Superman & Lois S3 E13 Speculation: The Final Face-Off!

Hey, Superfans! Are you ready for the most epic episode of Superman and Lois ever? I know I am!

This is the season finale, and I have a feeling it’s going to blow our minds! We will see the two of the biggest villains, Lex Luthor, and Bizarro Superman team up against our favorite Clark Kent, and I feel it will end in a massive cliffhanger.

Here are some of my thoughts and theories for what’s going to happen in episode 13.

1. Season 3, Episode 13 Synopsis/Speculation

Superman & Lois S3 E13 Speculation: The Final Face-Off!
Michael Cudlitz as Lex Luthor

The synopsis says that all of Smallville comes together to watch a meteor shower. That sounds nice, right? Wrong!

This is Superman and Lois we’re talking about, and nothing ever goes as planned. I bet those meteors are not just pretty rocks but something sinister and dangerous.

Maybe they’re some alien weapon or device that will mess with the people of Smallville. Perhaps they’ll unleash some radiation or virus that will turn them into zombies or mind-controlled slaves! Or maybe they’ll bring some unwanted guests from outer space, like Brainiac or Darkseid. The possibilities are endless, right?

Whatever it is, I’m sure Superman and Lois will have to fight to save their town and their family from the catastrophe. They might even get help from friends like John Henry Irons, Lana Lang Cushing, and General Sam Lane.

Speaking of catastrophes, Lex Luthor is finally free after 17 years in prison.

In this week’s episode, Lex visits Lois Lane and blames her for ruining 17 years of his life. Lois apologizes, but that doesn’t do any good.

In episode 13, Lex will make his ultimate move against Bruno and Lois and try to take control of Intergang and its super-soldiers. He’ll also show his true colors to Clark and Lois and try to kill Superman once and for all. He might use some kryptonite weapon or even a suit of armor like his comic book version.

Lex will be the final boss of this season, and Superman will have to face him in an epic showdown. Episode 12 ends with Lex Luthor trying to tame Bizarro Superman, but he ends up attacking Lex.

We all know that there’s nothing the Bizarro Superman likes more than vengeance (expect perhaps munching on dead rats!). The finale might be a showdown between Lex and Bizarro on one side and Clark Kent on the other. Epic, isn’t it?

Finally, the finale will end with a massive cliffhanger that will set up the next season. Maybe someone will die or get seriously hurt in the final battle. Perhaps a dead hero will come back from the dead or from another world. Who knows?

What do you think will happen in episode 13? Do you agree or disagree with my predictions? Let me know in the comments below.

And don’t forget to watch Superman and Lois Season 3 Episode 13 on June 27, 2023, on The CW. Until then, stay super!

2. Season 3, Episode 13 Release Date

Superman & Lois Season 3, Episode 13 will release on 27 Jun 2023 at 21:00 EST.

I. Is the series on a break?

No, Superman & Lois is not on a break and will continue according to schedule.

3. Season 3 Schedule

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date 
311“Closer”Tom CavanaghBrent Fletcher & Todd HelbingMarch 14, 2023
322“Uncontrollable Forces”Elizabeth HenstridgeKatie AldrinMarch 21, 2023
333“In Cold Blood”Gregory SmithJai JamisonMarch 28, 2023
344“Too Close to Home”Stewart HendlerJuliana JamesApril 4, 2023
355“Head On”David RamseyAndrew N. WongApril 11, 2023
366“Of Sound Mind”Diana ValentineGeorge KitsonApril 25, 2023
377“Forever and Always”Alvaro RonAdam MallingerMay 2, 2023
388“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”Gregory SmithAaron HelbingMay 9, 2023
399“The Dress”Stephen MaierKristi KorzecMay 23, 2023
4010“Collision Course”Elaine MongeonMax Cunningham & Max KronickMay 30, 2023
4111“Complications”Jai JamisonTeleplay by : Katie Aldrin & George Kitson
Story by : Brent Fletcher & Todd Helbing
June 6, 2023
4212“Injustice”Sudz SutherlandMichael NarducciJune 20, 2023
4313“What Kills You Only Makes You Stronger”Gregory SmithBrent Fletcher & Todd HelbingJune 27, 2023

4. Where to Watch Superman & Lois

Watch Superman & Lois on:

5. Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 12 Recap

Superman & Lois S3 E13 Speculation: The Final Face-Off!
Clark Kent and Lois Lane

The heroes defeat Intergang and Onomatopoeia in episode 11, but their victory unleashes a bigger danger.

And this old enemy arrives when the Kent family is already facing trouble, as Lois Lane and Clark Kent try to keep their son’s superhero identity a secret.

Lois and Clark expect Lex Luthor to be freed from jail after Mannheim admits he framed him for murder.

The Daily Planet learns about a teenage superhero in Smallville and asks Lois for tips on covering the story, since she was the first to report on Superman.

At school, Sarah Cushing is mad that Jordan Kent is proud of Superboy’s deeds – after he scolded her for telling George Dean, Jr. his secret following a scary car crash. Lois and Clark also scold Jordan for being careless about his Superboy adventures in Smallville and forbid him from being a hero until things calm down.

Meanwhile at the fire station, Jonathan Kent feels awkward that Kyle Cushing favors him after finding out his dad is Superman. Clark talks to Kyle privately and tells him Jonathan’s feelings, making Kyle rethink how to treat Jonathan at work.

A huge tornado hits near Smallville. Jordan defies his dad by taking his superhero suit from General Sam Lane and joins Superman to stop it.

They manage to end the storm, but Superman is annoyed that Jordan stays to pose for pictures with the people he saved. Jordan argues with Clark about disobeying his parents and enjoying public praise; he later vents with Jonathan over their problems.

After getting out of jail, Lex remembers how he blackmailed the warden into letting him run the prison by threatening his family. Lex immediately orders the guards to beat up all the inmates who bullied him when he arrived.

Though everyone thinks Lex will go back to Metropolis to reclaim LexCorp, he walks from his prison to the Kent farm to face Lois over the article she wrote that sent him to jail.

Lex tells Lois the warden updated him on everything that happened in her life while he was locked up, including Lois’ recent fight with cancer.

A furious Lex then accuses Lois of ruining his relationship with his daughter and demands she quit her journalism career even after Lois says sorry for his false conviction.

A dissatisfied Lex has one of his men drive him to Mannheim’s hidden lab under Metropolis where they find Bizarro. Lex coldly watches as Bizarro kills his man, setting up a clash between Lex and Superman.

6. About Superman & Lois

Superman and Lois is an American superhero drama television series developed by Todd Helbing and Greg Berlanti for The CW. It is based on the DC Comics characters Superman and Lois Lane.

The CW show follows Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman’s, return to Smallville with Lois Lane and their two sons Jonathan and Jordan Kent. Their idyllic life is disrupted when new dangers unravel in the super family’s life.

The TV Series stars Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Jordan Elsass, Alex Garfin, Erik Valdez, and Adam Rayner. The show was renewed for Season 3 in March 2022.

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