Who is the strongest Hero in Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Saying that the Earth’s mightiest heroes are ‘formidable’ would still fall short in front of their achievements. Most of them literally walk as gods among humankind seeing the levels at which they operate.

Don’t believe me? When was the last time you saved New York from an extra-terrestrial army?

Anyway, my question is, who is the strongest of them all? It could be Captain America – he’s the leader of the gang after all, or Thor since he’s a literal god. Honestly, there are too many variables, but don’t worry because I did my due diligence.

Since I’m hopelessly obsessed with Marvel and can’t find a better way to spend my time, I have taken the strongest MCU Titans and ranked them according to their strengths. For the sake of fairness, each hero in their prime.

And though it’s taken some intense late-night discourse and a whole lot of my sanity, this list has undoubtedly been worth it.

10. Ant-Man

Hello. I’m Ant-Man. Haven’t you heard of me? No, you wouldn’t have heard of me.

Scott Lang

 The idea that his entire gig is based on shrinking is highly misleading.

Who is the strongest hero in Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Ant-Man can bypass the concepts of space-time, travel inter-dimensionally, and communicate with all insects, not just ants. The suit also allows the user to retain their original mass after shrinking and hence makes them stronger since the energy is focused on a much smaller area of contact.

To put things into perspective: Ant-Man is like a tank that moves at the speed of a bullet.

We haven’t seen the full scope of these powers in the MCU yet but knowing that Ant-Man in the MCU is a few movies away from unlocking his true comic potential, it’s not hard to decide that he deserves to be on this list.

But until that happens in a universe dominated by androids and wizards, Ant-Man will have to remain seated at the very bottom of this list.

9. Spider-Man

But I’m nothing without this suit!

 Peter Parker

 If you know the first thing about Peter, you know that’s complete bulls**t.

Even before he was bit by a radioactive spider, Peter was more intelligent than the average scientist. He hacked into Stark’s billion-dollar suit with relative ease and has shown a great affinity towards physics and tech. He’s Iron Man’s prodigy for a reason.

Who Is The Strongest Hero In Marvel Cinematic Universe?

As Spider-Man, Peter is also almost as strong as trained supersoldiers. He can canonically lift over 60 tons — that’s 120000 pounds! — and has displayed incredible agility and reflexes.

Peter managed to fight both the Falcon and the Winter Soldier without breaking a sweat and survived taking on Thanos and his army despite having no battle training.

I’d honestly argue that we haven’t even seen Peter in his prime yet, but even with what we already know, Peter is, in fact, one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel universe.

Ps… If you think this entry was biased, yes it was, because I love Spider-Man! I literally grew-up watching the reruns of Spider-Man (1994) series – it was my introduction to the Marvel universe.

8. Black Panther

In times of crisis, the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers.


As much as it hurts to talk about him right now, he deserves the spot. Late Chadwick Bosman’s portrayal of Wakandan King is possibly the strongest, smartest, and most amazing version of Marvel comics’ Black Panther I have ever seen.

The character was OP to begin with, but MCU version brought life into it. Ever tried punching the Black Panther? It’s pointless.

Black Panther’s suit absorbs all kinetic energy and refocuses it towards the opponent — so the harder you hit him, the harder you’re going to be hit yourself.

New Black Panther Suit

The abundant vibranium in the suit also makes T’Challa indestructible. You could blast him with thunder while simultaneously trying to skewer him, and you’d still find that you’ve done the King no harm.

 Suit aside, T’Challa is still pretty darn strong. The properties of the Heart-Shaped Herb put him on par with supersoldiers like Cap and Bucky.  That, combined with T’Challa’s martial art expertise, could prove lethal in any fight.

7. Professor Hulk

I see this as an absolute win!

Professor Hulk

Hulk has always been one of the physically strongest heroes, but he’s virtually unstoppable with his upgrade into Professor Hulk.

Who is the strongest hero in Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Professor Hulk

Bruce Banner is one of the top three scientists in the Marvel Universe, having completed 7 PhDs and the leading expert in gamma radiation. As Professor Hulk, Bruce can combine his genius with Hulk’s enormous strength.

In terms of physical strength, Hulk overpowers Thor to an extent. For example, he can create mini earthquakes by slamming his fists against the ground, and he single-handedly stopped a Chitauri Leviathan. Hell, he held up the entire Avengers mansion despite being weakened from the Infinity Gauntlet.

6. Iron Man

JARVIS, make a note. Remind me not to wake up in the morning ever again.

Tony Stark

I love you 3000.

Tony Stark

I am Iron Man.

Tony Stark

Who says you can only pick one quote?

Who is the strongest hero in Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Iron Man

When I said that some of these heroes were like gods among humans, Tony Stark was who I was aiming at. More often than not, he’s a lot more than a genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist.

After all, the fact that Tony ultimately saved the universe among literal sorcerers and Gods on that battlefield is a testament to his power.

