Strongest Sith Lords In Star Wars Legends And Canon

The complete Star Wars universe, both the expanded universe and the canon, involves many Sith Lords who honestly have my respect and admiration. I know, not the words you’d use for the so-called evil forces, but it takes a lot to be that too! And it all comes down to who the strongest Sith Lord is.

15. Darth Zannah

Strongest Sith Lords In Star Wars Legends And Canon
Darth Zannah

A powerful Sith Lord and a strong force user, she was a master of the Sith Magic. She could instill fear within people, driving them insane, deceive anyone by appearing as a normal Jedi, and manifest telekinetic blasts.

Her defense combat style was like none other in the universe, and she could defend herself against anyone for an indefinite time.

14. Darth Krayt

Strongest Sith Lords In Star Wars Legends And Canon
Darth Kryat

One of the strongest Siths of his time, Krayt’s force, was so strong it was felt across the galaxy. He possesses many abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, force illusion, and even force lightning.

He had mastered the ability to fight with two blades simultaneously, which empowered him to become the conqueror.

13. Darth Revan

Strongest Sith Lords In Star Wars Legends And Canon
Darth Revan

An ominous force user, Revan was a skilled combatant. He was agile, fast, and also adept with military tactics and strategy, like a true warrior. He had the force abilities of telekinesis and could also take others’ knowledge from them.

Revan’s sensitivity to force was quite strong, and he could sense people’s emotions and even have visions of the future.

12. Darth Maul

Strongest Sith Lords In Star Wars Legends And Canon
Darth Maul Fights with Kenobi

A student of Darth Sidious, Maul was trained in multiple forms of combat, such as Jar’Kai, Ataru, and Juyo. He had the force abilities of telekinesis, push, choke and acrobatics.

Maul had mastered the ability to wield a saber staff as a deadly duelist, which very few people in the galaxy could. He was also the one to defeat and kill Qui Gon Jinn before getting defeated by Obi-Wan himself.

11. Darth Plagueis

Strongest Sith Lords In Star Wars Legends And Canon
Darth Plagueis With Sidious

Plagueis had powers that set him apart from the rest. He could prevent people from death, create new life forms and even manipulate the essence of life.

His strengths during combat were no less. He could absorb blasts and transform them into force lightning. Besides these powers, he could also create force illusions and look into the future with the help of force visions.

10. Darth Vitiate

Strongest Sith Lords In Star Wars Legends And Canon
Darth Vitiate

Vitiate was a vicious Sith Lord who could control minds at his will. His ability to do so was strong that he could manipulate and destroy minds with his telekinetic powers. The biggest testament to this is how he could control the minds of Revan and Malak simultaneously.

He could consume an entire planet’s biota and even absorb its entire force to make his body immortal. He had done so on a couple of occasions, leaving behind destructive voids.

9. Darth Tyranus

Strongest Sith Lords In Star Wars Legends And Canon
Darth Tyranus

A Jedi who went to the dark side, his powers increased multiple times as a Sith Lord. Tyranus could force choke, force push, and could also fly using the force.

Though a Sith Lord, his experience as a Jedi gave him the wisdom that stayed with him even as he entered the dark side. He was an adept combatant who has proved his prowess on various occasions. One such occasion was his fight with Anakin and Obi-wan when he was easily able to fend off both the highly skilled warriors until Yoda had to intervene.

8. Darth Bane

Strongest Sith Lords In Star Wars Legends And Canon
Darth Bane

As a Sith, Bane was one of the most disciplined students of his time. He read texts about the Sith ways religiously and even read things that other students didn’t. This did not just make him wiser in his ways but also more surgical and deadly.

His abilities were force choke, force lightning, and telekinesis, among others. His combat style was raw, aggressive, and driven by his physical strength. He was so good that he could even deflect torrents of rain merely with his lightsaber.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Yoda & Darth Bane's ghost [1080p]
Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Yoda & Darth Bane’s ghost

7. Darth Malak

Malak was a manipulative force user. He could force choke multiple people at the same time and could also freeze in stasis using complex force powers. He could also suppress his adversaries’ usage of force powers in a battle.

Strongest Sith Lords In Star Wars Legends And Canon
Darth Malka with Revan

Malak was perhaps the best example of channeling your inner fears and insecurities. He would translate those into intense anger and translate that into speed, agility, and strength during a battle.

6. Marka Ragnos

Strongest Sith Lords In Star Wars Legends And Canon
Marka Ragnos

A Sith Lord of the primitive Sith race, he is considered one of the greatest Sith Lords who drove the dark side to its golden age. He was pretty strong in using the force and knew well how to keep the essence of his life alive even if he was dead.

These qualities made him a powerful Sith Lord even after his death. He also could store the dark energy and release force on ordinary people, making them force-sensitive too.

5. Darth Traya

Strongest Sith Lords In Star Wars Legends And Canon
Datrh Traya

Another exceptional Jedi who turned into a Sith Lord, Darth Traya, had the rare ability to notice weakness in the force. This ability was called the shatter point.

She had the abilities of force lightning, force vision, mind tricks, and force choke, among others. Skilled in multiple forms of combat Darth Traya was an adept duelist. Over and above this, she also knew about a rare lightsaber technique known as Tràkata.

4. Darth Nihilus

Strongest Sith Lords In Star Wars Legends And Canon
Darth Nihilus

Nihilus was one of the strongest Sith Lords ever known to the universe. His connection to the force was so strong that he could solely lift and hold an entire starship together.

He can easily feed on force sensitives. His mere presence can suck the force from the beings around him and destroy everything in its wake. His force abilities include lightning, vision, and telekinesis.

3. Darth Vader

Strongest Sith Lords In Star Wars Legends And Canon
Darth Vader

Darth Vader, who was previously Anakin Skywalker, is a fan favorite and one of Star Wars’ biggest Sith Lords. His strength was beyond anyone else, especially as a Jedi.

When he turned to the dark side, his force abilities magnified. He had a string of force abilities such as repulse, wave, field, saber throw, vision, telepathy, choke, stasis, and barrier. Besides these, he could also wipe off the minds of his adversaries.

2. Exar Kun

Strongest Sith Lords In Star Wars Legends And Canon
Exar Kun

Exar Kun has mastered Sith Alchemy and the ability to use dark side energy. He kept himself alive for thousands of years by draining a thousand Massassis and becoming practically immortal.

As a skilled and manipulative duelist, he could alter the length of his saber in duels, making him unpredictably dangerous and deadly. He had force powers of push, pull, telekinesis and lightning.

1. Darth Sidious

Strongest Sith Lords In Star Wars Legends And Canon

Darth Sidious is the strongest Sith Lord of all time in Star Wars Legends and Canon. As one of the deceptive Siths, he was the master of Sith alchemy, Sith magic, and adept in the force vision.

Beyond this, his mastery over Jar’Kai dueling, usage of force, lightning, and telepathy is unparalleled. He could read minds, warp them, wipe them and control them like it was all a child’s play. His most significant setback was his god complex that ignored the prophecy and was killed by the chosen one!

Honorary Mentions

Here are some Sith Lords who couldn’t make the cut:

Darth Malgus, Darth Cognus, Asajj Ventress, Darth Tenebrous, and Starkiller.

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