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Steamy Anime, The Titan’s Bride, Reveals English Theme in The Latest Dub PV

When I first watched the trailer of The Titan’s Bride, I realized that I was thoroughly unprepared for what was coming.

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A male lead who is literally marrying a Titan is what you should expect from this upcoming anime. Isekai and BL meet in no man’s land in this bizarre anime!

BL anime, popularly known as Yaoi, hardly ever receives a dubbed version since not many people choose to watch it. But, we are in luck because The Titan’s Bride is getting its own English dubbed version!

The English dubbed trailer of The Titan’s Bride revealed the English theme song, ‘Those Who Shout Love at the Center of the World,’ while Studio Ascendent Animation revealed the cast.

The Titan's Bride - English Dub - Promotional Video Trailer

The PV features the two lead characters- the Titan, Caius Lao Bistail, and the bride, Koichi Mizuki. The theme song that plays in the background, ‘Those Who Shout Love at the Center of the World’ is sung by the voice actors themselves. 

The creators are confident that the anime is going to be one of the best in BL history.

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Ascendent Animation, announced the cast for the English dub version of Kyojinzoku no Hanayome which include:

CharacterCastOther Works
Koichi MizukiEdward A. Mendoza
Caius Lao BistailKiba WalkerMakio Tanihara (Horimiya)
Medina Nall RosasAngela Tran
Baro BarrowsKdin JenzenMay Marigold (RWBY)
Beri BerinalPatrick M. SeymourThe Parrot (Kick-Heart)
KyoukoBrittany LaudaYahiko (Morose Mononokean)
OracleSteve Warky NunezYamada (Ishida and Asakura)
MistressLisa OrtizDaphne (Arte)
Koichi’s UncleCole FeuchterAsakura (Ishida and Asakura)
Young BaroKai JordanLeon (Pokémon: Twilight Wings) 
Baro’s MotherMarissa LentiYuriko Hori (Horimiya)
Koichi’s MomKristen McGuireRuri (Dr. Stone)

We can see some prominent names in the list, and so the voice acting definitely looks promising!

This anime is the second English dub project by Ascendant Animation with Ishida and Asakura preceding it. 

ITKZ originally wrote the manga, and is published by Suiseisha’s Screamo which is popularly known for the genre ‘Yaoi.’ The English version, however, is published by Coolcomic, Ascendent’s parent company.

As always, certain fans are not happy with the dub PV as well, but I’d suggest not to jump to conclusions this early on. Instead, let’s wait for the dubbed anime to release because it may as well be one of the best yet!

About The Titan’s Bride

The Titan’s Bride is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by the artist Itkz. It has been serialized in the web manga magazine Screamo since 2019, and has been collected into two tankōbon volumes by Suiseisha.

Basketball-loving high school student, Koichi, was sent to a different world with a titan in front of him. He was in Tildant, the country of titans, and in front of him was the prince, Caius. Then, the first thing that Koichi got was… a proposal?!

Source: Official Twitter of Ascendent Animation

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