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Teppen—!!! Manga Based on a Comedian Trio Receives Anime for 2022

We’ve seen numerous anime from the comedy genre, but have you seen one based on aspiring comedians? Well, if not, then Teppen—!!! is here to give you a taste of it.

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Comedians are the only people who can make people laugh at a tragedy and make money out of it, and I consider that to be pretty brilliant.

Similarly, Teppen—!!! is a tale about three high schoolers passionate about becoming comedians and making people laugh with their skills and stories.

The manga became super popular among the readers, and now even anime watchers will enjoy it.

Namamugi and Inujun’s coming-of-age manga Teppen—!!! has revealed an anime adaptation for 2022 titled Teppen—!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 

The story’s concept is inspired by the Seiyū San-Shimai Team Y unit composed of Mikoi Sasaki, Aimi, and Ayasa Itō, who announced the show adaptation on their Twitter account.

“#Teppen !!!” will be animated! !! !!

Please spread & like! !! !!

Twitter Translation, English Translate

The announcement includes an adorable video of the three voice actresses excitedly revealing the anime production and the 2022 release date.

The cast for the three main characters is not yet announced, but it will most likely be played by Mikoi, Aimi, and Ayasa only.

It revolves around Yayoi Sakamoto, who gets admission into the private Kazuki High School in Nanba, a popular starting point for some of the most famous comedians.

Yayoi reunites with her childhood friend Yomogi Takahashi and reminisces about the comedic duo they used to have called ‘Konamonzu.’

Mikoi Sasaki Ayasa Ito Aimi

Three members of Team Y cooperate with the draft

“Toppen !!!”, which is being serialized in the monthly Bushiroad

Rainy day TV animation decision

Its name is “Top !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

15! What does that mean?

Scheduled to be broadcast in 2022

Wait for the follow-up news

Twitter Translation, English Translate

But wait, there’s another character in the story since I mentioned it’s a trio. While Yayoi and Yomogi revive the Konamonzu duo for a festival, they encounter a mysterious girl who asks for their assistance. 

Teppen—!!! Manga Based on a Comedian Trio Receives Anime for 2022
Teppen—!!! | Source: Crunchyroll

No matter what crisis the world is facing, humor is the coping mechanism most people use, and comedians are creative and witty enough to provide you with that content.

I think that this upcoming anime will be doing the same considering the rising Covid-19 crisis all over the world right now. I can’t wait to get another comfort anime this year!

About Teppen—!!!

Teppen—!!! is a coming-of-age manga written by Inujun and illustrated by Namamugi, and it began publishing in Monthly Bushiroad in January 2021. The manga is inspired by the voice actress unit Seiyū San-Shimai Team Y formed by Mikoi Sasaki, Aimi, and Ayasa Itō.

The story revolves around an aspiring comedian Yayoi Sakamoto who enrolls in Nanba’s Kazuki High School. Yayoi reunites with her childhood friend Yomogi Takahashi and the pair soon encounter a mysterious girl asking for their help.

Source: Seiyū San-Shimai Team Y Official Twitter

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