Everything About The Gideon In The Flash And Legends Of Tomorrow

Without a doubt, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is legendary! I mean, look at the name as well as the game it is playing with the interesting connections it is establishing.

The most intriguing bit about this show for me is how it has been able to open up some very interesting potential crossovers that has not been imagined before. The most important example of this is that of the Gideon, Rip Hunter’s time travel computer.

The name sounds familiar doesn’t it? That is because the Gideon is also the name of Eobard Thawne’s computer (originally created by Allen himself) in The Flash. If you’ve watched both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, you’re obviously wondering that’s the deal here like me.

So, what is the deal? Are both Gideons the same? If yes, what on earth is it doing in Legends of Tomorrow? I have too many questions.

Here’s everything that we can figure out from what we have as of now.

What is the Gideon?

The Gideon is a type of futuristic AI or Artificial Intelligence that is onboard Waverider in Legends of Tomorrow. In The Flash, it is the name of the AI developed by Barry Allen in the future that Eobard Thawne used in Flash Season 1.

Everything About The Gideon in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow

The Gideon can, in present times be accessed by Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash through the Reverse Flash’s once secret time vault at the S.T.A.R Labs.

In the words of Gideon herself (since it is a female voice voiced by Morena Baccarin), she is “an interactive artificial consciousness.”

To manage or alter Gideon’s operating system, one needs access to the Reverse-Flash ring, the Time Vault or the mobile Gideon unit.

Who Created The Gideon?

In The Flash, the Gideon was originally created by Barry Allen in the in the future timeline. This was confirmed in Season 1 of  The Flash, but the sole purpose why Barry created her (or will create her in the future) has not been made clear.

The Flash 1x20 - Team Flash Talks To Gideon Opening Scene [HD]
Team Flash Talks To Gideon

Somehow, Eobard Thawne later came to use it in his own plans of travelling through time to fight Future Flash.

AI is seen to be loyal to both Barry and Eobard. In various times during Season 1, Reverse Flash or Thawne is seen to approach Gideon in secret to consult her and take her advice.

The Gideon’s knowledge of the future and the Speed Force is what makes her so important to both Barry and Eobard.

Why is The Gideon in Legends of Tomorrow?

There could be several theories to connect the two plotlines.

For starters, it maybe possible that in the future timeline that Waverider belongs to, Rip Hunter has received Gideon from someone related to or connected to Barry Allen.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow 2x13 Jax Meets Gideon in Human Form
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 2×13 Jax Meets Gideon in Human Form

The Gideon on the Waverider could also be a future version of the Gideon from the Flash. I mean, it is after all a machine. So just like we have iPhone 11 today, we could have iPhone 21 in the future. So, the basic system is the same but with an updated software.

So, I think the Gideon is in Legends of Tomorrow because the makers definitely wanted to establish some connection, which is why it is called the Gideon in this show as well. If Thawne could have gotten control of her in the future, there is no reason why it cannot happen again.

Is The Gideon from the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow The Same?

Most likely, yes. The Gideon from Legends of Tomorrow is probably just the updated version of Gideon from the future. She may not be voiced by Morena Baccarin, but this definitely got to be the same device or an updated version.

Everything About The Gideon in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow
Gideon in The Flash

It could also be possible that the Time Master is a descendant of Thawne himself. When the episode began, Hunter was in the year 2166 so it is not impossible for Thawne to be one of his ancestors.

What I am trying to say is, I don’t think the two devices in the two shows would be named the same if the makers did not have a connection in mind. It makes no sense otherwise.

If we go by the theory that Hunter received Gideon from someone associated to Allen himself or Eobard Thawne, that too explains its presence in Legends of Tomorrow. So in both ways, the two Gideons are the same.

One big reason why we are wondering whether the two Gideons are the same is because of the change in the voice. In The Flash, Gideon is voiced by Morena Baccarin while in Legends of Tomorrow, she is voiced by Amy Louise Pemberton.

Everything About The Gideon in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow
Gideon Human Form in Legends of Tomorrow

Keep in mind that Rip Hunter’s Gideon has a British accent unlike the American one in the case of Thawne’s Gideon.

The different accent could actually suggest that she can be programmed as per requirements, considering Rip Hunter is British. We have that sort of a thing with Alexa or Siri too, right? So, a change in voice is not enough to disregard to connection in my views.

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The sixth season of the American television series Legends of Tomorrow, which is based on characters from DC Comics, premiered on The CW on May 2, 2021 and consist of 15 episodes.

It is set in the Arrowverse, sharing continuity with the other television series of the universe, and is a spin-off of Arrow and The Flash.

The season was produced by Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television, and DC Entertainment, with Phil Klemmer and Keto Shimizu serving as showrunners.

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