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Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve grown weary of elemental powers. We’ve all seen powers like fire, ice, water, wind, and lightning over and over, and frankly, they’ve gotten rather dull and repetitive.

Unorthodox powers like space-time or gravity manipulation make everything so much more interesting!

Gravity manipulation can vary significantly from one character to the next. Some gravity users can merely increase or decrease the gravity acting on themselves, their opponents, or their surroundings, while others can even create black holes.

No matter the range of their powers, gravity manipulators are often the toughest opponents to face. After all, how can fire or water go up against one of the central forces of the universe?

That said, here are 15 of the strongest gravity users in anime ranked:

15. Uraraka Ochaco aka Uravity (My Hero Academia)

Giving up isn’t an option for me!

Uraraka Ochaco, also known as Uravity, has an awesome quirk to go with her awesome hero name. Uraraka’s quirk Zero Gravity lets her decrease the gravity acting on anything she touches with all of her fingertips.

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!
Ochaco Uraraka | Source: Fandom

Living or non-living Uraraka can make anything float and come back crashing down by simply pressing her fingertips together and releasing the effect.

Her quirk has an upper weight limit of three tons or 6500 pounds which is insane considering she’s only fifteen.

Although, I’m afraid her powers are still quite limited, so as much as we love our best girl Uraraka, she gets the last spot for now.

14. Maro (Black Cat)

As a Taoist hailing from the mysterious land of Yamto, Maro has mastered Tao– the mystical arts which harness the power of ki. Maro’s power of Tao, in particular, is called Gravity.

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!
Maro | Source: Fandom

Maro manipulates gravity by disrupting the flow of ki to make himself heavier or lighter. Together with his sheer brute strength, Maro’s gravity-enhanced attacks pack a real punch.

He can also manipulate the gravity of his immediate surroundings and create gravity bombs.

13. Brago (Zatch Bell!)

If there’s one name every mamodo kid in Zatch Bell has heard of, it has to be Brago, the antisocial teenage mamodo with a gothic vibe that I’m obsessed with.

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!
Brago | Source: Fandom

Brago, Zatch’s top rival, is hinted to be famous in the Mamodo World for his strength. Brago is highly proficient with his spells that focus on gravity manipulation and has even trained in areas with strong magnetic fields to get stronger.

Brago – Aian Gurabirei(A moment in Gash/Zatch Bell)

Brago can create gravity spheres that can level a mountain, beams that can slice through stone, and manipulate gravity to slow his opponents down or flatten them under gravitational fields.

12. Genshi Tenson (Soul Hunter)

One valuable lesson anime has taught us is never underestimate an old man with long flowy hair.

Genshi Tenson, also Taikoubou’s sensei, is one of the Three Great Sennin.

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!
Genshi Tenson | Source: Fandom

Despite being hundreds of years old, the Sennin Grandmaster possesses hypersonic speed, stamina, ample combat experience, and intelligence that has seen him become one of the most accomplished sennin to exist with no weaknesses in sight.

Using black orbs called the Super Paopei Bankohan, Genshi Tenson can manipulate gravity. He can create crushing gravity fields with 10,000 times more pressure than usual that can cover several kilometers.

The pressure of his force fields is so powerful that they risk accidentally creating a black hole.

11. Bluenote Stinger (Fairy Tail)

Bluenote Stinger was the former Deputy Commander of the guild Grimoire Heart. The dark mage was able to go head to head with Gildarts Clive, one of Fairy Tail’s strongest wizards, and withstand a hit from Cana’s Fairy Glitter as well.

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!
Bluenote Stinger | Source: Fandom

Bluenote is considered a fearsome mage due to feats even among the Rune Knights. His Gravity Magic allows him to manipulate gravity in a myriad of ways. He has immediate domain over the gravity around him and can freely increase or decrease it.

He can also lift and move people or giant objects like the Grimoire Heart, parry attacks by sending opponents crashing to the ground and create black holes. His magic causes immense pain when concentrated on crushing his opponents.

10. Kagura Mikazuchi The White Ribbon (Fairy Tail)

I haven’t relied on luck since the instant I was born. Everything has been the result of my choices. That is what leads my existence towards the future

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!
Kagura Mikazuchi | Source: Fandom

Stone-faced Kagura, also known as the White Ribbon, is the strongest wizard of the Mermaid Heel guild and a master swordsman who doesn’t even have to unsheathe her blade to ensure victory.

Swordsmanship aside, Kagura is also an accomplished Gravity Magic-user. She can create force fields strong enough to negate the gravity magic of even a Zodiac Spirit or use her magic to make a target lighter and enhance its speed.

9. Libra The Heavenly Scales (Fairy Tail)

Libra is a celestial spirit who is one of the 12 Zodiac Gates, contracted to Yukino Aguria.

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!
Libra | Source: Fandom

The serene spirit can manipulate gravity with a mere swipe of her hands using the golden scales hanging from them, earning her the moniker ‘The Heavenly Scales.’

Fairy Tail - Libra.
Fairy Tail – Libra.

Libra’s magic, Gravity Change, allows her to immobilize opponents by flattening them to the ground or send them flying sideways by changing the direction of the gravity affecting them.

8. Enrico Pucci (JoJo)

By the name of God, I will smite you!

Pucci, the fanatic antagonist of Stone Ocean, possesses the ability to manipulate gravity using his stand C-moon, an evolution of Whitesnake.

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!
Enrico Pucci | Source: Fandom

C-moon is an incredibly dangerous stand that can create reverse-gravitational force fields around Pucci that span a radius of nearly 2 miles. This forcefield repels any person or object that gets too close.

But its most fatal ability by far is Surface Inversion which can modify the gravity of anything it touches, including a person’s heart, forcing it to turn inside out. Pucci can also walk on vertical surfaces.

