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Summer Time Rendering Anime Deceives Fans with A Soothing Visual for 2022

Some mangas are very deceptive in how they present themselves. You might think about how chill or sweet a story is from the art style, but it ends up completely flipping all your expectations. Summer Time Rendering is one such story, which is about to get an anime adaptation.

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This is one of those mangas that has been under the radar for quite a while now. Even with its reasonably large fanbase, it is rarely talked about in popular circles. A completed story with 13 volumes worth of content, it is time more people know about it.

The official website for the Summer Time Rendering anime has released a new visual. The upcoming anime will be released in 2022.

━ Teaser visual release! ━ Today, which is the “first day” of the work, the follow-up report of the animation project is released. The

Ban on “Teaser Visual” depicting Shinpei, and the tide has been lifted! The first anime illustration is released! TV Anime #Summer Time Render is scheduled to be broadcast in 2022

▼ The official anime website is also open today!

https: //

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The visual shows the two main characters, Shinpei Ajiro and Ushio Kofune, standing back to back in the sea. The story is set on the fictional island of Hitogashima in Wakayama prefecture, where Shinpei goes back to attend the funeral of Ushio. 

Summer Time Rendering may seem like a supernatural romance story where the protagonist turns back time to save his girl, like Tokyo Revengers or Erased. But from the first chapter itself, you know it isn’t going to be anything like that.

[Minor Spoilers]

The series is full of unexpected jump scares from a horror manga with supernatural battles, likes of which you fill find in Dragonball or Naruto. At first, it may look like a weird mix, but this story certainly pulls it off.

Although the details about the studio and the staff aren’t out yet, if it gets a good adaptation, this indeed has the potential to be an instant classic.

About Summer Time Rendering

Summer Time Rendering is a manga by Yasuki Tanaka. It started serialization in the Shonen Jump+ magazine in October 2017. The manga ended on 1st February 2021 with an anime announcement.

The manga is a mystery story set in the Wakayama prefecture, a remote island with a small population. Shinpei had to return to the island to attend the funeral of his childhood friend and family member.

Although the funeral seemed to be progressing without any disturbance, Shinpei was suddenly caught in a dreadful situation.

Source: Summer Time Rendering Official Website

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