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Musical Comedy Manga, ‘The Blue Orchestra,’ Greenlit for Anime Adaptation

Ao no Orchestra or The Blue Orchestra is a manga that revels in the love of music. Still, it doesn’t stop at being a simple music-based series and portrays how its characters overcome their trauma through their love for playing.

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Aono, the protagonist, might seem like a moody brat at first, but slowly you will realize why he doesn’t want to play the violin anymore. In comes a moodier brat, Akine, who will raise a storm in Aono’s life and force him to face his trauma.

The manga has enjoyed fans’ love for quite a while now, and it was high time that it received the attention it deserves. The Blue Orchestra manga by Makoto Akui has been greenlit for an anime adaptation.

To commemorate the decision, Akui-sensei has posted a beautiful illustration where all the main characters can be seen surprised by the anime announcement:

Ao no Orchestra Animate! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!

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Just as the name suggests, The Blue Orchestra is about a band of musicians who will make an orchestra.

So instead of focusing on just one or two characters, you will get to see the musical journey of a whole team of youngsters who strive to make their melodies known to the entire world.

Musical Comedy Manga, ‘The Blue Orchestra,’ Greenlit for Anime Adaptation
The Blue Orchestra | Source: Crunchyroll

 Of course, the anime will come with a sprinkling of all the problems Aono and his friends will face both inside and outside school. Akine, for example, seems like a tough nut to crack, but she silently suffers at school due to bullying.

Will their love and passion for music get these teenagers through the hardships in life?

About Blue Orchestra

Blue Orchestra is a manga series by Makoto Akui. It started serialization on the MangaONE and Ura Sunday platforms starting April 2017.

The manga is about Aono, a boy who is a violin prodigy but quit playing due to personal reasons. He meets Akine, a feisty girl, in school who inspires him to take up playing again. In their journey, not only will they improve their performances, but also heal their trauma together.

Source: Makoto Akui Twitter Account

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