The Office Christmas Episodes Ranked from Worst to Best!

If there’s one thing that can instantly put you into a good mood, it’s holiday-themed episodes! When it comes to The Office, the holiday season elevates the already comically dramatic setting of the show.

With the holiday season soon approaching as well as The Office’s Superfan episodes now out, you may want to indulge in some hot chocolate and nostalgia. If you’d like a guide about the order to rewatch these lovely Christmas episodes in, here’s the list.

Let’s get into all The Office Christmas episodes, ranked from worst to best!

7. Christmas Wishes | Season 8 Episode 10

The Office Christmas Episodes Ranked from Worst to Best!
Christmas Wishes

This Christmas episode ranks last on the list because Michael is missing from it. As the face of the show, his absence is deeply felt during the holidays despite Andy’s best efforts of cheering his employees up.

He dresses up as Santa and even fulfills his employees’ different wishes, like buying Dwight a plot on the moon and offering his designated driver services to Meredith.

Even Dwight and Jim give us no comedic relief as they’ve been instructed by desk-mate Cathy to put an end to their prank war. All in all, it’s not a jolly affair!

6. Secret Santa | Season 6 Episode 13

The Office Christmas Episodes Ranked from Worst to Best!
Secret Santa

There are facets of Michael’s humor that just get annoying and exhausting rather than entertaining. For me, it’s unbearable when he acts like more of a baby than he already is.

The Season 6 Christmas episode is one such instance where his tantrums go too far, especially with him dressing up as Santa and forcing people to sit on his lap. Even the jokes are borderline problematic.

The only saving grace is that David Wallace clarifies in the end that no one will be losing their job. The tension of downsizing was bothering both the characters and the audience, and so this was a gift well needed.

5. Moroccan Christmas | Season 5 Episode 11

The Office Christmas Episodes Ranked from Worst to Best!
Moroccan Christmas

​​Moroccan Christmas is not your typical holiday episode at all! It’s quite heavy-handed, but kudos for its different approach.

We have the usual subplots of Jim pranking Dwight with a fake gift-wrapped desk, and Dwight trying to dupe parents desperate for last-minute gifts. But most of the focus is on Meredith who’s fallen even deeper into alcoholism.

Of course, Michael tries to remedy the situation by having an intervention and then tricking her into checking into rehab. Another thing that brings down the house of cards is Phyllis revealing that Angela is having an affair with Dwight.

Just a reminder that not all holidays are perfect!

4. A Benihana Christmas | Season 3 Episodes 10 & 11

The Office Christmas Episodes Ranked from Worst to Best!
A Benihana Christmas

This is quite a nice, low-stakes Christmas episode and so it sits comfortably in the middle of the list. To get over Carol, Michael takes Jim and Andy out for lunch and drinks at Benihana, and they end up bringing some girls back to the office as dates.

Apart from Michael’s hilarious overtures (be it marking his “date” so he doesn’t confuse her with the other girls or photoshopping his face on Carol’s holiday card), the episode also features Pam getting close to Karen, as well as her office rivalry with Angela.

If there’s ever an Office Christmas episode you want to randomly watch, this should be your go-to!

3. Classy Christmas | Season 7 Episodes 10 & 11

The Office Christmas Episodes Ranked from Worst to Best!
Classy Christmas

Classy Christmas starts out almost too perfectly. The office is already decorated, the gifts from corporate have arrived, no chaos, and no complaints. That’s when you realize it’s just the calm before the storm!

With Toby having to leave for jury duty, Holly is scheduled to return. This obviously sends Michael rabid as he is not over his feelings for her. He takes to organizing a “classy” Christmas party as a way of wooing Holly, who is disgruntled with her current boyfriend.

Throughout the episode, Holly and Michael get pep talks from their respective supporters, which in turn, makes the audience root for them. The classic formula of romance and Christmas never fails!

2. Dwight Christmas | Season 9 Episode 9

The Office Christmas Episodes Ranked from Worst to Best!
Dwight Christmas

Originally, I thought the lack of Michael, Ryan, and Kelly would make this episode the worst Christmas one. But the storyline is quite enjoyable, probably also amounting to the fact that this was the show’s last Christmas episode.

Dwight, obviously, is the star shining the brightest as he saves the day with his German-themed Christmas celebration (after Phyllis intentionally “forgets” to plan the party).

In the episode, Jim and Pam are simultaneously going through a rough patch over the former moving to Philly. But is truly heartwarming to see how happy both Pam and Dwight are when Jim returns for the party. To be honest, the bromance was palpable!

1. Christmas Party | Season 2 Episode 10

The Office Christmas Episodes Ranked from Worst to Best!
Christmas Party

I believe that the first of any themed episode is always the best, and The Office’s Christmas Party is no exception!

Christmas Party is the best Office Christmas episode because it sets up traditions fans will come to cherish through the years—be it the prank wars, overindulging in drinking, or taking the Christmas party way too seriously.

There’s a secret Santa organized and most of the interactions are heartfelt—like Jim preparing a thoughtful gift for Pam, and Kevin indulging in some self-care after unintentionally picking his own name.

Michael shakes up the tree by trying to gift Ryan an iPod that’s way over the $20 limit. As expected, he gets upset when he is gifted an oven mitten. Then, in true Michael fashion, he tries to jeopardize the whole gift-giving session until he gets what he wants!

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