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The Case Study of Vanitas Confirms January 2022 Release of Cour 2

The Case Study of Vanitas has finally confirmed the release date of its second cour, and I can’t wait to see further development in Vanitas and Jeanne’s relationship.

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After the Catacombes arc was completely adapted by episode 13, the second cour will begin adapting the Beast of Gevaudan arc.

Although new troubles will arise, Vanitas will find himself split between solving problems and mending his relationship with  Jeanne.

The second cour of the Case Study of Vanitas anime will be released on January 14, 2022. Both Funimation and Hulu streamed the series when it was aired, so we can expect the second cour to be streamed as well.

📘⚙️ ____ TV animation “# Vanitas’s Note” 2nd cour first broadcast date decided _____⚙️📘 From January 14th at TOKYO MX, and others Broadcast starts every Friday at 24:00 ⚡️ Looking back on the first course on January 7th of the previous week A special program just before the second cour broadcast is also decided 📺 ▼ Click here for details

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Funimation has dubbed the anime’s first part in English, so the second cour will eventually receive a dubbed version.

So far, the anime has been a perfect adaptation of the manga as the plot has remained unchanged. Although it is very rare for a superb art style to be replicated in the anime, The Case Study of Vanitas has delivered it perfectly.

The Case Study of Vanitas Confirms January 2022 Release of Cour 2
Noe | Source: Crunchyroll

In the upcoming part, Domi will face trouble as a phantom from her past will come back to haunt her. Can she save herself? Or will she begrudgingly ask for Vanitas’ help?

New trailers and visuals will soon be available for the upcoming episodes. The staff will reveal further details on December 10, 2021.

Both the voice actors of Vanitas and Noe will appear for a special broadcast in which they will talk about the anime.

All we have to do now is sit tight and anticipate the new misadventures of Vanitas, where he will drain Noe’s social energy.

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About The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas manga is created by Jun Mochizuka. It started serialization in the Monthly Gangan Joker magazine in December 2015. It is receiving an anime adaptation in July 2021.

Noe, a young vampire, is in search of a cursed book called The Book of Vanitas. However, on his flight to Paris, he comes face to face with Vanitas and realizes that he is a self-proclaimed vampire doctor.

Somehow Noe ends up as Vanitas’ partner to heal vampires who are going feral under an evil influence.

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