Succession Season 3 Finale: Release Date, Recap and Speculation!

The Roys head to Italy to attend Caroline’s wedding. Despite her best attempts to avoid her mother, Shiv gets roped into going to one of her wedding celebration events and the two get into a spat. The GoJo deal is under threat of falling out after a series of questionable tweets from Matsson. Kendall confronts his father and asks to meet him alone over dinner. Roman is suspicious of the man his mother is marrying and thinks she might be rushing into it.

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Succession Season 3 Episode 9 Speculation

I. Tom Could Finally Be a Dad

Shiv tells Tom she’s ready to have a baby and changes their IVF plan. Is she really ready for children or is this just her way of getting back at her mother, who declared her unfit to be a mother? Tom is starting to face the reality of his marriage now that he’s no longer distracted by the prospect of having to go to prison.

II. Roman’s CEO Plans Threatened by Gerri Affair

The GoJo acquisition might be turning into a merger. Logan declares there’s no such thing as an equal merger and they can still come up with a way to be the ones in control. Roman is excited about the way things have progressed and accidentally sends an explicit photo to his father instead of Gerri. It’ll be interesting to see how this situation pans out because Gerri and Roman have had an unconventional dynamic so far, and while Gerri played along in the past, she clearly tells Roman to stop sending him the photos when they’re in Italy.

Succession Season 3 Finale: Release Date, Recap and Speculation!

Now that it’s out in the open, Logan might feel inclined to fire Gerri or even remove her from the inner circle. Shiv is enjoying the situation quite a bit, because this not only jeopardizes Roman’s most powerful ally, it also paints him as someone with a pattern of such behavior that removes him as a potential candidate for CEO. How will Roman recover from this?

III. Is Kendall Spiralling Again?

Kendall has unraveled throughout the past few episodes. Seeing his father’s cruel trick to get his own grandson to see if his food had been poisoned possibly pushes Kendall over the edge.

The fact that Logan brings up the waiter’s death in an attempt to establish that Kendall is just as bad as him, adds more fuel to his downward spiral. Towards the end of Episode 8, we see Kendall floating on an inflatable raft and slowly start to sink his head underwater.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Succession: Season 3 | Episode 9.

Is Kendall going to attempt to take his own life? Find out in the next episode.

Succession: Season 3 | Episode 9 Promo | HBO
Succession: Season 3 | Episode 9 Promo | HBO

Succession Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date

Succession Season 3 Episode 9 will be released on December 12, 2021, at 9 pm ET on HBO Max. This will be the final episode this season. No delays have been announced yet.

Is the Series on Break?

No, the series is not on break and will continue as scheduled.

Succession Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

I. The Roy Siblings Have a New Daddy

Logan and Roman tell Sandi and Stewy about their intentions of acquiring GoJo. The two are taken aback by this ambush but Stewy isn’t completely opposed to the idea. Later that day, the Roys head to Italy for their mother’s wedding. Caroline tells Kendall he’ll have to excuse himself from some of the wedding events because Logan has explicitly mentioned that he doesn’t want to be in the same room as him.

Succession Season 3 Finale: Release Date, Recap and Speculation!
Logan and Roman

Roman fears his mother might be rushing into this marriage and even has a background check done on the groom. When he asks her if she’s getting a prenup she tells him not to be so unromantic.

A tweet from Matsson gets the Waystar team concerned and there’s speculation on whether he’s trying to boost his price or maybe even blow up the acquisition deal. Connor proposes to Willa and she pretends to say yes since they were in public but tells him she’ll have to think about it.

Shiv gets roped into going to Caroline’s bachelorette party. She joins Caroline on the balcony later that night and they pass sharp, resentment-fuelled comments at one another. Shiv tells Caroline she’s always been an absent mother and that she abandoned her children.

Caroline tells Shiv that wasn’t the case and she made the decision to stay with her father. Caroline lands her final blow by telling Shiv she made the right decision not to have any children and that ‘Some people just aren’t meant to be mothers.’

II. Kendall Confronts Logan over Dinner

Kendall confronts Logan and asks to speak with him over dinner. Kendall is completely dejected and just wants out. He tells Logan that he’s decided to take his offer and sell his shares of the company. He adds some terms to the offer and tells his father he can’t change anything and maybe it’s because he’s a good person, unlike Logan.

Logan bites back by bringing up the waiter who drowned since he knows it’s Kendall’s biggest regret. He also says that every time Kendall messed up, he cleaned it up. Logan says “F***k Off, Kiddo” and leaves.

Succession Season 3 Finale: Release Date, Recap and Speculation!
Kendall And Logan

III. Roman Makes a Slip—will Logan Forgive Him?

Roman meets with Matsson to try to straighten things out. He later joins the Waystar team and tells them Matsson is gunning for a merger instead of an acquisition because he wants independence and status. Logan agrees that it’s worth a conversation if they can figure out a way to keep the family in control.

Right before the bankers arrive for the meeting, Roman accidentally sends an explicit photo to Logan that he meant to send to Gerri. Shiv speaks to Gerri about the incident and asks her to make a formal complaint if she doesn’t want her position undermined.

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About Succession

Succession is a satirical comedy-drama TV series created by Jesse Armstrong for HBO. The American TV series first aired on HBO on June 3, 2018 and has four seasons. 

It follows the Roy family who are owners of the conglomerate media house WayStar RoyCo. With patriarch Logan Roy’s (Brian Cox) health on a steady decline, the heirs of the family business rival against each other for their rightful succession.

Part of the ensemble cast as Logan Roy’s children are Jeremy Strong playing Kendall, Kieran Culkin playing Roman, and Sarah Snook playing Siobhan. 

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