Strongest Force Users In Legends: Ranked!

The Star Wars EU had to be wiped off the canon slate because of its godlike Force users, making way for (supposedly) relatable heroes in the Canonverse. But how godlike are we talking?

After Disney got the Star Wars franchise under its umbrella, they rearranged the existing SW content into two categories: Canon and Legends/EU. So while the movies and few shows managed to stay canon, the games, books, spin-offs, and comics were reduced to Legends in the universe.

Very unfortunate, given how Legends features the galaxy’s most influential and complex characters. Even existing characters are elevated in ways the Canon has failed to portray, bringing home one of the most immersive experiences for Star Wars fans.

But how strong are these characters? And who’s the strongest among them?

Nobody can seem to agree on a single arrangement (minus the entry at the very top, of course; you can’t argue about their superiority and hope to look smart around here), but I’ve managed to rank some of the strongest Force users in Star Wars Legends.

This list covers most of the significant galactic players we’re aware of: from planet-devouring Sith Lords to mythical beings who live as the physical embodiment of the Force. And the best part? There’s always someone better than the next.

So without further ado, here are the strongest Force users in Star Wars Legends

13. Bastila — The First Shan

Strongest Force Users In Legends: Ranked!
Bastila Shan

Bastila Shan, the legendary Jedi who battled Darth Revan centuries ago.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Official Website

And here’s the thing: not only did she win, but she also captured Revan and brought him back to the Jedi Council; if that’s not a flex, I don’t know what is.

Bastila was born with the rare Force gift of “battle meditation“— a power only a handful of Force users have displayed (one being Grandmaster Yoda himself).

Her Battle Meditation that can turn the tide of any conflict.

Juhani talking about Bastila’s Battle Meditation

She also possessed a vast arsenal of Force attacks and was able to Force-Slam Revan, Jolee Bindo, and Juhani all at once, effortlessly.

Naturally, Bastila had to be on this list. Her rare gifts and control over the Force easily makes her worthy of being recognized among the strongest.

12. Galen Marek — The Starkiller

I sense someone far more powerful than you nearby. Your Master . . . Where is he?

Darth Vader to Kento Marek during the Order 66
Galen Marek Confronts Darth Vader
Galen Marek Confronts Darth Vader

The “master” was a child by the name of Galen Marek.

Galen was born with a natural affinity to Force. His aura radiated power stronger than most adult Force users. Vader immediately recognized the young boy as someone with the potential to overthrow Emperor Palpatine and took the boy under his wing to raise him secretly. Unlike many Force users who were tempted into the Dark Side, Galen was raised in it.

By the time he was a teenager, Galen had surpassed Jedi Knights. Eventually, Galen was powerful enough to give Vader a challenge.

Raised under the careful eye of his dark Master, his skills had been honed to the point that not even Jedi could stand against him.

The Force Unleashed

11. Marka Ragnos — The Ancient Lord of Sith

A Sith Lord arose who exemplified the virtues of the Sith. Marka Ragnos was an imposing, merciless figure, a master of the Force and the arts of war.

The Old Republic Encyclopaedia
Strongest Force Users In Legends: Ranked!
Sith Lord Marka Ragnos

The name of this particular Dark Lord still arouses terror in some of the strongest modern-day Jedi. Marka Ragnos was terrible enough for Emperor Vitiate to consider his spirit a threat, and if you’re familiar with his lore, you’re likely to be just as scared.

Marka was said to have been unnervingly strong in both the ways of the Force and his physical strength.

Ragnos was a half-breed Sith, a warlord of tremendous physical power and a frightening grasp of the dark side of the Force.

The Dark Side Sourcebook

Marka was capable of manipulating the genetic building blocks of living creatures through the dark side of the Force. He was infamous for his Dark Rage, a Force technique that allowed him to increase his strength, speed, and resilience.

Even Luke Skywalker acknowledged this ancient power.

If Ragnos is resurrected, there’s no telling what he might be able to do. It will take all of our strength to stop him.

Luke Skywalker to the Jedi Academy.

