The Flash Finale Review: A Sweet Farewell to Grant Gustin and Cast

The Flash has come to an end. One of The CW’s most popular shows, the superhero drama starring Grant Gustin, enjoyed a nine-season run from 2014. Its finale was released on May 24, 2023.

For the uninitiated, The Flash is based on the Barry Allen incarnation of the DC Comics character, the Flash, a vigilante with the power to move at superhuman speeds. Utilizing his powers for good, Barry fights criminals and others with superhuman abilities, keeping the general population safe.

For those well aware of The Flash, let us get right into the topic: the review of the much-awaited finale of the decade-long series!

The final season of The Flash can be characterized by a strong start, some lows, and a befitting finale. Despite stumbling midway, the last episode is a sweet tribute to the cast and audiences alike.

1. The Flash Finale Had Wonderful Performances

The Flash Finale Review: A Sweet Farewell to Grant Gustin and Cast
A scene from The Flash

Despite being under the weight of huge expectations, the actors of The Flash proved their talent and ability through their sincere work until the very end.

The show’s finale had the task of wrapping up the established series, doing justice to a long-awaited villain, and honoring the characters. A job almost impossible in itself. However, Grant Gustin and the rest of the crew took up the challenge and fulfilled it.

2. The Flash Finale Has Just The Perfect Number of Main Characters

The Flash Finale Review: A Sweet Farewell to Grant Gustin and Cast
Arrow and Flash in The Flash

The final season of The Flash faced troubles due to its reliance on interludes rather than a combined arc. However, the finale wisely only stars the main characters besides Cisco Ramon.

“A New World, Part Four” begins with Barry’s voiceover introducing the team’s greatest battle ever. However, the characters are restricted to the show’s protagonists, giving the audience exactly what they want without a mess of too many characters.

However, Carlos Valdes’ absence as Cisco Ramon is significantly felt throughout the finale. Nonetheless, Eddie Thawne’s return and Iris West-Allen and Joe West’s bond give us flashbacks of the good old days. They leave their emotional impacts on the audience.

The finale also has necessary and appreciated appearances from guest stars like Jay Garrick and more. 

3. The Large Supporting Cast is a Looming Shadow on The Flash Finale

The Flash Finale Review: A Sweet Farewell to Grant Gustin and Cast
Another scene from The Flash

Several supporting characters in The Flash have never been able to justify their prolonged presence in the series. Their presence and part in the storyline fail to bring out enthusiasm.

The Flash has a large crew of supporting characters, and as a result, most of their storylines are severely underdeveloped. Thus, in many cases, we don’t really understand why they are required for the show.

Though Chester and Allegra have a long, slow-burn romance story (that spans seasons), their romantic bliss in the finale does not induce a rooting for them in us. 

Similarly, despite the wonderful and engaging CG elements, a showdown between Eddie and characters like Mark Blaine leaves us mostly indifferent to it.

4. The Flash Finale Brings the Series Full Circle

The Flash Finale Review: A Sweet Farewell to Grant Gustin and Cast
Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen in The Flash

The Flash has always given importance to relationships and character dynamics. However, the series started to drift away from the root concept somewhere through the nine-season show. However, the finale reconnects it to its idea of family and love. 

As usual, iris-West Allen only gets a little opportunity to shine. However, her character takes center stage during the hospital scenes. Patton and Gustin showcase their chemistry well, and we are reminded that all Barry does is for his family.

The pregnancy and impending birth of Nora West-Allen give us a much-needed respite from the battles and chaos surrounding Barry. The scenes emphasize the character dynamics, and we are again reminded of the show’s roots.

5. The Flash Finale Gives More Clarity to Cecile and Khione

The Flash Finale Review: A Sweet Farewell to Grant Gustin and Cast
Cecile Horton and Iris West-Allen in The Flash

The Flash has not utilized Danielle Nicolet and Danielle Panabaker’s characters of Cecile Horton and Khione properly. However, the series’ finale gives a satisfying conclusion to their stories.

When Cecile was inducted as the newest team member, it was difficult to understand why. However, her relationship with Joe is finally highlighted in the finale and gives us the needed explanation. 

Similarly, Khione also receives the storyline arc her character deserves.

6. The Flash Finale Overall Review

All in all, though The Flash finale does not par with the beginning of The Flash series, it nonetheless does justice to the show. Making do with all in their reach, the creators provide a heartfelt and sweet farewell to Barry and the team. It reminds us why The Flash was once THEshow.

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7. About The Flash (The CW)

The Flash is an American superhero television series developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns. It is a spin-off from Arrow, existing in the same fictional universe known as Arrowverse.

Cast members include Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Rick Cosnett, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Keiynan Lonsdale among many others.

The series follows Barry Allen, a forensic investigator in Central City, who is hit by lightning on the night of the inauguration of the particle accelerator. Months later, he wakes up from a coma and discovers he has super-speed. He becomes The Flash and fights crime in Central City.

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