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Cute New Visual Confirms 2023 Debut of ‘The Dangers in My Heart’

Everyone has a dark side inside their minds. Ever feel like stabbing that annoying person? You’re not alone, friend. Upcoming anime, ‘The Dangers in My Heart’ will deal with a protagonist who takes these dark urges a bit too seriously.

Oh, to be a schoolkid and think even your smallest quirks are special. Kyotaro thinks he is a psychopath because of his cruel imagination, and I hope he never realizes that adults are 100 times worse.

The Dangers in My Heart manga has just been greenlit for an anime adaptation by Avex. The confirmed release date has not been announced yet, but the series will debut in 2023.

A new teaser illustration has also been revealed for the anime:

Cute New Visual Confirms 2023 Debut of ‘The Dangers in My Heart’
The Dangers in My Heart Visual | Source: Official Website

The visual shows Kyotaro’s crush, Anna. She is a popular girl in class, unlike Kyotaro, who is at the bottom of the chain. Anna is a glutton, which is clearly shown in the visual.

Cute New Visual Confirms 2023 Debut of ‘The Dangers in My Heart’
The Dangers in My Heart Illustration | Source: Official Website

Norio Sakurai, the series’ mangaka, has also uploaded a new illustration that shows Anna, Kyotaro, and their classmates.

Kyotaro might think he stands out, but Anna is a step above in weirdness. On top of being clumsy, she can often not pick up the atmosphere. Will these two make an unlikely pair? The popular girl and outcast boy is a famous trope after all.

The protagonist’s peaceful days of dreaming about violent events will come to an end soon as he slowly starts befriending Anna.

About The Dangers in My Heart

The Dangers in My Heart manga by Norio Sakurai was launched in March 2018. It is licensed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment.

The manga focuses on Kyotaro, a school kid who thinks he is messed up because he often thinks violently about his classmates. Just as he plans how to stab the class’ popular girl, she notices him.

Anna, the girl in question, is pretty weird herself, and Kyotaro gets to know her odd nature as they get closer.

Source: Official Website

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