American Classic The Rocketeer 2 Reportedly in Works with Disney+

Everyone’s cult-favorite The Rocketeer is reportedly getting a sequel! From the lands of the movie industry behemoth, Deadline reported Disney is working on the movie titled The Return of the Rocketeer.

Disney released the first Rocketeer movie in 1991, based on the comic books created by Dave Stevens. The film did average on the box office but has since then reached cult status.

Fans never imagined a sequel, but people can always count on Disney to revive cult favorites.

The Selma-fame David and Jessia Oyelowo will be producing the movie.

The report also states high chances of David starring in the movie, even if for a short while, too. Ed Ricourt, the writer of the hit movie series Now You See Me, will be writing the story.

The basic plot of The Rocketeer is pretty interesting—a young pilot discovering a jetpack who then becomes a masked superhero who can fly! In The Rocketeer 2, the plot focuses on a retired Tuskegee airman who takes up the role of a Rocketeer.

Disney had never let go of the Rocketeer idea. They developed and released two seasons of The Rocketeer on Disney Junior. At that time, the story revolved around a young girl named Kit and her adventures of being the next Rocketeer in-line.

American Classic The Rocketeer 2 Reportedly In Works With Disney+
The Rocketeer 1991

Reviving old classics is now a given for Disney. Especially since the release of their streaming giant platform, Disney+. Whether movies or reboots of cartoons and shows (Kim Possible, Malcolm in the Middle, A Goofy Movie, etc.), they’re doing it like no other.

They’ve discovered the immense potential of millennials and GenZ’s streaming habits, particularly when it hits right at the center of nostalgia.

The Return of the Rocketeer, too, holds excellent streaming potential. Although not as much for the box office, especially with the numbers taking a hit due to the pandemic.

Many fans are already loving the idea of a Black lead in the Rocketeer sequel. We’ll have to wait whether Disney will end up making or breaking it.

About The Return of the Rocketeer

The Return of the Rocketeer is an upcoming sequel of the original 1991 Disney movie, The Rocketeer. The original movie was directed by Joe Johnston and starred Bill Campbell in the lead.

The sequel is produced by David and Jessica Oyelowo, under their banner Yoruba Saxon, along with Brigham Taylor. The movie is written by Ed Ricourt and is being developed by Disney’s live-action team.

The original storyline features Cliff Secord, a stunt pilot who discovers a mysterious jetpack. Once he realizes he can fly, he becomes a masked superhero.

The Rocketeer 2 will show a completely new storyline and character set up, with the basic plot. The movie is reported to focus on a retired Tuskegee airman who takes up the Rocketeer role.

Source: Deadline

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