Ted Lasso Season 3 Finale: The 10 Questions We Need Answers To

The season 3 finale of Ted Lasso delivered a satisfying conclusion to the show’s character development, emotional themes, and narrative arc. However, the episode also left some unresolved questions for us. If you’re also wondering about certain things after watching the finale, you’re at the right place. 

Given the large ensemble cast of Ted Lasso, it was inevitable that some aspects of the story would remain ambiguous or open to interpretation. While the major plot points were resolved, such as the future of Ted Lasso, Rebecca, and Roy Kent among others, some of the subtler elements may require further clarification.

Before we deep dive into the emotional rollercoaster of a finale, let’s address the elephant in the room. Is this the end? The season 3 finale of Ted Lasso left us wondering whether there will be a season 4. However, from what we see in the episode, I don’t think it is happening. More on this later. 

But in case I am proven wrong, some of the unresolved questions from the episode could provide potential plotlines for future episodes set in Ted Lasso’s world. 

However, since Ted Lasso season 4 has not been confirmed yet, here are the remaining questions that season 3, episode 12 did not address and what they could imply for the show’s beloved characters.

1. Does Ted and Michelle Get Back Together?

Ted Lasso’s journey began with the painful divorce between him and his wife, Michelle. This drove him to escape to England, until he realized his mistake in Ted Lasso season 3 and came back to be with his son. 

Ted Lasso Season 3 Finale: The 10 Questions We Need Answers To

The show revealed that Michelle had fallen out of love with Ted, but some clues from Ted Lasso season 3 suggested that she might have changed her mind.

From her new boyfriend’s apparent lack of interest in her and Henry to her wistful glances at Ted, season 3 hinted that Michelle might have wished she never left Ted. However, Ted Lasso season 3, episode 12 left this question hanging, which might have been a smart move for the series. 

Ted Lasso has always excelled at portraying its themes with realism, especially love. By leaving this question unanswered, the show did not undermine the original premise of the story and kept the focus on Ted and Henry’s bond.

2. Is Rebecca Officially a Mother?

Rebecca’s quest for love was one of the main themes of Ted Lasso season 3. After leaving Rupert, breaking up with Sam, and exploring her fertility options, Ted Lasso season 3 ended with Rebecca finding her soulmate in her enigmatic Amsterdam fling. Matthijs. 

Although the two were clearly in love by the end of Ted Lasso season 3, episode 12, the season did not reveal whether Rebecca became a mother. However, since Matthijs has a daughter, Rebecca’s dream of having children seemed to come true in a different way.

3. Does Keeley End Up with Roy or Jaime?

The fate of Roy, Jamie, and Keeley in Ted Lasso season 3’s finale hinged on who Keeley would reunite with, something the show did not clearly answer. But in short, Keeley does not end up with anyone romantically. 

Ted Lasso Season 3 Finale: The 10 Questions We Need Answers To
Ted Lasso

After a short brawl over who deserved Keeley more, Roy and Jamie showed up at her door, asking her to decide. Keeley promptly kicked them out, which effectively answered the question: Keeley would not reunite with either Roy or Jamie.

Ted Lasso season 3 has given Keeley a story that did not depend on Roy or Jamie, making her rejection more fitting for her character. After being overshadowed by her partners in Ted Lasso seasons 1 and 2, season 3 gave Keeley a story of her own. 

The episode’s ending also teased her role in an A.F.C Richmond women’s team, meaning Keeley’s reunion with Roy or Jamie was not a question that mattered.

4. How Does Sam Play for the Nigerian National Team?

In the finale, Sam Obisanya ends up playing for the Nigerian national team, raising the question of how he overcame his earlier hurdles with Edwin Akufo. 

Ted Lasso Season 3 Finale: The 10 Questions We Need Answers To
Sam Obisanya

Earlier in the season, it was revealed that Akufo blocked Sam’s entry into Nigeria’s team by paying off the officials out of spite for Sam rejecting Akufo’s offer in Ted Lasso season 2. With Ted Lasso season 3’s finale showing Sam as part of the team, the question of how he bypassed Akufo’s bribes is left unanswered.

The truth is, Akufo has probably lost his clout in the football world. Ted Lasso season 3 saw Akufo trying to create a “Super League”, something Rebecca stopped by convincing other football club owners about their passion for the game. 

For context, the idea of the Super League is a much debated one in the real world of football as well. The concept is the brainchild of Florentino Perez, the president of the Spanish club, Real Madrid CF.

The idea has been met with widespread protests across Europe, although many (mostly fans and officials from other leagues) advocate for it mostly because of the financial difference between Premier League clubs and clubs from other domestic leagues. I won’t elaborate further and let the football fan in me rest to get back to our show. 

As a result, Akufo had a meltdown, throwing food at his guests. It is likely that this was leaked to the media, possibly leading to Akufo’s reputation and influence declining. Through this, and Sam’s activism for Nigeria earlier in the show, the Richmond player could have finally achieved his dream of playing for his country.

