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‘Hikari no Ō’ TV Anime Prepares for a Mid-January Debut

Imagine Avatar, but Fire Lord Ozai is the people’s savior instead of the big bad villain and put the whole thing in a post-apocalyptic setting. That’s exactly the main plot point of the upcoming anime, ‘Hikari no Ō,’ but with more twists and turns.

While that’s the story’s premise, the main characters are two kids: an 11-year-old village girl Toko and a 15-year-old capital-born boy Koshi. These two who live in different worlds weren’t supposed to cross paths, and their encounter will change the fate of the world.

As if the mysterious plot wasn’t enough to make us curious, the official Twitter handle for ‘Hikari no Ō’ (The Firecatcher Lord) has revealed a full-length promo video for the anime.

The trailer also confirms the anime’s debut on January 14, 2022. WOWOW, a premium subscription channel, will air the first episode for free in Japan.


1st PV Unveiled

A lot of the main footage was added

Ming Raku (#Maaya Sakamoto) and Kira (#Saori Hayami) also appear for the first time

Music #Music recorded by Kenji Kawai

2023/1/14 (Sat) 10:30 pm

#Fire Hunting King #Rieko Hinata #Akihiro Yamada #Junji Nishimura #Mamoru Oshii #Misaki Kuno #Shoya Ishige #Yoshimasa Hosoya #WOWOW

English Translation, Twitter Translate

As mentioned earlier, the plot follows two mysteries: the Firecatcher Lord and Toko and Koshi. To understand these, you’ll need a history lesson first.

The story is set after humanity’s chaotic apocalyptic war, the Last War. In the tragic aftermath, the world is enveloped in a great forest where flameling creatures and other fallen beats reside.

As for humans, they live in small protected communities in between the forest-covered Earth. Due to a weapon used in the war, humanity got infected by a pathogen that caused them to burst into flames in the presence of natural fire.

'Hikari no Ō' TV Anime Prepares for a Mid-January Debut
Toko | Source: Twitter

The only safe source of energy for humankind is the flamelings, and sickle-wielding hunters called firecatchers are responsible for hunting down the beasts. These firecatchers pass on the tale of a ‘Firecatcher Lord’ who can wield the fire of the 1000-year comet, the “Wandering Spark.”

Coming to the main story, Toko and Koshi are two individuals living in polar opposite worlds and never meant to encounter each other. However, fate has different plans and brings them together, knowing they will change the world’s destiny.

'Hikari no Ō' TV Anime Prepares for a Mid-January Debut
Koshi | Source: Twitter

Such a chilling mystery is bound to make anyone curious about it, and the promos will only make our curiosity grow like wildfire.

The story looks like a promising tale based on survival, fate, and loads of adventure, and I can’t wait for the premiere.

About The Firecatcher Lord

The Firecatcher Lord or Hikari no Ou is a novel series by Rieko Hinata. The series first debuted in 2018 and will receive an anime in 2023.

The series takes place in a world that has seen the “Last War.” Humans have gone through biological changes because of it, and coming close to even the tiniest fires can cause them to combust.

In this world, Tokuo and Koushi are separate individuals from different places whose lives will be followed.

Source: Official Twitter

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