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The Promised Neverland Chapter 173 UPDATED – Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Where To Read & Story Updates

Chapter 172 titled “Free” released on 22nd March, and it was touching. Mangas are known to be extremely philosophical when they want to be, and this is one of those instances.

1. Chapter 173 Release Date & Speculation

Chapter 173, which is yet to be titled, will be releasing on 29th March. Expect to hear Peter’s response- a lot will depend on it. Will Emma’s philosophies be enough to rescue the children from this demon-infested world?

After the conversation between Peter and Emma, Emma has asked Peter to be free, free from hatred, guilt, fear, and the burden of having to do as his family wants. Is this what Emma’s promise is?

Can a simple conversation with Peter Ratri truly save the orphans? Can it also save Peter Ratri himself? However, nobody can be saved until they want to be saved. So the real question is- Does he Want to be saved at all? 

We hope to see a little bit of Duke Leuvis and his plans in the next Chapter- an arc that has been left out for now. His secrets are yet to be revealed(how did he survive?). There’s bound to be an Imperial Civil War. But which side will Peter be on? A lot is at stake, and Peter might truly be the ultimate pawn.

2. Chapter 173 Raw Scans

The Promised Neverland chapter 172 raw scans were released recently. Peter saw his clan as a prestigious lineage, he looked up to his brother as if he’s his hero. But James changed after discovering the 1000 years old history, knowing that their ancestor Julius betrayed his comrades and Ratri’s duty was a curse all along.

James started seeding rebellions and Peter panicked, seeing his brother ruining the peaceful condition. But he had to protect the worlds. James’ body was found, he left with an apologetic smile. Peter continued with his work, no matter what he had to do.

Back in the present time, he was still refusing that their duty is a curse, or whatever Ratri clan did was for nothing. He wondered why his brother did all that, did he want to be free? Perhaps he wanted to free Peter from the clan’s curse?

He looks at them with a sad smile, says they’re adorable. Humans and demons have been like this for a thousand years. It’s their victory, they can go wherever they want. But they should know that the human world is no different. Because demons mirror humans.

He says, it’s a message he’d like them to send to his uncle.

He says he’s interested to know how far cattles can adjust there. But he can’t go there, he’ll watch them in the new world from hell. “goodbye.”

3. Where To Read The Promised Neverland

4. Is The Promised Neverland Manga On Break?

No, The Promised Neverland manga is not on any break or hiatus. We expect the manga to be released as per Weekly Shonen Jump’s schedule.

5. Chapter 172 “Free” Plot

Peter tries to get closer to Emma while distracting her so that he can make a move and kill her. He is astonished when she talks about forgiving him.

Peter, who has never known mature feelings like these, is alien to the kind of freedom Emma describes to him. Emma has extended a hand, but will Peter take it?

6. About The Promised Neverland

Created by Kaiu Shirai, this series debuted in a Weekly Shonen Jump manga in 2016. Licensed by VIZ Media for an English Language release, this series has gained immense popularity, selling 4.2 million copies in a very short period.

The Grace Field House is a secluded orphanage surrounded by the thick foliage of the forest and restricted with a gated entrance. Despite the lack of interaction with the world, the kids in the orphanage lead a happy life.

By playing outside and following the rules of the establishment, such as taking tests. The kids view the orphanage as one big happy family under their beloved “Mama” — Sister Isabella.

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