5. Why Ted Did Not Attend Coach Beard’s Wedding

One of the biggest mysteries after the finale of Ted Lasso season 3 is why Ted was absent from Coach Beard’s wedding. The show implied that Beard’s wedding was soon after Ted left for Kansas, which is probably why the latter did not show up. 

Beard and Jane have been known to be rather impulsive in their decisions, meaning a wedding a few days after Ted departed is not unlikely. With Ted adjusting back to the USA, he probably did not have time to attend Beard’s wedding despite the bond the two best friends have with each other.

6. Why Dr Sharon Returned to AFC Richmond

Ted Lasso season 3 concluded with Roy having a chat with Sharon Fieldstone, who came back to Richmond as the team’s mental health consultant. While not explaining why she came back, the answer can probably be inferred from the finale. 

Sharon was seen to be watching Richmond’s last game of the season, getting very invested in the result. This – along with her happy memories of working with the club in Ted Lasso season 2 – likely made her realize that returning was good for both her and the team.

7. What’s Next for Trent Crimm?

One of the major themes of Ted Lasso season 3 was Trent Crimm and his book about A.F.C Richmond. After completing the book as “The Lasso Way”, Trent was persuaded to publish it as “The Richmond Way” after Ted claimed the team’s success is not only his. 

Ted Lasso Season 3 Finale: The 10 Questions We Need Answers To
Trent Crimm

Now the question emerges over what will happen with Trent after finishing the book. A man of Trent’s skills could continue as a writer, possibly writing a sequel about Richmond’s European adventures. Likewise, he could work for Keeley’s PR firm given his expertise of the media and other similar scenarios.

8. Will Richmond Play the Champions League?

Regarding A.F.C Richmond, Ted Lasso’s season 3 finale hinted at what is ahead for the club. Throughout the episode, the UEFA Champions League was referenced. 

The Champions League is Europe’s most prestigious football tournament. There are a few ways in which a club can qualify for the UCL, but here’s the most common one. 

Ted Lasso Season 3 Finale: The 10 Questions We Need Answers To
Ted Lasso

To qualify for the UEFA Champions League, clubs must rank among the top four clubs in their respective domestic league. For instance, AFC Richmond definitely ranked in the top four in the English Premier League, so they qualified for the UCL. 

Therefore, we can assume that the challenge of European football is what awaits AFC Richmond next. Moreover, since they did not win the Premier League this season, they could definitely keep that as a priority in the next season. 

9. Will Ted Manage AFC Richmond Again?

Another unresolved question from Ted Lasso season 3 was whether Ted will ever come back to Richmond. The episode often showed Ted as firm in his choice, hardly ever thinking about changing his mind. 

Ted Lasso Season 3 Finale: The 10 Questions We Need Answers To

However, it could be possible that Ted comes back once Henry grows up. Managers returning to previous football teams is not rare, and Ted could come back in the future. 

This could be a few years later, as a way of not ruining Ted’s satisfying finale and giving the cast and crew of the show a break to work on other projects.

10. Will There Be Ted Lasso Season 4?

There is no official confirmation of Ted Lasso season 4 as of now. The show was originally planned to run for only three seasons, and the cast and creators have given conflicting answers about the possibility of more seasons or spinoffs. 

For instance, Jason Sudeikis, who plays Ted Lasso, has said that season 3 is the end of the story that they wanted to tell, but he also left the door open for more if there is enough demand and interest. Brett Goldstein, who plays Roy Kent and is also an executive producer and writer of the show, has said that they are writing season 3 as the final season, but he also teased some ideas for what a season 4 could look like. 

Bill Lawrence, another executive producer of the show, has said that the decision to continue the show is in the hands of Sudeikis and the producers. 

Some hints have also been dropped about potential spinoffs based on some of the characters, such as Keeley and Rebecca’s involvement in a women’s team at A.F.C Richmond. However, none of these have been confirmed yet either. So, for now, it seems that Ted Lasso season 4 is uncertain, but not impossible.

11. Will There Be Any Ted Lasso Spin-offs?

Regarding possible Ted Lasso spin-offs, one could be feasible after the finale of season 3. The last scene with Keeley and Rebecca saw them potentially setting up a women’s team at A.F.C Richmond. 

Ted Lasso Season 3 Finale: The 10 Questions We Need Answers To
Ted Lasso

With women’s football becoming more popular in the U.K, especially after the women’s national team won the UEFA European Championship in 2022, a spin-off focusing on a female team at Richmond is certainly plausible. This would allow the show to continue in the same spirit as Ted Lasso, only with a new, fresh cast, and a brand-new story that respects Ted Lasso’s finale.

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12. About Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso is an American sports-comedy streaming TV series developed by Bill Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis, Joe Kelly, and Brendan Hunt. It’s based on a character of the same name that Sudeikis first portrayed in a series of promos for NBC Sports’ coverage of the Premier League.

It follows the life of Ted Lasso, a coach of college-level American football who is unexpectedly recruited to coach an English Premier League team, AFC Richmond, despite having no experience at all in association football.

It stars Sudeikis as the titular character, Ted Lasso, joined by Hannah Waddingham, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster, Brett Goldstein, Brendan Hunt, Nick Mohammed, Juno Temple, and Sarah Niles among many others.

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