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Those Snow White Notes Teases April Debut, OP with New Visual, CM

Those Snow White Notes might be the sing-song and peaceful anime that we all need this year. It is a coming of age anime with the power to draw in the audience’s desire to break free.

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Setsu meets Yuna when he is in his absolute worst state. He has lost his creative spark, but in Yuna, he glimpses his past self. Both of them need to achieve their own dreams. Will the raucous city of Tokyo help them or drown their dreams?

The official website of Those Snow White Notes (Mashiro no Oto) anime has revealed that it will premiere on 2nd April. New commercial video, visual, and cast members have been announced as well.

Short Trailer of Those Snow White Notes

“Blizzard” by Burnout Syndromes, the first opening theme of the anime, is previewed in the short trailer. The video shows Setsu’s love for playing the Shamisen and some of his friends who are equally passionate about the instruments.

A shamisen is a three-stringed Japanese musical instrument, and the anime will rekindle the passion for traditional music in the audience.

Those Snow White Notes Teases April Debut, OP with New Visual, CM
Those Snow White Notes Visual | Source: Official Website

The visual shows the main protagonist, Setsu Sawamura, and Yuichiro Umehara, a talented Shamisen player who has won the Tsugaru National Tournament for 2 years in a row.

Those Snow White Notes anime will premiere on MBS, TBS, and the Animism block of BS11.

Some new cast members have also been revealed:

CharacterCastOther Works
Seiryu KamikiYuichiro UmeharaGoblin Slayer (Goblin Slayer)
Soichi TanumaTasuku HatanakaDenki Kaminari (My Hero Academia)
Mai TanumaShiori MikamiKrista Lenz/ Historia Reiss (Attack on Titan)
Yuna TachikiRikako AidaRiko Sakurachi (Love Live! Sunshine!!)

About Those Snow White Notes

Those Snow White Notes or Mashiro no Oto is a manga series by Marimo Ragawa. Kodansha serializes the manga since 2009. Its anime adaptation is scheduled for an April 2021 release.

Those Snow White Notes Teases April Debut, OP with New Visual, CM
Mashiro no Oto | Source: Crunchyroll

Setsu and Yuna’s lives may be completely different, but they both have dreams that they want to achieve. A chance meeting in Tokyo brings them together. Setsu’s creative spark had died along with his grandfather.

He meets Yuna when he travels to Tokyo for a change of pace. Will the busy city of Tokyo become an important chapter in their lives?

Source: Official Website of Those Snow White Notes

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