The Deer King’s New PV Captures Beautiful Relationship Amidst A Pandemic

Masashi Ando’s The Deer King is just around the corner. Like the previous films he has worked on, this too combines medieval Japan with mystical themes.

Although the main driving force of the story is a dreadful pandemic, it focuses on the foster parent-child relationship between the two main characters as they travel together in these harsh times. The new PV gives us a glimpse into their sweet relationship.

The official website for The Deer King movie has released a new promotional video featuring the main theme “One Reason” by milet. The film will come out in Japanese theaters on September 9, 2021.

映画『鹿の王 ユナと約束の旅』主題歌:milet「One Reason」コラボPV【9月10日(金)公開】
Movie “Shika no Ou Yuna and the Promised Journey” Theme Song: milet “One Reason” Collaboration PV [Released on September 10th (Friday)]

The video starts with a shot of a mystical tree where some mountain dogs are sleeping as Van explains the meaning of the film’s title, The Deer King. Then we get to see several beautiful and mysterious moments between Van and Yuna during their journey to find the deer hot spring.

The main character Van is a former slave who escapes a salt mine with a small girl named Yuna after they survive a mysterious attack from many mountain dogs.

The Deer King’s New PV Captures Beautiful Relationship Amidst A Pandemic
Van | Source: Crunchyroll

These dogs are carriers of a deadly disease that brings about a pandemic. Somehow the duo survives and journeys across the countryside to seek a peaceful lifestyle as the world around them wages war.

The story has already made its debut at this year’s Annecy International Film Festival and is currently making its rounds at the Fantasia International Film Festival. As expected, the reception is pretty great.

With the theatrical release only a month away and the English Dub coming early next year, it is only a matter of time before the world catches on with this potential big hitter. 

About The Deer King

The Deer King anime film is adapted from the fantasy novel by the same name, written by Naoko Uehashi. Kadokawa originally published the series in two volumes in 2014 and then republished it in four reprinted volumes in 2017.

An anime film adaptation by Production I.G is scheduled to premiere on September 10, 2021.

Van, a lone survivor of a warrior faction, is enslaved at a salt mine. He manages to escape with a girl Yuna, while the place is under attack by dogs and disease. Dr. Hossal tries his best to cure the disease and other such stories of people and portrayed in an interconnected manner.

Source: The Deer King Official Website

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