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The Division 2 Just like The Division 1, is a great looter shooter. This Ubisoft game has great game mechanics. With excellent mission design and fluid online gameplay. The open world Washington DC in The Division 2 feels downright eerie. Thankfully has lots of light to illuminate the little details like the detritus left behind by the breakdown of society strewn over iconic monuments.

The gameplay of The Division 2 is fluid. It has a host of options on how you want your character to be controlled and your UI to appear. Like the ability to enable parkour mode which adds a literal spring in your agent’s step. This dramatically changes how you approach gun battles. Guns feel great and enemies die with satisfying explosions or graphics. The mission design is worth a mention. Each engagement is long and challenging, with missions averaging around 30 minutes. Heavies swamp you and try to flank you constantly. The soundtrack keeps you on your toes by adding that much more drama.

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Speaking of sound design in The Division 2 , the experience is par excellence. I played The Division 2 with the PS Headphones. On 2 channel stereo and on a 5.1 Dolby setup with a 130’ projector. I found the sound design is consistent and this makes the game much more immersive. Changes in the sound direction as enemies flank you. wind and distant gunfire feel incredibly real. It’s impossible to draw yourself out of the game.

As a looter-shooter, Ubisoft seems to have adopted a more crowd-pleasing approach. The Division 2 giving you excess loot that crafting and inventory management is literally an ordeal. Expect to spend 10-30 mins before or after each session to ‘re-jig’ your rig. Personally, I’ve found it more fun to do it Borderlands style and keep changing things up!

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It switches to a Destiny style grinder after the main story missions.
It’s almost two games in one and excellent value for money. I highly recommend this game, if you have friends to play with. It’s almost two games in one and excellent value for money. I highly recommend this game, if you have friends to play with.

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