The White Lotus S2 Episode 7: Release Date, Recap and Speculation

The penultimate episode of The White Lotus season 2 marked Valentina’s birthday with heartbreak, cherry’s popped, voluntary abductions, grand mystery schemes, and wild imaginations. But, of course, all of these didn’t fall on Valentina’s plate alone. 

After last week’s disclosure of the actual relationship between Jack and Quentin, Jack’s drunk confession has hinted at more nefarious plans. Ethan and Harper’s relationship rests on wafer-thin ice, with suspicions shifting from Harper to Ethan. The Di Grasso family’s vacation has already taken a big turn, and the best is yet to come. 

What will go down in the finale next week?

Episode 7 Synopsis/Speculation

The finale is almost upon us, and we still have so much to tackle! Ethan and Cameron’s fight will definitely air next week, as will all the details of Quentin and Jack’s plan for Tanya and Portia.

The shocking connection between Quentin and Greg suddenly puts more weight on Greg’s prenup comment. What if the contract had an infidelity clause, which Greg will expose with the help of Quentin, who’s been in love with him? 

Or what if the mystery caller was Quentin all along, and they’re working together to kill Tanya and run away with the spoils?

Albie is still in the dark about Lucia and his dad’s history, so we can expect a spat between the father and son, but if things get out of hand, one slip-up could be more deadly than both could imagine.

Ethan’s anger will rise within this week’s wait, and we’ll definitely see him, and Cameron throw punches, one potentially drowning the other, but we’ll have to wait till next week to know who’ll be the body in the ocean.

The White Lotus S2 Episode 7: Release Date, Recap & Speculation
Portia Connects Jack and Quentin’s Plan

Episode 7 Release Date

Chapter 7 of the The White Lotus season 2 series, titled “Byg”, has been released on Sunday, Dec 11, 2022 at 6:00 pm PDT.

The White Lotus 2x07 Promo "Arrivederci" (HD) Season Finale | Theo James, Aubrey Plaza HBO series
The White Lotus 2×07 Promo “Byg” (HD) Season Finale | Theo James, Aubrey Plaza HBO series

Season 2 Schedule

The White Lotus S2 Episode No.The White Lotus S2 Episode TitleDirectionTeleplayRelease Date
1CiaoMike WhiteMike WhiteOctober 30 2022
2Italian DreamMike WhiteMike WhiteNovember 6 2022
3Bull ElephantsMike WhiteMike WhiteNovember 13 2022
4In the SandboxMike WhiteMike WhiteNovember 20 2022
5That’s AmoreMike WhiteMike WhiteNovember 27 2022
6AbductionsMike WhiteMike WhiteDecember 4 2022
7BygMike WhiteMike WhiteDecember 11 2022

Episode 6 Recap

The White Lotus S2 Episode 7: Release Date, Recap & Speculation
Quentin Introduces Tanya and Nicolo

Albie and Lucia have a blissful morning, and Daphne and Cameron joke around about their infidelities, but Ethan and Harper cannot shake off the suspicion amidst them. Harper still can’t believe Ethan, and it’s driving him crazy, but both fear most the lack of attraction between the married couple.

Tanya warns Portia about Jack, and soon she sees other things which bother her about her Italian fling. 

Meanwhile, the Di Grasso Family, with Lucia in tow as a translator, head out to meet their relatives. But when Alessio pursues Lucia in a car chase, she voluntarily goes with him to avoid confrontation. The Di Grasso face further disappointment when their “relatives” run them off. 

Quentin arranges a birthday soiree for Tanya and a date that’ll supply her with blow and sex.

Ethan catches sight of Harper and Cameron and feels unease, which only grows when they both disappear and return with a much cheered-up Harper in tow. Ethan’s comment about being driven crazy gets a new meaning as he vividly imagines what may have gone down between his wife and friend. 

The Spiller couple’s roles seem to have flipped in just one episode, just like Valentina’s birthday. She thought she’d spend it with her crush Isabella, but she finds the receptionist is engaged to Rocco and instead gives her first experience with a woman to Mia.

Jack drunkenly confesses Quentin’s pauper-like state to Portia, hinting he’ll be coming into money soon. Meanwhile, Tanya discovers Quentin’s hetero-cowboy crush was her Greg, but she is distracted by a very naked Nicolo.

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About The White Lotus

The White Lotus is an American satire comedy television miniseries created, written, and directed by Mike White that premiered on HBO on July 11, 2021. Season 1 was set in Hawaii, and season 2 in Sicily.

The White Lotus follows the vacations of various hotel guests over a week as they relax and rejuvenate in paradise. But with each passing day, a darker complexity emerges in these picture-perfect travelers, the hotel’s cheerful employees, and the idyllic locale itself.

Jennifer Coolidge and John Gries star in both seasons with a rotating cast in the two seasons. The series was renewed for a third season.

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