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‘The Great Cleric’ Novel and Manga Series Inspire Anime

The Great Cleric is yet another isekai tale about a salaryman who cheats death. Instead of any special power-ups, Luciel survives in this new world of monsters and magic with his sharp business skills.

Broccoli Lion’s popular isekai manga is as fun, strange, and adventurous as a story can get. Although it has all the elements to be entertaining, one can get a wholesome experience only through anime.

Good for us, ‘The Great Cleric’ novel and manga series has just revealed its plans for a TV anime adaption with a cute illustration.

'The Great Cleric' Novel and Manga Series Inspire Anime
Hiiro Akikaze’s Illustration | Source: Official Website

The first illustration features the main character Luciel and is drawn by the manga’s illustrator, Hiiro Akikaze. The visual confirms the TV anime adaptation with Hiiro’s signature on it.

While the novel is a great read, all credit for the manga’s popularity goes solely to Akikaze. The illustrator has paid great attention to the details and the characters to make the manga a huge success.

Furthermore, the series’ original character designer, sime, has also drawn an illustration to commemorate the event. It features Luciel with Brod and Nanaela.

'The Great Cleric' Novel and Manga Series Inspire Anime
Sime’s Illustration | Source: GC Novel

If you’re in love with the series, then it’s because of Broccoli Lion, but if you’re in love with the characters, then it’s because of sime. The designer has put in loads of effort to make these characters exactly like Broccoli’s vision.

To have the characters fit in with the plot and make them look the part is a tough job, and sime did it flawlessly. Fans of the series have nothing but love and adoration for the writer and illustrator of the manga.

The plot is nothing out of the ordinary, considering it’s an isekai. Luciel uses the knowledge he gained from his past life to survive the mystical world of Galdardia.

He takes on the role of a healer to lead a peaceful life away from life-shortening entities and aims to die of old age instead of a tragedy. To be honest, he’s probably the most logical protagonist ever, and I’d love to see him in an anime.

About The Great Cleric

The Great Cleric is an isekai light novel series written by Broccoli Lion. It began publishing October 2015 and later received a manga adaptation by Hiiro Akikaze in June 2017. An anime television series adaptation has been announced.

The story follows a salaryman who gets reincarnated in the world of Galdardia as a healer. He names himself Luciel and begin a journey in this land of magic and monsters by using the knowledge and business skills he gained in his previous life.

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