The Story Of Diana Review: Is The Documentary Good?

Twenty years after her death, ABC & People have come together to produce The Story of Diana, a four-hour documentary looking into the life of the beloved princess. It gives you a never-before-seen look into the early life and marriage of Princess Diana with exclusive footage and interviews.

1. Quick Review

The Story of Diana lifts the curtain and takes us inside the Princess of Wales’s life, starting from her childhood days to her meeting and marriage with Prince Charles.

The documentary stitches together archival footage with interviews from historians, friends, and family. It is a fitting tribute to a woman who lived on the edge of the royal and the common and was equally beloved by both.

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The Story of Diana

Air Date: August 9, 2017 Status: Finished Studio: ABC Studios No. of Seasons: 1 No. of Episodes: 2
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3. Is It Worth Watching?

The Story of Diana takes you up-close and personal into the life of the most unorthodox Royal in British history. Diana was a woman constantly hounded by the press, and she always tried to maintain an ordinary demeanor.

She used her position and power to connect with and empower the community, and her untimely demise was a shock to the world. This documentary is a fitting tribute to The Lovely Diana.

I. Premise

The Story of Diana starts with Diana’s birth and childhood on the Sandringham Estate. Her mother ran off with another man when she was six years old, and she would often wait for her to come back. Exclusive childhood footage shows that dance served as a means of escape for Diana, and she always believed that a fairy-tale script and a life of greatness were in store for her.

The Story of Diana ( on Netflix )
The Story Of Diana Official Trailer

The documentary also shows how Prince Charles was a playboy in his early days and had numerous affairs with women. He had a close relationship with Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, who shared the same love for hunting and riding.

Charles had also dated Diana’s older sister Sarah, and when the royal customs dictated that he must have a virginal wife, he turned his eyes on Diana.

Their marriage was a spectacular event that was watched by 750 million people worldwide. Charles was 32, and Diana was 19, and from the start, she was headstrong and didn’t adhere strictly to tradition.  Their marriage was viewed as a marriage of convenience by Charles, but it propelled Diana into the limelight.

II. Diana’s Married Life

Throughout her married life, the press was constantly snapping at her heels, and Diana herself chose not to be a stuck-up royal confined to the Palace.

Her work with the poor and the disabled and the tension it created in the Royal family is depicted in the documentary. Diana also broke tradition and chose to have her first baby William in a hospital instead of the Palace.

Friends say that she, as a very hands-on mother, not bound by the traditions and customs of royalty. She didn’t rely on nannies and often took her kids outside the palace grounds, where paparazzi always surrounded them.

Diana wasn’t happily married and decided to use her privilege and status to create awareness about many causes such as AIDS. She defined her life and lived on her terms, which made her a favorite among the masses.

the story of diana documentary
Princess Diana

III. The Interviews

Interviews with Diana’s friends and those people who were close to the royal family have revealed the tension in the royal household over Diana’s unusual activities. The documentary also shows us Diana’s mind-set regarding helping the needy and motherhood.

The glimpse into her childhood and the impact that her mother had on her is also shown in The Story of Diana. A girl who always believed that she had a fairy-tale destiny lived a life without compromise.

Commentary on her funeral is also offered, which was watched by over 2 billion people. Elton John talks about the version of Candle in the Wind he specially composed for the funeral, which set an all-time sales record.

Diana modernized the British monarchy taking it out of the history textbooks and into the limelight. She was constantly hounded by the press, who chased her around for tabloid headlines, which caused her great distress. But she tried her best to use her celebrity status to bring essential causes to the public eye.

4. Grade

The Story of Diana

Story: A

Cinematography/Animation: B

Acting: A

Music: B+

Direction: B+

5. Final Thoughts

The Story of Diana is a well-crafted documentary that takes you on a journey of Princess Diana’s life. It is insightful and offers new and unique perspectives into the activities of Diana and her lifestyle.

Diana’s story still resonates with millions of people who remember her fondly. You get a closer look a Diana as a person and her humane qualities and characteristics as well as her dreams and motivation.

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