Strongest Units in World Trigger, Ranked!

The power scales in World Trigger have always been systematic. The Border organizes rank battles between agents on a solo and team level.

The rank battles allow teams to rise in rank. The list below is about the units that have maintained their position through these rank battles.

10. Ninomiya Unit

Ninomiya Unit was forbidden from entering the Aftokrator’s invasion battle. They were former A rankers who are now demoted to B.  They are among the most peculiar bunch between other agents due to their Hosts like appearance and clothes.

World Trigger: Strongest Units!
Masataka Ninomiya (Leader of Ninomiya Unit) | Source: Fandom
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The leader of this team, Ninomiya, is a little spiteful about his take on how society functions. Being the No. 1 shooter, he is a complete package of both offensive and defensive abilities. Since he has great trion capacity, he can create Asteroid without moving his hands. Up until now, he has only bailed out twice!

Tsuji is a dependable attacker who can be calm and collected even when the situation is unfavorable. The combination of his fast reactions and quick analysis of the circumstance grants proficiency. Inukai’s experience and skill make him strong. As he is a gunner, he excels at using Hound and Asteroid.

9. Katagiri Unit

Katagiri unit ranks eight on A level teams in Border. The members are a part of the HQ branch. The characters are taken from a one-shot called Room 303. We have not seen this team in action since they were busy recruiting people in the other town.

World Trigger: Strongest Units!
Katagiri Unit | Source: Fandom
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Ichijo and Katagiri are candidates for Fujin, Jin’s black trigger.

Toichiro Momozono is the sniper of this team. Amakura Asumi is the only Spotter in the Border. Nothing is known about this class; however, the abilities like stealth and retreat tactics suggest that it is used to keep an eye on the enemy’s movement.

8. Miwa Unit

Miwa Unit has proven that they deserved a higher rank than A-rank 7th place. The team consists of four agents, Shuji Miwa, Yoneya Yosuke, Toru Narasaka, and Shohei Kodera, who belong to the Kido faction.

Shuji Miwa, the leader, is a nice guy pretending to be a baddy; his deep hatred for Neighbours due to his trauma shapes him. Miwa was able to fight par on Aftokrator’s black trigger user. These guys were practically unbeatable, but still, Miwa used their Trigger abilities to his advantage, which led him to have the upper hand.

World Trigger: Strongest Units!
Shuji Miwa(Leader of Miwa Unit) | Source: Fandom
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No one can forget the iconic scene where Yosuke stabbed Lamvanein with his spear while screaming at each other for more than 10 secs. Surprisingly he has a low trion level, but his battle analytical tactics have brought him so far. He can read his opponent’s next move and counterattack.

Kuga vs Miwa

Narasaka has earned the title of No. 2 Snipper, to which he stays true. He can hit fast-moving targets, and his bullets can pass through a small gap. Whereas Kodera generally relies on Naraska’s instructions, we have seen him taking the lead in Galopoula’s attack. Both of them provide significant support to the team.

7. Kako Unit

Kako Unit ranks 6th on the A rank list. Nozomi Kako leads the team along with the other two members.

Each member has their unique abilities. Kako is one of the candidates for Fujin.  Although she is laid back, she respects her job and understands its severity. She has shown her analytical skills while criticizing Ninomiya in the B rank battles.

World Trigger: Strongest Units!
Nozomi and Futaba of Kako Unit | Source: Fandom
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Futaba Kuroe, an attacker class, is exceptional in her combat abilities. She is a 13-year-old prodigy with superior physical strength. The third member, Mai Kitagawa, is a trapper.

The Kako Unit wanted to recruit Yuma Kuga. The team’s obsession with the letter K is evident since all the members’ surnames start with a  ‘K.’ It makes one wonder if having a surname with a K is the Kako unit’s agent criteria.

6. Arashiyama Unit

Arashiyama Unit from the Shinoda faction ranks 5th in the A rank list. They were the first A ranked team to be adequately introduced in World Trigger. They are the face of the Border, so they maintain their image in the public’s eyes.

The Arashiyama unit’s team coordination is brilliant; we can see that during the Black Trigger arc. Jun Arashiyama is the leader and he has a sibling complex. During the Mormod attack, he praised Osamu for acting quickly. He is a charming and an ideal leader.

World Trigger: Strongest Units!
Jun Arashiyama (Leader of Arashiyama Unit) | Source: Fandom
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Along with Ai Kitora, Arashiyama is a candidate for Fujin as well. Kitora is a close ranged All-rounder. Well, Kitora is a narcissist and a tsundere; yeah, it’s a perfect combo. She is intelligent and is strong enough to beat a Rabbit by herself.

Mitsuru Tokieda is an All-Rounder who fights in freestyle. He is our unimpressed kid who constantly has a deadpan face. He is considered one of the best supporters in Border. Ken Satori has a remarkable ability to wield two rifles simultaneously; he loves to boast about it. He can shoot even while falling, and it is crazy!