9. Jacen Solo — The Next Generation’s Luke

Strongest Force Users In Legends: Ranked!
Jacen Solo

Born to Leia and Han Solo, young Jacen inherited his uncle’s (Luke Skywalker) Force potential. This probably doesn’t sound that impressive … until you remember that Luke is the strongest Jedi to have ever lived.

Even before he turned to the dark side, Jacen was more substantial than some of the best Force wielders. He was able to casually sense Mara Jade’s thoughts, a baffling feat for a child like him, given that Mara was Palpatine’s prized assassin. Her ability to conceal her thoughts in the Force was unrivaled, and yet Jacen sensed her like it was no big deal.

Even legendary Mandalorian Boba Fett shook his head at the idea of going after Jacen. And Luke Skywalker himself admitted the kid was dangerous.

Jacen is … extraordinarily dangerous. If he sees you, he might devote only a single, negligent attack to you. Such an attack would distract a Jedi Master, hurt a Jedi Knight… and kill you.

Luke Skywalker’s warning against Jacen

8. Darth Vitiate — The Immortal Emperor

Lord Vitiate sacrificed millions, stealing their life force to make himself immortal. Their deaths also made him stronger than any Sith who had come before, and he ceased to be known as Lord Vitiate. On that day, the Emperor was truly born.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Strongest Force Users In Legends: Ranked!
Vitiate Incarnations

Imagine the chaos this guy would bring into the Canonverse… *nervous laugh*

Vitate was born with Force strong enough to shatter the very fabric of the galaxy. The Sith Sorcerer lived for 1,300 years — longer than any Force user ever lived.

By the age of 13, young Vitiate had conquered an entire planet. This impressed Marka Ragnos so much, he recognized Vitiate as the legitimate ruler of the planet. As time passed, Vitiate became strong enough to control the minds of thousands of Sith Lords simultaneously. Eventually, his power became so overwhelming he could absent-mindedly take down entire Jedi Strike Teams and Sith Councils.

You stand there because I allow it. Because I do not fear.

Vitiate to Jedi Strike Team

Emperor Vitiate also humbled the Revan after overpowering him and dominating his mind.

7. Revan — The Republic’s Greatest Champion & Deadliest Enemy

Revan defined the limits of the greatest Jedi.

Strongest Force Users In Legends: Ranked!

As the general during the Mandalorian Wars, Revan held the key to the Republic’s victory. He fought Mandalore The Ultimate, the greatest warrior the galaxy had ever seen, and he won. If it were anyone else fighting that day, Mandalore the Ultimate would’ve claimed victory. But against Revan? Nobody stood a chance.

There weren’t many people able to face Revan across a battlefield and survive the encounter.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

But after his switch to the Dark Side, Revan, the Republic’s champion, was the most significant threat the Republic ever faced.

It was like staring into the heart of the Force. Even then, you could see the Jedi he would slay etched on his soul.

Kreia talking about Revan

Revan had a greater command of the Force than Darth Nihilus, a Sith entity that raised a fleet of warships into space and drained the life force of many planets. He also created the thought bomb (a ritual based on Vitiate’s planet devouring ritual) and could use it to kill thousands of Jedi and Sith together.

6. Yoda — The Supreme Master of the Jedi Order

Sure, Sith Lords are terrifying. But I’d rather take on one of them than go against Yoda. (Not that I’d win against either.)

Strongest Force Users In Legends: Ranked!

As the physical representation of the Light Side of the Force, Yoda is described as the “most devastatingly powerful foe the darkness faced.”

The truth: that he, the avatar of light, Supreme Master of the Jedi Order, the fiercest, most implacable, most devastatingly powerful foe the darkness had ever known.

And it’s important to remember that it’s not just Yoda’s control and affinity over Force that makes him op; it’s his mastery of it. This is demonstrated when Yoda defends himself against Palpatine’s lightning with nothing but the Force. Palpatine’s lightning was known for turning people into dust, but Yoda managed to contain it and walk away unscathed.

Also on the list of insane op things Yoda did was fighting an enormous Force Mountain (only about a million times his size) and winning with relative ease.

