The Boys: What is Victoria Neuman’s real identity?

Victoria Neuman was introduced in The Boys S2 as a congresswoman who was against Vought and its megalomaniac superheroes. But towards the end of the season, we find out she is just as powerful as the Supes, with superhuman strength and the ability to make humans pop (and not in the fun way!)

Now that we have The Boys S3 premiere, it seems like Victoria is still hiding a lot more. 

In The Boys S3 Ep 1, new character Tony reveals that Victoria Neuman was earlier known as Nadia. She was an orphan supe who grew with Tony in the Red River orphanage and was later adopted by Edgar Stan.

So, why did Nadia change her name to Victoria? Is she really against Vought or is it all a farce? Here are all your questions answered:

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Why did Victoria kill Tony?

Since Victoria is Vought’s mole, she kills her childhood friend Tony (who may also be Supe) because he wanted to reveal the horrible experiments Vought did on kids.

Okay, let’s break this down!

The Boys: What is Victoria Neuman’s real identity?

Victoria keeps giving us one startling reveal after another. After being vehemently against Supes since her introduction, it was shocking to find out that she herself was a Supe with some pretty dangerous powers, who was going around killing people in S2.

This is why Hughie is being extra cautious when he comes across Tony looking for a person named “Nadia.” Upon following him, he realizes that Nadia actually happens to be Victoria, and even witnesses Tony and Victoria getting down and dirty.

Hughie is visibly horrified at what Victoria does, especially when what Tony requested was to make public the atrocities Vought has done to them. Going by Victoria’s response, she doesn’t want to do this.  

During his next investigation, Hughie uncovers that Tony and Victoria grew up together in an orphanage called Red River. This orphanage was specially meant for Supe children who were abandoned by their parents or/and were experimented on by Vought.

What’s even more shocking is that Victoria has been secretly adopted by Edgar Stan.

This explains why Victoria kills her childhood friend Tony instead of helping him. Along with Hughie, we too realize that the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs is nothing but a sham, aided by Victoria who is actually affiliated with Vought.

This is why she doesn’t want Tony leaking the Red River secrets out to the public.

The Boys: What is Victoria Neuman’s real identity?
The Boys

Now that we know she’s a Vought mole through and through, we need to find out what exactly her end-game is. Can’t wait for the rest of the episodes to reveal that! I have a feeling Victoria may still have a few secrets up her sleeve.

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