The White Lotus S2: What is Lucia scheming? Does she really like Albie?

The last person you’d expect Albie to end up with is Lucia. Yet, with the events of Episodes 4 and 5, their relationship is becoming even more complicated. On the one hand, Lucia finally did reveal to him that she’s a sex worker. On the other hand, this doesn’t make Albie any wiser about Lucia’s schemes.

So does Lucia actually like Albie, or is she only out to fleece him?

It is possible that although Lucia does like Albie, she is only using him for his money. She will try to extract as much money from him under the excuse of being threatened by her fictional pimp, Alessio.

Albie wasn’t downplaying it when he said he likes wounded birds—after getting over his initial surprise that Lucia is a sex worker, Albie treats her like a delicate object that needs fixing. It’s not without encouragement either, for Lucia also plays the part of the wounded bird, knowing that’s the best way to get money from Albie.

The White Lotus S2: What is Lucia scheming? Does she really like Albie?

Despite Lucia’s ulterior motives, some fans have really been shipping the odd but endearing couple, while others have been questioning Lucia’s feelings for Albie.

I do think she cares for the boy in her own way, and there were certainly a few moments where she was pleasantly surprised by Albie’s kindness.

However, even if she does like Albie, her feelings are not strong enough to wrestle with the fact that she has a tough life and has to resort to nefarious schemes in order to make a living. She may feel bad about duping Albie, but that won’t stop her from doing it.

Is Alessio, the pimp threatening Lucia, real? 

In Episode 5, Lucia realizes that Albie may bend over to fulfill any of her requests if she plays the victim. She invents a pimp called Alessio, who has been supposedly harassing her for money.

The White Lotus S2: What is Lucia scheming? Does she really like Albie?
Albie Di Grasso

In reality, Alessio the pimp does not exist. In Episode 1 itself, Lucia made it clear that she was working for herself by finding clients online.

Later in the episode, we do see her interacting with someone who gets rough with her. She tells Albie that he’s Alessio, the man who’s been pestering her for money.

Although the guy could be Alessio, he may not be her pimp. It is more likely that he is an ex she has jilted or perhaps another client. What is clear, though, is that Lucia is using the pimp story so that Albie pities her and gives her more money.

Some fans even believe that Lucia may take this a step further and ask Albie to take her to the US with him.

In her interactions with Dominic, Lucia laments over the fact that she’s never been to California, to which Dominic simply answers, “You should.” Little did he know that this may come to bite him in his back!

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The White Lotus is an American satire comedy television miniseries created, written, and directed by Mike White that premiered on HBO on July 11, 2021. Season 1 was set in Hawaii, and season 2 in Sicily.

The White Lotus follows the vacations of various hotel guests over a week as they relax and rejuvenate in paradise. But with each passing day, a darker complexity emerges in these picture-perfect travelers, the hotel’s cheerful employees, and the idyllic locale itself.

Jennifer Coolidge and John Gries star in both seasons with a rotating cast in the two seasons. The series was renewed for a third season.

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