5. Kasukabe Unit

HQ branch’s Kasukabe Unit ranks 4th in the elite list. This unit functions a little differently from others because Saki Kasukabe is the leader and the team’s operator. She is the only known leader to perform both tasks.

World Trigger: Strongest Units!
Kusakabe Unit | Source: Fandom
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Shun Midorikawa is an Attacker; Yuma noted that if it were not for Konami’s training, he would have lost the battle with Shun, the kid is nuts! He completed his Neighbor simulation in 4 seconds. His fighting style is considered animalistic since his moves can’t be predicted.

Ryuji Saeki is an All-Rounder candidate for Fujin. He uses a defense type trigger called Escudo. Kazuma Satomi is said to be the number 1 gunner. The last member Hayato Uno is a sniper class. The team is powerful enough to join the elite rankers in only two rank wars.

4. Kazama Unit

Kazama Unit takes 3rd place in A-rank elites. The team’s emblem is an eye. The eye represents the team’s mastery in Camouflage. The Kazama unit has gone on an away mission, which is an opportunity granted to competent individuals.  Kazama unit is deemed capable enough to defeat the black trigger.

World Trigger: Strongest Units!
Kazama Unit | Source: Fandom
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Soya Kazama, the leader, is one of the most potent Border agents who is a candidate for Fujin. He is a good leader, and his members respect him. He is No. 2 Attacker and someone who you would want to admire. His tactical skills are exceptional, and he uses them correctly.

Ryo Utagawa is an All-Rounder. Ryo is our sweet boy next door. Usami scouted him since he is an outstanding athlete.

Shiro Kikuchihara’s side effect (enhanced hearing) provides a buff to the team, and it is practically a cheat skill! His side effect was a necessary power needed to defeat the Neighbor, Enedora.

3. Fuyushima Unit

The Fuyushima team has two active fighters; despite this handicap, they have maintained 2nd rank, and it does say something!

World Trigger: Strongest Units!
Shinji Fuyushima (Leader of Fuyushima Unit) | Source: Fandom
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Shinji Fuyushima is the leader of this unit. Since his class is a Trapper, he can support other agents in battle—his engineering skills aid his class abilities. Just like Mira, the Neighbor, he can create Warp with his Switchbox.

The No. 1 ranked sniper, Isami Toma, is a part of this team. His insight comes in handy in battles as he can predict the snipers’ next moves and trajectories. 

2. Tachikawa Unit

Kei Tachikawa, the number 1 agent, is the leader of this unit. The team also maintains the first position.

The emblem has three Katana blades, out of which two swords represent Tachikawa and the last one represents Kohei Izumi.

World Trigger: Strongest Units!
Kei Tachikawa (Leader of Tachikawa Unit) | Source: Fandom
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Tachikawa is a carefree spirit and probably has few loose screws inside his head. He sure has his fun even in dreadful conditions. He single-handedly destroyed 11 rabbits and self-destructive Illgars with only two slashes.

Izumi’s skill in Shooting is astonishing enough that Ninomiya begged Izumi to mentor him. Like Tachikawa Izumi can also be extreme with their attacks, Izumi used Meteor bullet to lure out the Arashiyama unit during the Black trigger arc.

Takeru Yuiga is a gunner class and has an egotistical personality. Izumi describes him as the weakest member of the unit.

1. Tamakoma First ( Kizaki Unit)

Tamakoma First is the strongest team in the Border. The triggers used by this team are so unique that they cannot participate in rank wars. Jin, who is a second solo ranker, used to be a part of this team. Tamakoma First members; Kizaki, Konami, and Karasuma, are highly competent individuals who have mentored other A rank agents.

World Trigger: Strongest Units!
Reiji Kizaki (Leader of Kizaki Unit) | Source: Fandom
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Kizaki and Karasuma are All-rounders, but Kizaki’s abilities are what you would call perfect if he were still in Border he would be No. 1 Sniper. He was able to hold two Neighbors off to stall them.Kizaki is one of the oldest members of the Border.

Karasuma is a versatile combatant who also uses Escudo. He defeated rabbits alone in the Large Second Invasion.

Tamakoma-1 vs Giev

Konami uses a unique trigger that is made especially for her called Connector and as the No. 3 Attacker she is extremely powerful. She is adorably gullible; Karasuma always fools her to have a good laugh. Kizaki and Karasuma let her go on a rampage and handle behind the scenes during battles.

Their Operator, Shiori Usami, is a genius who created a virtual training program for the field agents.

About World Trigger

World Trigger, also known in short form as WorTri, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. It was initially serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from February 2013 to November 2018 and later transferred to Jump Square in December 2018.

A mysterious white-haired kid named Yūma Kuga gets transferred to the local school. Turns out, Kuga is actually a humanoid or ‘neighbor.’ In school, he becomes friends with another student, Osamu Mikumo, who is, in fact, an undercover C-class Border trainee. Mikumo becomes the perfect guide for Kuga to save him from being discovered by Border.

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