7. Taketora Douan The Heavy Baron (Plunderer)

Taketora Douan is one of the Seven Legendary Red Barons, known as the Heavy Mask, and is one of the antagonists of Plunderer. The spiky red-haired Baron has forced 612,730 opponents to yield to him with his powerful gravity manipulation powers.

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!
Taketora Douan | Source: Fandom

Taketora’s abilities include creating bone-crushing force fields, gravity shields, bullets, and black holes. He also possesses immunity to other gravity-based attacks and can use his powers to shoot objects as projectiles and enhance their impact.

6. Ishiguro (Mob Psycho 100)

Unlike you, I constantly aim higher. I want to climb up. Using my own hands, I’m gonna change the world

Unhinged as he might seem, Ishiguro was a former member of the terrorist organization Claw and the leader of its 7th Division.

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!
Ishiguro | Source: Fandom

Ishiguro possesses overwhelming gravity manipulation powers and combat skills. Besides rudimentary gravity manipulation and creating pseudo black holes, Ishiguro can increase his own mass to anything from 500 kilograms to two tons which takes his tackles and punches to a whole new level.

5. Chuuya Nakahara (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Do you know when it’s alright to chicken out and go home? There is no such time.

Much like his former partner Dazai, Chuuya is a force to be reckoned with within the Port Mafia. Temperamental as he is, Chuuya’s Ability, Upon The Tainted Sorrow, allows him impressive control over the direction and force of gravity of anything he touches.

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!
Chuuya Nakahara | Source: Fandom

Chuuya uses his Ability to deflect bullets shot at him, immobilize opponents by making them heavier or lighter, and propel bare bullets and other matter in his surroundings as projectiles. He can crush his opponents to near-death under said projectiles by increasing their gravity.

He can also manipulate his own gravity to walk on vertical surfaces or the ceiling, run at superhuman speeds or even ride a motorcycle up the side of a building.

Monster || Chuuya Nakahara
Monster || Chuuya Nakahara

The true form of Chuuya’s Ability, Corruption, gives him the strength to crush a tank with his bare hands and create black hole-like compressed balls of gravity.

4. Dante Zogratis (Black Clover)

Humans are evil incarnate. Rage, fear, hate, revenge, destruction… Evil is humanity’s true nature. As such, this world is too dull for us.

Dante Zogratis, the leader of the Dark Triad, is one of the three rulers of the Spade Kingdom. Like his siblings, Dante too is a host to Lucifero, a high-ranking devil.

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!
Dante Zogratis | Source: Fandom

The devil grants him immense Mana reserves and access to Gravity Magic in addition to his own– making him one of the rare mages who possesses two magic attributes.

Dante is highly adept at manipulating gravity to his advantage. He can levitate, immobilize his opponents midair, propel objects around him as projectiles or create swords from compressed rock.

Dante’s force fields are strong enough to snap trees in half while his blackholes can carve through mountains and bend incoming attacks.

He has fine control over his magic and can simultaneously use it to make his punches faster and heavier.

3. Nagato aka Pain (Naruto Shippuden)

Those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace.

Nagato, better known by his alias Pain, was once a ninja from Amegakure who later founded the Akatsuki to bring peace to the violent shinobi world.

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!
Nagato | Source: Fandom

Pain has control over gravity through the Deva Path made accessible to him through his Rinnegan. The Deva Path was said to be his strongest and favorite of all the Six Paths, and it isn’t hard to see why since the technique is highly destructive and useful in combat with endless applications.

The Deva Path grants Pain control over attractive and repulsive forces and an ability called Chibaku Tensei, which attracts matter in the area and traps an opponent inside the sphere of rubble.

2. Griffith/Femto The Wings Of Darkness (Berserk)

This is the path I have traveled. To get what I wanted… If I apologize, if I repent… everything will come to an end. I’ll never get to reach that place.

Griffith, also known as the Falcon Of Light, is the leader of Falconia’s main military force, the Band of the Falcon.

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!
Griffith | Source: Fandom

Griffith obtained gravity manipulation powers after he sacrificed his comrades and was reborn as the incorporeal demon Femto– the fifth member of the God Hand.

Femto is no less than an omnipotent god with powers of telepathy, precognition, and the ability to manipulate souls, dimensions, reality, causality, space, and gravity.

His gravity manipulation lets him create gravity wells and repel an opponent’s attacks. The attractive force of his gravity wells can crush any opponent to death.

1. Admiral Fujitora (One Piece)

Fujitora is the strongest gravity user in anime. His Devil Fruit, the Zushi Zushi no Mi, grants him control over gravity. His powers are channeled through his sword and can span entire islands. His powers even extend to outer space allowing him to summon meteors.

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!
Admiral Fujitora | Source: Fandom

The Marine Admiral Fujitora, aka Issho, is an expert combatant and among the strongest Marines the Straw Hats have encountered on the Grand Line. Fujitora has held his own against the likes of Sabo, Jack, Zoro, and Luffy despite being blind.

Fujitora possesses staggering control over gravity from eating a Devil Fruit. He can create reverse-gravity repellent fields, change the direction of gravity to push opponents away, or slam them to the ground with force enough to create craters.

Fujitora can also negate gravity entirely to levitate himself or other non-living objects as large as battleships.

Honorary Mentions: King Ghidorah (Godzilla: The Planet Eater)

King Ghidorah might be the most unorthodox gravity user on the list since, well, he isn’t a person but a golden three-headed dragon.

Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!
King Ghidorah | Source: Fandom

The fifth incarnation of Ghidorah is the strongest predator to exist who stands at the top of the universal food chain, making him truly a king.

Besides his ability to destroy entire planets, King Ghidorah can manipulate space and time. His presence alone exerts gravitational pressures strong enough to crumble a spaceship.

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