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Strongest Players / Characters In The Tower of God, Ranked!

Tower of God has been the talk of the town since it was adapted into an anime by CrunchyrollWritten and illustrated by SIU, the Tower of God has been a journey full of mysteries and high-octane battles between the regulars to reach the top of the tower. 

Ranker is the title bestowed upon those who have reached the 134th floor of the Tower. There are several divisions in the ranker system, with the top 10% known as Advanced Ranker and the top 1% as High Ranker.

So, let’s begin with our list for the top 10 strongest characters in Tower of God.

10. Ha Yurin

Ha Yurin is the leader of the Ha Family, renowned for their hard skin and ability to destroy among the Ten Great Families.

Before becoming the leader, she was the first person to hold the Scout position in Tower. Blessed with intelligence and a strong physique, she acted both as the Fisherman and Scout during battles. 

9. Adori Zahard

Adori Zahard is the Commander-in-Chief of Zahard’s Army as well as the captain of Zahard’s Royal Guards.

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She wields the only S-rank weapon of the 13th Month Series, the Golden November, making her the strongest active princess in the tower. She uses a Carrier to fill any position as a Fisherman. She has overwhelmed Garam Zahard in a duel.

strongest players in tower of god

8. Baek Ryun

Baek Ryun is the most gifted wave controller in the Tower’s history, who was scouted as a regular by Headon after witnessing his abilities. 

After obtaining the title of Ranker, his present influence can be compared to one of the ten great families. He is the Ruler of the 77th Floor and also the leader of Wolhaiksong co-lead by his best friend, Urek Mazino.

7. Khun Eduan

Khun Eduan is the leader of the Khun Family. Known as the strongest among the Ten leaders, he is the greatest spear bearer of the tower known as the “God of Spears.”

He was one of the irregulars who entered the tower with Zahard. Now known as the womanizer with countless children, he is also the father of Khun Aguero Agnis

Eduan has three qualities –  electricity, ice, and an unknown quality which makes him one of the most powerful High Rankers in the tower.

6. Eurasia Enne Zahard

Eurasia Enne Zahard is one of Zahard’s Princesses and a High Ranker. They wielded one of the 13th-month series –  the Colorless December

She acquired White February by killing the owner alongside Colorless December and went berserk, killing the first wave of the princesses.

5. Arie Hon

Arie Hon, considered as one of the strongest among the ten leaders, was also the associate of Zahard upon entry in the tower.

He is the head of the Arie family wielding the White Oar, the only S+ rank sword made by Macseth, which he uses with his high-density Shinsoo.

Arie Hon residing at the 100th floor of the tower gives a challenge to the regulars to endure his attacks for 10 mins. Only two people have completed the challenge thus far, Urek Mazino and his daughter Arie Hagipherione Zahard.

4. Urek Mazino

Urek Mazino is an irregular who is not only considered to be stronger than King Zahard but is also considered to be on par with Phantaminum.

Climbing the tower in only 50 years, he is the fastest and the strongest in the history of rankers. Urek’s power can only be explained as that of a beast as he once evaded Slayer Karaka’s most powerful attack using only 1% of his power.

3. Zahard

Zahard entered the tower when there was no civilian. After climbing the 134 floors of the tower, he decided to reign over the tower as a King and as a result, was the first one to make a contract with the guardian of the towers.

Now known as the most powerful being, he is worshipped by the inhabitants. The history of the tower that Zahard created was devoid of Arlene Grace, who rejected his love.

2. Enryu

Enryu is one of the most mysterious personalities to have entered the tower besides Phantaminum. Known for his achievement to slay the guardian of the 43rd floor, the floor was named after the incident as the Floor of Death

After killing the guardian “The Thorn to Kill the King” was discovered, which is now in possession of Baam as a slayer candidate of FUG. 

1. Phantaminum

Phantaminum is the most mysterious and dangerous irregular to ever enter the tower.

He is regarded as the most powerful in the history of the tower after his sudden attack on Zahad’s inner place. After brutally killing everyone on the defensive line, including high rankers and royals, he faced Zahard but disappeared without a fight.

Phantaminum is an awakened “Axis” who has a powerful authority over the events that occur in the story.

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