 10 Best Doctors in One Piece, Ranked!
Emporio Ivankov | Source: Fandom

He can increase the secretion of a particular hormone and thus make himself stronger so can perform better in battle. We see this well in his Hell Wink and Death Wink technique, which he used to defeat Sanji, and damage Bartholomew Kuma.

Ivankov can inject Healing Hormones into an injured person to cure them from poison. He’s the one who saves Luffy from Magellan’s poison. Luffy heals in 20 hours after Ivankov’s dose during the Impel Down arc. 

6. Tony Tony Chopper – The Reindeer Doctor

Affiliation – Straw Hat Pirates

Before I start, I just want to say that end-of-season Chopper is going to be on #1.

Currently Chopper makes it to #6, and has come a long way already. Chopper’s dream is to become a doctor who can cure any illness.

Top 10 Best Doctors in One Piece, Ranked!
Chopper | Source: Fandom

With Kureha as his mentor, Chopper’s medical knowledge is as solid as can be. He also traveled to different parts of the world to gain more medical experience.

Chopper is quick at diagnosing even the strangest presentation of symptoms, he can come up with unique solutions to medical problems that seem impossible to cure, and can actually prepare his own medications to treat his patients.

Chopper’s remedies are foolproof as they come after years of research and experimentation. Along with being a pharmacologist, Chopper is also capable of surgery and can mend injuries.

Chopper make an antidote in Udon

Since Chopper is a reindeer, he has good knowledge of animals as well as humans. This gives him a wider perspective than other doctors.

Chopper was literally able to create a vaccine mid-battle. When Queen’s Ice Oni virus was spreading, Chopper creates the Chopperphage Nebulizer and mass produces it by firing it into the crowd to cure the effects of the virus on a large scale.

Chopper is a hero, and a true doctor, in every sense of the word.

5. Marco – The Phoenix

Affiliation – Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance, Whitebeard Pirates (former)

Marco was the doctor and first commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. This should itself tell you how accomplished Marco is. You’re probably wondering why he isn’t higher on the list.

Marco’s only doctorly quality is healing. Of course, he has medical knowledge, but his forte is in practical combat more than theory.

Top 10 Best Doctors in One Piece, Ranked!
Macro | Source: Fandom

Marco’s Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit gives him the ability to turn into a phoenix at will. The flames from the phoenix have healing properties that are so potent that they can help Marco regenerate, no matter what kind of injury he has.

These Blue Flames of Resurrection can be used on others as well, but they are less effective than when used on himself.

Marco’s Devil Fruit makes him the best healer in One Piece.

4. Hogback – The Mad Scientist

Affiliation – Thriller Bark Pirates

Hogback hates patients. But ironically, patients seek him out from around the globe because he is such a gifted surgeon.

He is a genius who can perform impossible surgeries that are later described as miracles. He’s saved thousands of lives – but only for the money.

Top 10 Best Doctors in One Piece, Ranked!
Hogback | Source: Fandom

His skills and fame attracted Gecko Moria who made him a member of her crew. Hogback created hundreds of zombies for him and also fused objects and beasts to make them stronger.

Reanimating dead bodies like Victor Frankenstein proves Hogback is especially gifted – but it doesn’t end there!

Hogback augmented Absalom and Victoria Cindry’s physical bodies so they could become more powerful during battle. He even worked on Oars and created a whole arm from scratch, along with a cockpit in his stomach from where Moria could sit and maneuver him.

Hogback’s work was so thorough that the zombies did not decompose for 10 whole years.

3. Crocus – The Pirate King’s Doctor

Affiliation – Roger Pirates (former)

Crocus is a renowned doctor, one of the finest medical specialists in the world. He is best known for being able to pause the late pirate King, Gol D. Roger’s incurable illness, thus prolonging his life.

According to Silvers Rayleigh, he was the only person in the world who could hold of Roger’s illness. If it weren’t for Crocus, Roger wouldn’t have been able to reach Laugh Tale.

Top 10 Best Doctors in One Piece, Ranked!
Crocus | Source: Fandom

Being the pirate doctor for the Roger Pirates is no small feat. He could develop special drugs for the crew and keep a continuous supply of it for his captain’s disease.

He also made a sedative that could be effective on a 400-meter-long whale called Laboon. He also created intricate new paths in the whale’s body so his medicine would be more effective to treat it.

2. Trafalgar D. Law – The Surgeon of Death

Affiliation – Heart Pirates

Law is currently the most skilled surgeon in One Piece due to his broken Devil Fruit.

His Ope Ope no Mi Paramecia Devil Fruit gives him the ability of spatial manipulation and lets him perform the most difficult of surgeries without any risk.

Top 10 Best Doctors in One Piece, Ranked!
Trafalgar D.Water Law | Source: Fandom

The reason that Law is able to use the fruit’s ability, though, is his natural compatibility with it, and his medical aptitude. Both Law’s parents were doctors, and he’s been studying medicine since his childhood.

He fixed up Luffy and Jinbe after a fatal bout with Fleet Admiral Akainu. Law has cured himself from lead poisoning and has straight up extracted the disease from all those kids at Punk Hazard.

This proves that not only is Law an insanely able surgeon, but has pharmacological knowledge like Chopper, and healing skills like Marco.

Even without his Devil Fruit, Law is an amazing doctor. On top of everything, the guy just defeated a Yonko. He’s the captain of his crew, and has a bounty of 3 billion berries, the same as Luffy.

1. Kureha – The Master of Doctors

Affiliation – Sakura Kingdom

Dr. Kureha, Chopper’s adoptive mother and mentor, is the best doctor in One Piece. She is 141 years old and currently serves as the head-doctor in Sakura Kingdom. She is the leader of the Isshi-100 and has crazy feats without the help of any Devil Fruit.

Kureha cured Nami of the disease caused by an ancient tick by creating an antibiotic on her own. She can also tell someone’s exact temperature just by feeling them with a finger.

Top 10 Best Doctors in One Piece, Ranked!
Kureha | Source: Fandom

She is also the only known person other than Caesar Clown to be authorized to use the highly addictive drug NHC10.

Just going by the number of years she’s been practicing medicine, Kureha is probably a better surgeon than Law, although we have yet to see this in action.

She has more experience than any other doctor in the series and experience is everything in the field of medicine. And she has taught Chopper everything she knows.

A bit of trivia for you: Dr. Kureha is she is voiced by Masako Nozawa, who is the person that voiced Goku in Dragon Ball. This just further proves how epic she is.

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