Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 E8 Ending: Yeon Saves Rang

By the end of the eighth episode of Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938, the series has started to set the plot devices that will prove most vital in the latest adventure of the nine-tailed fox. Lee Yeon landed in 1938 to get Taluipa’s guardian stone, but he’s been reeled into the problems of the past that his younger self never bothered solving.

Ignoring his brother and people under his protection while mourning Ah-eum and killing Moo-young’s older brother to protect the said mountain god was the problem of a prior Yeon, but his future self is taking all the burden of healing these wounds. However, even that is not going as smoothly as he’d hoped.

With only a week left before the eclipse and his return to his time, Yeon still hasn’t extracted the stone from Moo-young, who has still not forgiven the fox for killing his older brother. Moo-young has gathered the ingredients to contact his brother, whose spirit informs him that he can do so with the golden ruler in Shin-joo and Yeon’s possession.

Hong-joo also learns of the same treasures that Yeon has from one of the indigenous Gods. She’s been torn between her two friends throughout Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938, helping one or the other side where she thinks they’re in the right.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 E8 Ending: Yeon Saves Rang & Kato Scores Gods
Moo-young Talks with His Brother’s Spirits

Despite her neutrality, Yeon’s rejections and Moo-young’s affection for her might win her over to the latter’s side. Now that Moo-young and Hong-joo know where the golden ruler is, they only need to get it from Yeon and use the stone in the former’s possession to bring his brother back. 

I don’t want to sound dramatic, but something tells me the spirit Moo-young is in contact with is not his brother. Some other spirit will probably wreak havoc in 1938 once freed. 

Maybe I like this theory because I want Yeon to stay in the past. His bromance with Rang can continue, and we can finally learn why Moo-young’s brother wanted to kill his younger sibling, for which Yeon killed him. Anyway, let’s return to the other plots the episode closed with.

Rang has been suspicious of Yeon throughout season 2, and with Moo-young’s manipulative retelling of the future, he only grows warier of his brother’s future self. Wondering if his brother is being nice to him out of pity, he connects with Yeo-hee, who knocks some sense into him but for naught.

He happens upon a betting game, where they don’t deal in money but years, and loses his lifespan, fated to die by the day ends. When Yeon finds out, he rushes to his brother and defeats the trickster with his own tricks, reviving Rang just before his time runs out. Their brotherly moment the next morning hurts more when you think this past will not change Rang’s future.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 E8 Ending: Yeon Saves Rang & Kato Scores Gods
Yeon Restores Rang’s Lifespan By Playing the Trickster

Oh, but the twist the episode’s end gives us is bigger than all of this! Sneaking in with Taluipa’s indigenous Gods, the Shinigami Mercenaries kidnap the Gods and kill those who don’t cooperate. Rang and Yeon happen upon the corpses, wondering whose work it was and for what purpose, and I have an inkling about it.

Kato has been obsessed with making super soldiers using demons, and Gods have the same supernatural powers that could help him achieve that. He is now closer to achieving his goal with Eun-ho and her family in his pocket and spirits to experiment with.

The possibility of Yeon staying behind is growing by the second, and we might know in next week’s episode if he stays or goes. Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 will return with episode 9 on June 3, 2023, so keep an eye out for it and stay tuned to Cine Dope for more on the subject.

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About Tale of the Nine-Tailed

Tale of the Nine-Tailed (Korean: 구미호뎐) is a 2020 South Korean television drama starring Lee Dong-wook, Jo Bo-ah, and Kim Bum. It aired on tvN from October 7 to December 3, 2020, every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 (KST) with 16 episodes.

A second season, titled Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938, premieres on May 6, 2023. with Lee Dong-Wook and Kim Bum reprising their roles and the female lead set to be portrayed by Kim So-yeon, as well as several new cast members like Ryu Kyung-soo

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