Tony’s suit puts him on par with titans like Thanos himself. The Mark 50 is the most overpowered and advanced tech we’ve seen in the MCU— not only did it survive being crushed under Titan’s moon, but Tony was also able to continue the fight without retaining much damage.

Thanos Destroys the Moon | Avengers Infinity War 2018 | HD MOVIE CLIP
Thanos Shoots the Moon on Iron Man

But the suit is only the surface of Iron Man’s power.

We’re talking about the man who cracked the code to time-travel overnight. He built an arc reactor with scrapes while being held captive! You cannot imitate this kind of genius, no.

There’s a reason he’s called Earth’s Best Defender.

5. Captain America

I don’t want to kill anyone. I don’t like bullies; I don’t care where they’re from.

Steve Rogers

A character of Rogers level had a lot of iconic quotes throughout his decade long history with MCU, but I feel this one defines his personality the most. Captain America is the ultimate boy scout – even in the darkest of times, his ideals would not waver. Not once. Ever.

Who is the strongest hero in Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Captain America

And you know what? HE’S WORTHY!

We all remember when Cap stopped a helicopter with his bare hands, but that’s not even him at 100% of his power. With Thor’s hammer in Endgame, Steve was physically more potent than any human had ever been.

Steve was powerful enough without Thor’s hammer, but with it, he’s beyond the humane realm of strength. In addition to the supersoldier strength and stamina, Steve can also summon lightning and fly with the help of Mjölnir.

Rogers may not be an actual God like Thor, but we know that he could easily go head-to-head with one if it came to it.

The best part to me, though, is that the serum coursing through his veins may have given him the superhero physique and strength, but Steve would’ve wielded Mjölnir even as that lanky kid from Brooklyn.

4. Captain Marvel

I’ve been fighting with one hand tied behind my back. What happens when I’m finally set free?

Carol Danvers

When I say “overpowered MCU hero,” you are obligated to reply with “Captain Marvel.”

Who is the strongest hero in Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers is one of the strongest heroes in the MCU. Beyond the standard “strength, stamina, speed” criteria, she can do several things that set her apart from the rest on this list.

Captain Marvel can canonically lift over 200 tons when in Binary Mode — that’s much more than Cap, Black Panther, Iron Man, Vision, and Doctor Strange could lift combined.

Carol can also blast energy beams equivalent to nukes, and we all know if you tried to nuke her instead, she can and will walk it off. Did I mention that she can fly over two thousand meters per second?

Honestly, we’re yet to find a baddie strong enough to intimidate Captain Marvel. There’s virtually nothing that can even phase her right now.

3. Thor Odinson

I went for the head.

Thor Odinson

When you see his eyes glow with thunder and the weather going berserk, you know the enemy is doomed.

Just standing next to Thor, I imagine, must be overwhelming.

Twice has he impaled Thanos with Stormbreaker. And one of those times, the Titan had been equipped with all six Infinity Stones! But that’s not all; Thor has survived the power of a dying star — that’s energy beyond any hero’s imagination.

Who is the strongest hero in Marvel Cinematic Universe?

When fighting most villains, Thor doesn’t even have to rain his thunderbolts down. The only time we’ve seen him go insane with lightning was against Hela and Thanos— everyone else only got mild thunder and hammer knockouts, topped with the occasional punch.

Thor in his prime (which he wasn’t in Endgame) could end any battle within minutes. He could’ve killed Thanos with relative ease had he arrived before the Titan took Vision’s mind stone.

2. Doctor Strange

Dormammu, I have come to bargain.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange was the most challenging foe Thanos faced in his battle against the Avengers. Even with the power of four Infinity Stones backing him, the Titan struggled to keep up with the Sorcerer Supreme.

Who is the strongest hero in Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Doctor Strange

It was expected, of course – even from a comic standpoint, Stephen is overpowered. He’s in a constant power struggle with Wanda with one always one-upping the other with a new feat. Strange can bend both time and space to his will. And his arsenal of mystical weapons has only grown since the first Doctor Strange movie.

Doctor Strange protects the very fabric of reality and is the guardian of the Time Stone. His firm understanding of the stone’s power, and influence over space-time as the Master of Mystic Arts, makes Strange the second most powerful hero in the Marvel universe.

To be fair, I do believe that Doctor Strange is stronger than Wanda, at least in the comics he is. But since WandaVision clearly states that “the Scarlet Witch’s powers far surpass the Sorcerer Supreme,” I had to go with the official information.

1. The Scarlet Witch

Who is the strongest hero in Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch is the strongest superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her chaos magic in MCU can bend reality to her whims or create new ones. After reading the Book of Damned, her powers are said to exceed the Sorcerer Supreme, and so far, she remains unrivaled.

Apart from mind-controlling hundreds of people without conscious effort, Wanda can create life and manipulate time. She can also conjure objects without limits. I don’t know how anyone could ever hope to stand a chance against her.

 So, that’s it from me. Who do you think is the strongest avenger?

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