Is the Testa di Moro legend connected to the deaths in The White Lotus S2?

When you took in the views of the new White Lotus resort in Sicily, you must’ve noticed a bunch of intriguing vases that looked like severed heads. As manager Valentina explained, the vases depict the Testa di Moro legend, which deals with the theme of forbidden romance.

So what is this legend all about?

Testa di Moro is a real Italian legend about a Moor who came to Sicily and seduced a local girl. However, she found out that he is married with kids and, as revenge, cut off his head. The White Lotus S2 may be using this legend to highlight it is infidelity that leads to the deaths in the resort.

(Testa di Moro translates to Head of the Moor, while Moor is term formerly used for north-western African Muslims).

This is a popular legend, but normally it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to any tourists visiting Sicily. There are plenty of vases/figures depicting the legend and serving as a cautionary tale. But other than that, it’s just supposed to be an interesting thing you learn about and then move on.

Is the Testa di Moro legend connected to the deaths in The White Lotus S2?

However, just the sheer number of decapitated vases in The White Lotus resort and the amount of focus shots they’re given each episode makes me think we should take the legend more seriously.

It is possible that the legend may predict who dies at the end of the show.

Who’s in danger as per the Testa di Moro legend?

As of Episode 3, there are quite a few characters that fit the bill of the adulterous partner who gets murdered in the Testa di Moro legend. Let’s have a look:

I. Greg

Is the Testa di Moro legend connected to the deaths in The White Lotus S2?
Greg Hunt

We already know that Greg is cheating on Tanya and is planning on leaving her. While a distraught Tanya has not figured it all out yet, she is onto his general disinterest and ingenuity.

Tanya’s an oddball and I don’t put it past her to accidentally kill Greg when she finds out he’s having an affair.

What we also have to consider is that a psychic predicted that it would be Tanya who dies by suicide. Could this also have something to do with Greg’s affair?

II. Cam

Is the Testa di Moro legend connected to the deaths in The White Lotus S2?

Cam very easily fits the description of the adulterous Moor. Not only is Daphne aware of his playboy tendencies, but he also sealed the deal by sleeping with Lucia.

Plus, Daphne literally said her favorite Dateline episodes are the ones where jealous wives kill their cheating husbands. Is this a red herring or foreshadowing?

Whatever it may be, I’m confident that if there’s someone at the resort who is capable of committing murder while wearing Prada, it is Daphne.

III. Ethan and Harper

Ethan immediately was remorseful about kissing Mia, stopping her from taking things further. For someone who is described as “honest to a fault,” it is expected that he comes clean to Harper right away.

Is the Testa di Moro legend connected to the deaths in The White Lotus S2?
Harper Spiller

If for some reason he doesn’t, Harper will feel incredibly betrayed once she finds the truth. But will she murder him? Sure, Harper is snarky and cynical but she doesn’t come across as someone capable of murder.

On the flip side, the show has teased some forbidden sexual tension between Harper and Cam. Let’s not forget that when the tale of Hades raping Persephone was narrated in Ep 2, the scene immediately cut to Cam forcibly pulling Harper underwater, scaring her.

It is possible that Harper and Cam’s dynamics may cause the demise of the former. Ethan does seem to have some pent-up frustration, and if he finds that Harper had any relations with Cam (the man he is trying to outshine), he will get quite provoked.

IV. Portia

Is the Testa di Moro legend connected to the deaths in The White Lotus S2?

I have a bad feeling about Portia and Albie’s relationship. Despite Albie adorning the “nice guy” armor, he seems like someone who cannot take rejection well. Plus, it’s clear that Portia is only putting up with his romantic advances because she thinks it will end once the holiday is over.

At the end of Ep 3, Portia seems interested in the guy at the pool and it is guaranteed that they will hook up at some point. What is also guaranteed is Albie finding this out.

Albie could read this as Portia “cheating” on him even though they’re not together. There is a possibility his emotions may drive him to harm her.

V. Dominic

Dominic is intentionally last on my list because I don’t think he will be murdered by his wife or Lucia. Both his wife and Lucia are aware of his cheating tendencies, so this won’t come as a shock to either of them. In fact, his wife wants to have nothing to do with him, including revenge.

Is the Testa di Moro legend connected to the deaths in The White Lotus S2?
Dominic Di Grasso

If Dominic is indeed killed by a jealous lover, it will have to be someone new or by a partner other than Lucia. Better yet, he could improve his ways and come out of The White Lotus S2 alive.

My other theory is that there’s a small possibility Albie may harm him. Let’s say (like the scenario explore above), Albie finds out that Portia is with another guy but he is unable to take out his anger on her.

To add to this, he finds out that his father has been cheating yet again and it doubles his rage—he may end up attacking Dominic.

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The White Lotus is an American satire comedy television miniseries created, written, and directed by Mike White that premiered on HBO on July 11, 2021. Season 1 was set in Hawaii, and season 2 in Sicily.

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Jennifer Coolidge and John Gries star in both seasons with a rotating cast in the two seasons. The series was renewed for a third season.

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