Superman & Lois S3E11 Ending Explained: A Sonic Boom of Epic Proportions

If you are wondering what happened in the latest episode of ‘Superman and Lois,’ you are in the right place. We are here to break down the ending of Season 3, Episode 11, titled ‘Complications.‘ 

The episode lives up to its name, as it delivers a heartbreaking but fitting conclusion to Peia’s arc and sets up a thrilling finale that might blow the viewers’ minds!

The episode has a lot going on. Lois faces a life-changing surgery, Bruno Mannheim is finally caught, Jordan unlocks a new superpower in a moment of crisis, and a familiar foe of Superman returns from the dead. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the episode recap and ending!

1. Lois Faces the Knife, Peia Faces the Fire

Superman & Lois S3E11 Ending Explained: A Sonic Boom of Epic Proportions
Elizabeth Tulloch and Tyler Hoechlin in Superman & Lois (2021)

Lois is not out of the woods yet, as she faces a double mastectomy to get rid of the cancer for good. She prepares for the operation by spending quality time with her pals, Lana Lang and John Henry Irons.

Lois is lucky to have a loving family, as Clark and her boys do their best to support her. The family is going through a tough time, but they don’t lose hope, and it shows in every moment of their last supper before the surgery.

Meanwhile, Peia, Bruno, and Matteo plot their getaway from Metropolis. They are not sad, as Bruno and Peia dream of their seaside home and a life away from the spotlight. Matteo is also optimistic, hoping for a fresh start for his parents even though he lost his girlfriend and most of his friends after helping Peia break free.

The opening is filled with hope; with new chances, brighter days, and maybe it’s time to let go of the past. 

However, life is not that simple, and we can see Peia’s condition deteriorating by the minute. Even though she seems fine, Peia struggles to keep her powers in check. Her illness appears in a series of coughs that set off her sonic blasts.

The episode begins with Peia wreaking havoc in Metropolis with her powers after breaking out. It looked like the cure boosted her powers, as even Superman couldn’t find her. However, the cure was a curse. It was experimental, risky, and ineffective. At least not how Bruno hoped it would be.

The showrunners try to make us pity Peia. However, I have difficulty feeling sorry for her because she is a psychopath, even when healthy. Her remorse only shows up when she is in trouble, and now she is in more trouble than ever. 

She hides her symptoms from Bruno and Matteo and doesn’t want to admit how bad things really are.

2. Clark Drops a Bombshell on Kyle: He Is Superman

Superman & Lois S3E11 Ending Explained: A Sonic Boom of Epic Proportions
Erik Valdez in Superman & Lois (2021)

Last week, we witnessed Kyle’s mind-blowing discovery that Clark is Superman, thanks to some undeniable clues and a super-powered crisis. Clark had no choice but to confess and trust Kyle, who was stunned but not hostile. 

However, things get heated between Kyle and Chrissy, who knew the truth all along and tries to manipulate him into forgetting what he saw.

3. Jordan Unlocks New Set of Powers

Alex Garfin in Superman & Lois (2021)

It’s the day of Lois’ surgery, and the family is gathered in the hospital. Jordan feels anxious and overwhelmed, and he can’t pay attention to the doctor. He runs out of the room, followed by Jonathan. 

Jonathan finds Jordan on the floor, struggling to breathe and see. Jordan says he can’t shut his eyes despite them being closed. Clark realizes what’s happening: Jordan’s X-Ray vision has kicked in.

Jordan panics even more, and Jonathan tries to soothe him. He helps Jordan learn how to switch off his X-Ray vision.

Meanwhile, Nat sneaks into the deserted Mannheim mansion, hoping to find Matteo. She still loves him and misses him. John Henry tracks her down and confronts her. He is angry that she went alone, but he understands her feelings. He tells her the harsh truth: Matteo is a criminal and will either go to jail or stay hidden forever. They have no future together. Nat doesn’t want to hear it, but John Henry supports her as much as possible.

Still, Nat leaves a tracker in the house in case Matteo ever returns.

Speaking of Mannheims, they are about to leave their hiding place when Peia’s condition worsens. She screams in pain and loses control of her powers. Her sonic blasts shake the whole city, causing blackouts and outages everywhere.

Bruno thinks another shot of the cure will help, and Peia agrees to take it.

4. Lois’ Risky Operation: Can she survive Peia’s chaos?

Superman & Lois S3E11 Ending Explained: A Sonic Boom of Epic Proportions
Elizabeth Tulloch in Superman & Lois (2021)

Lois is about to have her surgery when the city loses power. Clark asks her if she wants to postpone it, but she says no. Lois has waited long enough for this day. 

She is worried about Peia, though. She thinks something is wrong with her, causing the sonic attacks. The city is in turmoil, the earth is quaking, and the D.O.D. can’t find Peia or stop her. Lois goes into the operating room while Superman goes to check it out. Jordan uses his X-Ray vision to watch over Lois.

Peia is not getting better. She is having spasms and pain, and she can barely stand. Another dose of the cure doesn’t help. It makes it worse. Matteo wants to get help, but Bruno refuses. He sends his goon to get more cure. However, before he can leave, Peia kills him with her powers. He is reduced to a bloody mess on the wall.

