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The Case Study of Vanitas Anime PV Introduces New Theme Songs for Part 2

The fearsome and anticipated Beast of Gevaudan arc is right around the corner, and The Case Study of Vanitas fans can’t wait any longer for the premiere.

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Some of us are curious about the beast, while others are curious about the rumored ‘hidden vampires,’ and the excitement for the upcoming part 2 is off the charts. I mean, why wouldn’t we be?

The arc takes one of France’s most horrific legends from the 1700s and makes it the main plotline of a dark fantasy anime. I can’t wait to see what the show has in store for us, and the PVs and teasers sure ain’t making it easy for us.

The Case Study of Vanitas has revealed a new PV for the anime’s second cour scheduled to release on January 14, 2022. 

TV Anime “The Case Study of Vanitas” 2 Cool Book PV | Broadcast started on January 14, 2022

The PV takes us to a snowy forest where the Beast of Gevaudan was recently sighted. Vanitas, Noe, and Dante embark on this dangerous quest, with Vanitas promising to cure the beast.

But as things went on, our vampire doctor realized that this mission was more complicated than he thought. Since Vanitas is no quitter, he will somehow defeat the beast, but I worry about what it will take to accomplish that.

The anime’s first part’s ending theme recently broke records and climbed charts.

We all know how essential songs are for an anime, and so the PV also previews part 2’s new opening and ending themes, and I think these will continue the legacy of the previous ones.


Theme song decided


OP #LittleGlee Monster “Your Name”

ED #Mononcle “salvation”

This PV uses OP and ED themes

Please take a look


▼ Click here for details



Twitter Translation, English Translate

The opening theme song is called ‘Your Name’ by Little Glee Monster, and the ending theme song is called ‘salvation’ by MONONKUL.

Moreover, the franchise also revealed two new cast members for two crucial characters of the arc, and we have them right here:

CharacterCastOther Works
ChloeRie KugimiyaHappy (Fairy Tail)
Jean-JacquesDaiki HamanoMatheus Johann Weiss (Saga of Tanya the Evil)
The Case Study of Vanitas Anime PV Introduces New Theme Songs for Part 2
The Case Study of Vanitas | Source: Crunchyroll

The teaser just made me even more thrilled for the upcoming cour, and I can barely wait for it anymore.

Who is the hidden vampire? Are they the beast itself? Or someone else? So many questions and no way to find them out unless you read the manga.

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About The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas manga is created by Jun Mochizuka. It started serialization in the Monthly Gangan Joker magazine in December 2015. It is receiving an anime adaptation in July 2021.

Noe, a young vampire, is in search of a cursed book called The Book of Vanitas. However, on his flight to Paris, he comes face to face with Vanitas and realizes that he is a self-proclaimed vampire doctor.

Somehow Noe ends up as Vanitas’ partner to heal vampires who are going feral under an evil influence.

Source: The Case Study of Vanitas Anime Official Website

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