5. Darth Vader — The Chosen One

Theoretically, Vader should be way higher on this list. But unlike many of the characters here, Vader’s strength doesn’t make drastic changes when switching from Canon to Legends, while the rest get ridiculous power-ups.

Strongest Force Users In Legends: Ranked!
Darth Vader

Vader was born through the Force and is one of the strongest Force users in both Canon and Legends. His midi-chlorian count remains unbeaten (unofficial speculations about Rey don’t count, no offense), and he’s known to be extremely skilled with his Force-wielding.

In the entire galaxy, he is second in power only to the Emperor himself.

Insider 65

One of Vader’s most powerful feats was dominating The Father’s Children. The Father believed that with the enormous Force power Vader held, Vader could replace him (The Father) as the balance between the Dark and Light sides. Talk about being Godlike, eh?

4. Darth Sidious — The Strongest Sith Emperor

In the game of Force, Sidious outranks the Vitiate and Ragnos combined.

Strongest Force Users In Legends: Ranked!
Darth Sidious

The Dark Lord Palpatine is the strongest Sith to have ever lived, surpassing even the legendary Darth Revan.  I’d say the Dark Side bends to his will, but Sidious is the Dark Side. There’s nothing the darkness can offer you that’s worse than him.

Sidious once opened a wormhole in space without any physical effort.  He went toe-to-toe with Grandmaster Yoda and walked out alive despite pissing Yoda off. The fight described Yoda facing ‘the most powerful Sith Lord in history’, so when I said I’d take on any Sith rather than Yoda, here’s the exception.

3. The Ones — The Primordial Force Deities

You cannot imagine what pain it is to have such love for your children… and realize that they could tear the very fabric of our universe.

The Father to Anakin Skywalker
Strongest Force Users In Legends: Ranked!
The Ones

The Ones are an immortal family of Force Wielders who exiled themselves after realizing the threat they possessed to the universe. The family is said to be the embodiment of the Force, and in the real world, they would be considered the primordial deities of the galaxy.

In terms of Force power, The Ones are often compared to the Splendid Ap, the Bedlam Spirit who created the alternate universe we know as the Disney Canon. (The lore wasted no breath to explain how bad this alternate universe sucked, and Gods, do I agree).

These entities are some of the strongest beings due to their role in the story of the Force, and not many have managed to get on their level.

2. Abeloth — The Primordial Mother

Could Abeloth Return to Star Wars Canon

Abeloth had power like a nova has light.

Fate of The Jedi

Legends Luke described Abeloth as the strongest opponent he ever faced, powerful than the trio of The Ones combined. Given how Luke is perhaps stronger than the very Gods, this places Abeloth in the ‘elite of the elite’ category. Or, as I like to call it, ‘if you’re fighting her, rip in advance‘ category.

In ‘Fate of The Jedi: Vortex,’ Luke describes Abeloth to be faster than him. She’s so overpowered that when fighting her, all Luke can do is slow her down for half a second.

Luke raised a hand, hitting her with a blast of Force energy whose only effect was to hold he back for half a second as she took her next step.

Fate of The Jedi: Vortex

There isn’t a Dark Side technique Abeloth hasn’t mastered. Her Dark Rage, Space Fold, and Force Illusions are executed with such intensity and precision; it makes the rest of the Force users look like mere children playing with wooden swords.

1. Luke Skywalker — The God

Strongest Force Users In Legends: Ranked!
Luke Skywalker

Let’s be real; you saw this coming.

Luke Skywalker is the strongest Force user in the galactic history in Star Wars Extended Universe. His prowess surpasses the Force Gods and Luke is the only one to fight Abeloth and defeat the Primordial Mother.

Luke is said to be so strong, rather than giving all that he has in battles; he actively tries to control himself, knowing that unleashing his power could cause mass destruction.

In fact, his presence is so utterly overwhelming, Lady Rhea’s face turned white from merely sensing him far away. Luke can use the Force to increase his speed to such an extent that it feels like time has frozen to bow to the Grandmaster.

There’s practically nothing he can’t do. From manipulating black-holes to projecting himself across galaxies — Luke, in comprehensive words, is a one-man army of Gods.

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