Matteo is terrified and runs upstairs to get help. Bruno tries to stop him, but he can’t leave Peia. Peia, however, has given up on life. She knows she will explode soon, and she needs to get away from him.

She knows she is dying, and it’s his fault. He messed with her powers, and now they are out of control. She is endangering her family and the people of Metropolis. Not that she cares about them. She has killed people before.

Peia’s screams cause the basement to collapse, and she runs out to the streets. Bruno is left behind in the debris.

5. How does Peia Die?

Superman & Lois S3E11 Ending Explained: A Sonic Boom of Epic Proportions
Daya Vaidya and Tyler Hoechlin in Superman & Lois

As soon as Matteo arrives at the mansion, Nat’s tracker picks him up. She wastes no time and shows up at the door. Matteo panics, thinking she’s here to bust him, but Nat assures him she just wants to chat.

Matteo apologizes and says that he didn’t know what he was doing. He believed his dad when he said the cure would work but was betrayed.

I’m not buying Matteo’s sob story. His dad is a ruthless crook who used him to unleash another menace on the world. Matteo should have known better than to fall for his lies again.

However, Nat has a soft spot for him and tries to help him out. That’s when Bruno and his thugs storm into the mansion and start making threats at Nat.

Bruno isn’t the only dad who’s looking out for his kid. John Henry shows up, armed and ready. He’s about to take Bruno down when Peia causes another quake in the city.

This time, Bruno does something shocking. He begs for Superman’s help.

Meanwhile, Superman is searching for Peia, who’s about to explode and take out a whole block. She can’t control her powers anymore, and her sonic blasts are deafening.

Superman finally finds her. He can’t get near her because of the noise. He implores her to listen to him and says that he wants to help her. He says he doesn’t want her to suffer, and neither would her family.

Peia calms down a bit, and Superman manages to lift her up in the sky above Metropolis. Bruno and Matteo watch as a huge blast goes off in the air. It’s Peia’s powers. She couldn’t hold on any longer.

A few seconds later, the screaming stops, and Superman lands, holding Peia in his arms.

Peia is gone, and nothing can bring her back.

Superman tells Bruno and Matteo her last words, that she loved them more than anything. Bruno and Matteo are shattered, but at least the city is safe, and Lois can carry on with her mission in peace.

6. Karma strikes back at Sarah

Superman & Lois S3E11 Ending Explained: A Sonic Boom of Epic Proportions
Alex Garfin and Inde Navarrette in Superman & Lois (2021)

Thanks to Jordan’s heroic intervention, Sarah and George Dean Junior barely survive a car crash. But before the accident, Sarah and Jordan have a huge argument, exchanging nasty words.

Sarah feels guilty and wants to make up with Jordan, but he rejects her. Jordan tells her that he meant it when he wished he never fell in love with her. He also accuses her of being grateful only because he saved her life.

Sarah is heartbroken, but I don’t feel sorry for her. She is such a mean and annoying character. She acts superior and rude while adding nothing to the plot.

Sarah sinks into despair, saying she messed up her life. Lana urges her to see a therapist, but Sarah thinks nothing can help or undo her errors. She wallows in self-pity until Kyle gives her some advice.

7. Bizarro Superman Could Be the Biggest Threat Of The Season

Superman & Lois S3E11 Ending Explained: A Sonic Boom of Epic Proportions
Bizzaro Superman in Superman & Lois

Lois is back home and healing well after her surgery. Clark fills her in on Peia’s fate, and she feels sorry for her, but she knows it was the only way to stop her.

Meanwhile, Bruno and Matteo are in custody at the D.O.D., where Bruno makes a deal: he will spill all his secrets if they let his son go free. Bruno may be a monster, but he loves his son and wants him to have a chance at a better life than he did.

Bruno sacrifices himself for his son, and John HenryIrons agrees to look after Matteo. Bruno finally acknowledges that John Henry is superior to him in every way.

John Henry Irons has been a hero this season, showing his integrity, courage, and compassion. He has done what was necessary to protect the world but has also shown hints of mercy and kindness at every step.

However, the episode ends with a shocking twist: something else has risen from the depths of Bruno Mannheim’s lab. It’s Bizarro Superman, the twisted clone of Clark, who escapes from the lab and seems to be out of control.

Bruno didn’t just create Peia, he made something much more dangerous, and Bizarro Superman could be the ultimate challenge for Clark this season. Sigh!

What are your thoughts on episode 11? Share them with us in the comments below.

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8. About Superman & Lois

Superman and Lois is an American superhero drama television series developed by Todd Helbing and Greg Berlanti for The CW. It is based on the DC Comics characters Superman and Lois Lane.

The CW show follows Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman’s, return to Smallville with Lois Lane and their two sons Jonathan and Jordan Kent. Their idyllic life is disrupted when new dangers unravel in the super family’s life.

The TV Series stars Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Jordan Elsass, Alex Garfin, Erik Valdez, and Adam Rayner. The show was renewed for Season 3 in March 2022.

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