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Is Pen15 any Good? Worth your Time?

Every now and then, television dishes out a show about teenagers that becomes wildly popular. These teenagers have spot-free faces, an impeccable fashion sense and they fight to save the world. In short, nothing like real teenagers. Pen15 revolves around two thirteen-year-old girls who have no interest in saving the world- they just want to […]

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Hulu Drops Trailer for Season 2 of Quirky Teen Drama PEN15

The now-hilarious nightmares of mid-school years are coming back to Hulu with Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle’s PEN15. These two adult women are both writing and starring in this teen comedy series.  The very funny, Lonely Island produced, and Emmy-nominated PEN15 will be back very soon, and Hulu today dropped the trailer for season two. The premiere date […]

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26 Buried Hulu Treasure Series you Should Binge Today in 2020!

Are you ready to discover some buried Hulu treasures? Well, to make it easier to choose your next binge-worthy show, the 25 shows have been clustered into categories which shall be updated based on your feedback! (While you are here, also get ready for some major disappointments with the nature of American streaming habits. Some […]