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Psychedelic Novel Series Tatami Galaxy And Sequel in English via HarperVia

The Tatami Galaxy was one of the most surreal animes that aired in early 2010 and it could send you on a psychedelic trip even today!  

From its outstanding art style to its mind-bending story, the series took on the scenario of “What if you could redo your past?” through an unnamed protagonist.

The anime was based on a 2004 novel by Tomihiko Morimi of the same name. Now, after 16 years, the series is back at it again! 

Book publisher HarperCollins’s imprint HarperVia is set to launch Tomihiko Morimi’s The Tatami Galaxy novel in English in Fall 2022. The release will be followed by its sequel novel Tatami Time Machine Blues in Summer 2023.

Psychedelic Novel Series Tatami Galaxy And Sequel in English via HarperVia
The Tatami Galaxy Visual | Source: Official Website

Additionally, both the novels will be translated to English from Japanese by the translator,  Emily Balistrieri. She is credited for translating  Morimi’s The Night is Young, Walk on Girl novel. 

In Japan, the sequel novel Tatami Time Machine Blues started shipping in July 2020, 16 years after the original series. 

However, unlike the original that explores the concept of different dimensions, the sequel has more emphasis on time travel.

The sequel is also set to explore groups of protagonists in contrast to the solo lead in the original novel. It is big news for the fans, who would love to revisit the series.

However, if you are a newcomer, there’s nothing to worry about because of the novel’s stand-alone story.

And now is a perfect time to catch up to the anime series if reading is not your strong suit! 

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About The Tatami Galaxy

The Tatami Galaxy is a 2004 Japanese campus novel written by Tomihiko Morimi and published by Ohta Publishing.\

The novel was adapted into an 11-episode anime television series by Madhouse directed by Masaaki Yuasa.

The story follows an unnamed third-year university student in Kyoto, and what he views as his wasted time in a particular club at his university.

He meets Ozu, another student, whose encouragement sets him on a mission of dubious morality. He contemplates his affection for a second year engineering student, Akashi. The culmination of his dubious missions often conflict with his interest in her in some way.

The story is one of a number that draw on the author’s experience in Kyoto University.

Source: Emily Balistrieri’s Twitter

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