The Flash Best Episodes of All Time — Top 10 Ranked!

“My name is Barry Allen and I’m the fastest man alive” — Every ardent Flash fan has heard this line several times through the course of the show. Very soon, you might hear this line for the last time, as The Flash will be coming to an end with season 9 this February.

The Scarlet Speedster has been on our screen for almost eight years now, during which he has won us over with his thrilling, emotionally-charged stories. Let’s relive the magic and nostalgia of The Flash by diving in some of its very best episodes that won fans over in an instant!

Without further ado, here are the top 10 episodes from The Flash:

10. Pilot | Season 1 Ep 1

The Flash’s very first episode is one of its best because it successfully establishes Barry Allen’s story and invites fans to dive into an immersive show spanning over 9 seasons. S1 Ep 1 is the perfect debut episode! 

Any show that hopes to last long has to have a strong pilot — just like The Flash’s, which instantly made us love and root for the characters. Even til; date, the show keeps referencing elements from the Pilot like Grodd, the future newspaper, etc.

9. What’s Past Is Prologue | Season 5 Ep 8

The Flash Best Episodes of All Time — Top 10 Ranked!
The Flash

What’s Past is Prologue is one of The Flash’s best episodes because it involves Barry and Nora travelling back in time to ultimately face off with Cicado. This episode also serves as the show’s 100th episode and included a lot of Easter eggs for fans.

Like a lot of high-stakes Flash episodes, this episode was super exciting — especially the battle with Cicada. Plus, any episode that is nostalgic and gives us a chance to go down The Flash’s memory lane is always a winner!

8. Flash Vs Arrow | Season 1 Ep 8

Flash Vs Arrow is the show’s as well as the Arrowverse’s first official crossover, easily making it one of the top 10 Flash episodes. Here, both the superheroes team up to fight off Roy G Bivolo who can control people’s emotions.

With a villain with such manipulative powers, this episode was quite emotionally charged — especially as fans witness Oliver and Barry bonding for the first time, and the former having to ensure that Flash doesn’t fall into the villain’s trap. This first crossover episode was definitely rewarding to fans!

7. Infantino Street | Season 3 Ep 22

Infantino Street is one of The Flash’s best episodes because it portrays how Barry makes one last attempt to save Iris’ life, after having premonition of Savitar killing her. 

Like the arc about his mother’s death, saving Iris is also an arc that is filled with a lot of emotional burden and irrational challenges. We also see Barry alligning with Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, in order to save Iris. Plus, we also have the ARGUS heist as a compelling subplot!

6. Elseworlds, Part 1 | Season 5 Ep 9

The Flash Best Episodes of All Time — Top 10 Ranked!
The Flash

Elseworlds, Part 1 brings in Superman, Supergirl and Batwoman, elevating the Barry-Oliver crossover to the next level. It also depicts how Oliver and Barry swap superhero personas which makes for an interesting storyline.

I absolutely love stories that are out of the box and this was definitely one of them! Seeing Oliver and Barry swapping personas, costumes and powers, with Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell doing such a fantastic job, was pure delight! The cherry on top was seeing Clark, Kara and Kate teaming up as well!

5. Welcome To Earth-2 | Season 2 Episode 13 Gave The Fans A First Taste Of The Multiverse (9.2)

Welcome to Earth-2 introduced the Arrowverse fans to the concept of the multiverse for the very first time, making this one of The Flash’s best episodes. In this episode, the Flash team travels to Earth-2 to save Jessie from Zoom.

Seeing the characters react to the multiverse as well as different versions of the people they already know was quite a trip! Let’s also remember that when this episode came out, the multiverse was not a popular concept in the superhero universe — so it was really avant-garde.

4. Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 3 | Season 6 Ep 9

The Flash Best Episodes of All Time — Top 10 Ranked!
The Flash

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 3 is the largest crossover that Barry Allen and Team Flash are part of. Since this is one of the most popular episodes of the Arrowverse, it also earns a spot in The Flash’s top 10 list.

This crossover is quite literally the biggest event of the franchise, as all of the Arrowverse superheroes team up to beat Anti-monitor. In the end, the entire universe also gets a “reset” due to the events of the crossover.

3. Fast Enough | Season 1 Ep 12

As The Flash’s first-ever season finale, Fast Enough is one of its best episodes as it closes off the chapter of Barry’s mom’s death and his showdown with Reverse-Flash — his biggest nemesis.

This episode is all about outsmarting the mysterious Reverse-Flash who has always been one step ahead of Barry. At this juncture, Barry is still a novice at being a superhero and quite emotionally overloaded as this concerns his mother’s death — all which can lead to reckless, anxiety driven decisions.

For fans this is a truly exhilarating episode which introduced them to a key Flash villain who will keep causing menace throughout the series.

2. Enter Zoom | Season 2 Ep 6

The Flash Best Episodes of All Time — Top 10 Ranked!
The Flash

Enter Zoom is one of The Flash’s best episodes because it highlights how Barry is out of his wits while trying to defeat Zoom. This gives the superhero a new depth, as he has to find a way to overcome his weaknesses.

None of us like seeing our superheroes fail. So when Barry’s plan of using Dr Light to bait in Zoom doesn’t work, it leaves fans very anxious about what’s going to happen next. Worse yet, Barry sustains some significant injuries, driving fans to root for his comeback victory even more.

1. Out Of Time | Season 1 Episode 15

Out of Time is the best Flash episode as it introduces the Flash team in their first major-scale fight against a villain. It also has several emotional beats including Barry and Iris defining their relationship. This episode has the highest audience rating on IMDb.

As you may have noticed, most of the episodes on this list are from S1, because this season stuck with fans deeply. Out of Time is that perfect blend of action, drama, humor and romance, making it the best Flash episode of all time.

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About The Flash (The CW)

The Flash is an American superhero television series developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns. It is a spin-off from Arrow, existing in the same fictional universe known as Arrowverse.

Cast members include Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Rick Cosnett, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Keiynan Lonsdale among many others.

The series follows Barry Allen, a forensic investigator in Central City, who is hit by lightning on the night of the inauguration of the particle accelerator. Months later, he wakes up from a coma and discovers he has super-speed. He becomes The Flash and fights crime in Central City.

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