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Time Paradox Ghostwriter: New Manga Debut by Shonen Jump

The Weekly Shonen Jump is the highest-grossing manga magazine in recent times. Major hits like Bleach, Naruto, One Piece and Demon Slayer have been serialized in it.

With a completely fresh narrative, a new manga — Time Paradox Ghostwriter, was launched in the 24th issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump. The manga follows an aspiring mangaka who lucks into a microwave that churns out issues of the Weekly Shonen Jump from 10 years in the future!

Time Paradox Ghostwriter: New Manga Debut by Shonen Jump
Time Paradox Ghostwriter | Source: Viz Media

The first chapter consisted of 54 pages. It introduces us to Teppei Sasaki, a 24-year old who wants to be a mangaka. After arguing with his parents and facing ridicule, he sets his goal on writing a manga that “everyone can enjoy.” He was placed second in a manga contest, but it’s been four years since then, and he hasn’t made any progress.

Despite his best efforts, everything he comes up with is too bland for his editor and does not even make it to the final selection round for a one-shot. After 4 years of work and no progress, he is about to give up, when lightning strikes (literally).

During a storm, a lightning bolt strikes on a toy given to him by his friend Okano. The toy melts into the microwave on which it was placed and causes a fire. After Sasaki puts out the fire, the microwave spits out a copy of the Weekly Shonen Jump from 10 years in the future!

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Time Paradox Ghostwriter: New Manga Debut by Shonen Jump

Unable to believe what just happened he reads the manga and is charmed by a story called “White Knight”. He wants to read it again, but is unable to find the manga and thinks it was a hallucination after all.

Either way, he copies the story (after cutting off a few elements) and presents it to the Shonen Jump office where it gets accepted for a full-on series!

Little does he know, it was no hallucination, and the original author of the story (in the present timeline) is livid about her work being stolen.

About Time Paradox Ghostwriter

Time Paradox Ghostwriter is a manga series written by Kenji Ichima and drawn by Tsunehiro Date. It was launched in the Weekly Shonen Jump in May 2020.

The story revolves around Teppei Sasaki, a young adult who wants to be a mangaka. Despite his best efforts none of this series makes it past his editor. After he fails after trying for 4 years, he is just about to give up when lightning strikes on his house and melts down his microwave and a toy placed on top of it.

“Ding” the microwave spits out an issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump from 10 years in the future. He copies a story called “White Knight”, and kick starts his career.

Little does he know that the actual author of the story, Itsuki Aino, has noticed her personal story being published and is suspecting that he stole her work.

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