Anime Film Detective Conan: Iron Submarine News

Trailer for Detective Conan: Iron Submarine Focuses on Film’s Setting

The Case Closed series has a plethora of interesting characters with mysterious and shady pasts, and Ai Haibara is in the top 5. We might know all about her, considering how long the story has been going on, but there are secrets we are still oblivious to. It looks like the franchise knows[…]

Anime Detective Conan: Iron Submarine News

‘Detective Conan: Iron Submarine’ Film to Follow a Tech-Based Plot

Detective Conan is working on making an appearance in the franchise’s 26th anime film, ‘Kurogane no Submarine.’ All we know about this film is that Ai Haibara is the focus, and Conan will save the day once again. What’s more is that the film will dig into both of these characters’ shared pasts[…]