Channing Tatum Tries to Rescue Sandra Bullock in Romcom The Lost City

The Lost City’s official trailer is finally here! Sandra Bullock as an introvert, reclusive author, Channing Tatum as a passionate cover model, and Daniel Radcliffe as a kidnapper—who in their right minds wouldn’t want to watch that?

On December 17, Paramount released the trailer of their “cutthroat jungle romance” movie, The Lost City.

The trailer sets the premise of Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock), a famous novelist and the creator of the book, The Lost City of D. The author is clearly struggling to get her next project right, especially when her agent is after her, trying to convince her to join her book tour.

Living alone, Loretta chooses to sit in a bathtub drinking wine rather than go on a book tour. When she finally agrees, the ever-passionate cover model, Alan (Channing Tatum), makes her regret it.

Channing Tatum Tries to Rescue Sandra Bullock in Romcom The Lost City
The Lost City of D

Alan plays the live-action version of Dash, a character in Loretta’s adventure series. Clearly, she despises him. But not for long as Alan is her only savior when Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe) kidnaps her.

Turns out that The Lost City of D is a reality, and greedy, malicious Fairfax is after the treasure. What ensues is Bullock and Tatum’s hilarious chemistry as they try to flee from the kidnapper but find themselves deep into the jungle.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt’s character also shows his impeccable skills and vies for Loretta’s attention.

THE LOST CITY Trailer (2022)

The ensemble seems excellent, and the acting, impeccable. With fun PG18 jokes sprinkled around, the audience is all hyped up.

Pitt is known to have done very few comedic roles, which makes The Lost City a must for loyal fans who want to see him in a new avatar. On the other hand, Bullock and Tatum make any comedic or even dramatic roles turn out iconic.

As for Daniel Radcliffe, the actor shed his Harry Potter persona behind in 2019’s Guns Akimbo, but it never fails to amaze the audience to watch him in serious, mature roles.

Catch the jungle romcom The Lost City in theaters on April 15, 2022.

About The Lost City

The Lost City (previously titled The Lost City of D) is an upcoming romance-comedy film directed by Aaron and Adam Nee, with a screenplay by Seth Gordon and Dana Fox.

It stars Sandra Bullock as a reclusive novelist and Channing Tatum as her novel’s cover model. On a book tour, the duo get caught in a kidnapping attempt, resulting in a cutthroat jungle adventure. The supporting cast includes Daniel Radcliffe, Patti Harrison, Oscar Nunez, Da’Vine Joy Randolph and Brad Pitt.

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