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The Detective Is Already Dead: Hit Mystery Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

It’s official! Mystery and romantic comedy manga Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru is receiving an anime adaptation. A lot of news awaits the fans of this enthralling manga!

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With the beginning of 2021, we are seeing many anime adaptations coming to light. Hit-or-miss, guess we will have to wait for that.

The official website for the upcoming television anime The Detective Is Already Dead (Tantei wa Mō, Shindeiru.) announced the main cast and staff on Wednesday.

To celebrate the news, the manga’s artists Umibozu, Mugiko, Poni and Moyashi Ime drew illustrations for the upcoming anime.

The key visual features Nagisa Natsunagi, one of the main protagonists of the upcoming anime. The second visual will be revealed on February 20.

Additionally, images of character designs were released.

The staff and cast of the anime include:

PositionStaffOther works
Studio ENGIPsycho-Pass
DirectorManabu KuriharaUzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!
Character designYōsuke ItōHensuki
CharacterCastOther works
Kimihiko KimizukaShin NagaiDaisen Kokoriki (Nanbaka )
 Nagisa NatsunagiAyana TaketatsuYuzu Aihara (Citrus)
ccKanon TakaoChisa Shiraishi (Idoly Pride) 
KoumoriYoshitsugu MatsuokaSpearman (Goblin Slayer )
ChameleonTakehito KoyasuEdgar (Dead Girls )

The story centers around Kimihiko Kimizuka, a young man who, four years ago, became the assistant of a mysterious detective known as “Siesta”. They went around solving mysteries and combating a secret organisation together.

All that comes to an end when Siesta dies. Left alone, Kimihiko tries his best to reintegrate himself back into normal life.

The first volume of the light novel series was released in November 2019 under Kadokawa’s MF Bunko J imprint. It won the 15th MF Bunko J newcomer award the same year.

English versions of the manga are currently under development by Yen Press under the title, The Detective is Already Dead. Yen Press announced on January 16 that English versions of the novels will be published in June.

Let’s see if the anime will meet the readers’ expectations! Stay tuned for more new updates.

About Tantei wa Mō, Shindeiru

Written by Nigojū and Umibōzu’s The Detective Is Already Dead (Tantei wa Mō, Shindeiru), the novel follows Kimihiko Kimizuka, a third-year high school student and former assistant of a detective named Siesta.

He made Siesta’s acquaintance three years ago, 10,000 meters above the ground in a hijacked plane. The two went on one death-defying adventure after another for three years that eventually ended with Siesta’s untimely death.

In the present day, Kimihiko tries his best to reintegrate himself back into a normal life.

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