Tarantino’s Final Film That Could Unite His Entire Cinematic Universe

Quentin Tarantino has recently finished scripting his tenth and final film titled The Movie Critic, which could potentially unify his movie universe. 

All of Tarantino’s movies are set in the same universe, and some of his films are fictional movies within that universe. 

Although there are some apparent connections within his movies, like the recurring presence of Big Kahuna Burger and Red Apple Cigarettes, the shared universe goes beyond just these easily identifiable Easter eggs and hints.

Tarantino has been stating that his tenth movie will be his final one since time immemorial. So, it seems that the time has finally arrived with the completion of Movie Critic’s filming.

This film features a female lead character in 1970s Los Angeles. 

Fans have speculated that the protagonist is based on Pauline Kael, a prominent film critic from that era. 

Considering the director’s tendency to draw inspiration from real people for his characters, it wouldn’t be surprising if the fans are right about Kael. 

Tarantino’s body of work can be categorized into two groups: films that belong to his central movie universe and those that belong to the movie-within-a-movie universe. 

These two groups collectively form Tarantino’s shared movie universe. The central movie universe comprises Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. 

In this universe, real-life and fictional characters intermingle, and according to Tarantino, they inhabit the “realer than real universe.”

Also, True Romance, written by Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott, is part of the central movie universe.

Tarantino's Final Film That Could Unite His Entire Cinematic Universe
Django Unchained

In Tarantino’s world, the movie-within-a-movie universe is a fascinating concept. 

It includes some of his best films, such as From Dusk Till Dawn, the Kill Bill series, Planet Terror, and Death Proof. 

Basically, these are fictional movies that exist within the central movie universe. Tarantino explains that they represent the kind of movies that his characters from Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction would go to see. 

Some people believe that Django Unchained is also part of this universe and that Rick Dalton portrays Calvin Candie, but Tarantino has not confirmed anything.

Although Tarantino has provided a clear explanation for the two universes in his films and confirmed that it is not just a fan theory, he has not directly addressed it in any of his movies. 

However, The Movie Critic has successfully incorporated this concept without any issues. 

Typically, Tarantino’s shared universe includes movies that feature real-life individuals within the central movie universe. 

This means that The Movie Critic, assuming that its main character is Pauline Kael, is likely to be a part of this group of films as well. 

It would be incredible if Kael could review a Tarantino movie within the movie-within-a-movie universe in Tarantino’s upcoming 10th movie, providing a seamless connection to the entire universe. Sounds confusing? Same here!

Kill Bill takes place in present times since it includes modern technologies such as cell phones and modern vehicles. 

Therefore, it’s improbable that the movie will be referenced in a film based on the 70s era. 

However, since Planet Terror and Death Proof are inspired by 70s exploitation films, Kael might consider them for evaluation. 

The movie might also provide an answer to the question of whether Rick Dalton stars in Django Unchained. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is set in 1969, and The Movie Critic follows a few years later, making it possible for Kael and Dalton to meet. 

The Movie Critic could even function as a continuation of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood! Talk about ending careers on a high.

About The Movie Critic

The story is set in late 1970s Los Angeles with a female lead at its center. It is possible the story focuses on influential film critic Pauline Kael.

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