‘Superman & Lois’: Could Luthor and Superman Team up Against Edge?

The CW’s Superman & Lois is now 5 episodes deep, and it has managed to set up a meaty plot at the perfect pace.

We’ve watched Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) face the challenges that come with parenting two teenage boys, with one of them showing special abilities like Clark. Settling down in Smallville has been a struggle, but the action has already found its way to them.

While Jordan (Alexander Garfin) deals with an accident that has accidentally given superpowers to one of his classmates, his parents now have not one but two enemies to face—Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) and Captain Luthor (Wolé Parks).

Although Captain Luthor is currently an enemy by virtue of wanting to kill Superman, a plausible theory is that he might eventually see the error of his ways and end up allying with Superman against Morgan Edge.

1. Morgan Edge and His Misdeeds

Morgan Edge has been established as a major threat right from the get-go in Superman & Lois. A billionaire tycoon who will stop at nothing to get more power, he uses and ruins people without a thought.

After destroying other small towns, he has now made a beeline for Smallville. Lois has been trying to warn everyone, but the town is convinced that Edge’s presence is going to help them, not harm them.

Superman & Lois: Could Luthor and Superman Team Up Against Edge?
Leslie Larr and Morgan Edge find a large supply of X-Kryptonite

Edge has discovered a mine full of X-kryptonite, which is a synthetic version of kryptonite that was created by Superman’s cousin Supergirl in her eponymous series. But she made a mistake, and it ended up being able to give powers to anyone who was exposed to it.

The first victim of this has already been claimed: Jonathan and Jordan’s classmate, Tag Harris, seems to be developing speedster superpowers, consisting of uncontrollable speed and accelerated healing. This happened after Jordan’s accidental discharge of his laser vision, which unwittingly created an explosion right above the X-kryptonite mine.

Edge and his superpowered henchwoman Leslie Larr (Stacey Farber) are clearly up to no good since they’ve discovered the X-kryptonite mine. They have created some sort of a machine (presumably involving X-kryptonite in its working) that can “resurrect” dead people and give them powers akin to Superman’s. They used this on Derek Powell, a young man who had gone missing from the nearby town of New Carthage, whose case Lois was trying to solve.

Superman & Lois: Could Luthor and Superman Team Up Against Edge?
Morgan Edge

Considering that this is just the beginning, Morgan Edge clearly has many more dangerous things up his sleeve that could pose a threat to all the Kents, as well as Smallville as a whole.

2. Captain Luthor’s Mission on Earth-Prime

Introduced as “The Stranger” and then revealed to be Captain Luthor, this is the other bad guy in the picture right now, and he has already gotten into multiple skirmishes with Superman.

Superman & Lois: Could Luthor and Superman Team Up Against Edge?
Captain Luthor

Captain Luthor is from a different world (presumably Earth-3) where Superman was evil and destroyed everything dear to Luthor. He has come to Earth-Prime to kill its own version of Superman, because he assumes he is evil too.

This theory that Luthor is going by appears to make sense—Lois Lane and Sam Lane are exactly the same on Earth-Prime as they were in his own world, so that goes to say that Superman is the same too.

Superman And Lois 1x05 Captain Luthor & Lois Lane Were Married
Captain Luthor and Lois Lane

The mid-season finale revealed a shocking truth that shed more light on Luthor’s aggravation towards Earth-Prime’s Superman: in his own world, Lois Lane was Luthor’s wife!

3. Could Captain Luthor Team up with Superman Against Morgan Edge?

Captain Luthor’s actions are motivated by grief and vengeance rather than evil or a thirst for power. Also, he clearly cares about Lois Lane as she is identical to his own Lois, even though she’s not the same person.

We even see Luthor approach Lois under the guise of a Reuters reporter, claiming to want to partner with her on her story uncovering the skeletons in Morgan Edge’s closet. While it’s possible that this was purely a front to get his foot in the door with Lois, I personally believe it’s quite likely that Luthor might end up seriously working the story with Lois. In the process, he might just realize that Edge is the real villain who needs to be defeated, not Superman.

Superman & Lois: Could Luthor and Superman Team Up Against Edge?
Luthor with Lois Lane

Considering these factors, there seems to be serious potential that Captain Luthor might ultimately ally with Superman to fight against Morgan Edge. Now that would be one heck of a team for Morgan Edge to go up against!

4. About Superman & Lois

Superman and Lois is an American superhero drama television series developed by Todd Helbing and Greg Berlanti for The CW. It is based on the DC Comics characters Superman and Lois Lane.

The CW show follows Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman’s, return to Smallville with Lois Lane and their two sons Jonathan and Jordan Kent. Their idyllic life is disrupted when new dangers unravel in the super family’s life.

The TV Series stars Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Jordan Elsass, Alex Garfin, Erik Valdez, and Adam Rayner. The show was renewed for Season 3 in March 2022.

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